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The Divine Craftsman’s Analysis

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Tang Wulin took the initiative to walk to the front. After paying his respects to Zhen Hua, he recounted the events on the day when Shrek Academy was attacked.

As Mu Ye and Zhen Hua listened to his story, their expressions turned grimmer by the minute.

Only Tang Wulin and the others who stood before them now knew the details about what happened when Shrek City was destroyed. Before the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition, everything fell. Even Shrek Academy’s golden tree, which it relied on for its own protection, had completely disappeared.

The atmosphere inside the cavern felt suffocating.

Zhen Hua looked at Tang Wulin, “Wulin, what do you plan to do?”

Tang Wulin lowered his voice, “I’ll observe how things progress first. I’ll wait until the situation on the continent stabilizes before we think of a way to slowly rebuild Shrek. Before anything else, we must first elevate ourselves to the ranks of two-word battle armor masters. Uncle-master, teacher, do you know where we can find a heaven-and-earth treasure called Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum? Aunt Yali had said that this thing can help Gu Yue regain her memories.”

Without a doubt, the sect master of the Body Sect and the Divine Craftsman were knowledgeable. That was why Tang Wulin asked them about this hurriedly.

Mu Ye frowned and shook his head slightly, “I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never seen it.”

Zhen Hua said, “I’ve only heard about it as well. This Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum greatly benefits soul masters who cultivate the Body Technique. I think there’s a place that would definitely have it. Many of the rarest heaven-and-earth treasures can be found there, especially plant systems’.”

Tang Wulin was overjoyed. “Where is this place?”

Zhen Hua said, “The Tang Sect’s secret location. Do you still remember the Tang Sect Icefire Seal the Amorous Douluo gave you? That seal is a pass to that place. But you must first contact the higher-ups in the Tang Sect.”

When the Tang Sect was mentioned, Tang Wulin’s gaze immediately darkened. The Tang Sect’s headquarters had also suffered a devastating blow!

“Let’s not get upset right now. The Tang Sect and Shrek are different. Everything that Shrek Academy had was in Shrek City. When Shrek City was destroyed, it’s the same as destroying Shrek’s most vital pillar. But the Tang Sect is different. Although a large number of the Tang Sect elites were gathered in the headquarters, the important thing was that only resources were destroyed, and not the people. From what I know, the Amorous Douluo and Heartless Douluo weren’t inside the headquarters at the time. Otherwise, they might just have prevented the destruction caused by the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions if the two of them had worked together with Atlas Douluo. Even if they couldn’t, the damage wouldn’t have been so severe.”

When he heard this, Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. If the Tang Sect could preserve their strength to some extent, then it would certainly be a great help for them in their mission to rebuild Shrek in the future. They would be too weak to do anything if the mammoth task was left to eight or nine of them.

Zhen Hua squinted his eyes slightly. He pondered for a moment and said, “Nobody expected this sudden attack from the Holy Spirit Cult. We had absolutely no idea that the Holy Spirit Cult possessed such terrifying power. However, they might have just completely exposed themselves with this. Although they destroyed Shrek City, they suffered great losses as well. I know about Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions very well. The three Godkillers were sealed once they were made. It’s not only that their destructive powers are too great, it’s also because it’s too difficult to activate them. An absolutely massive amount of energy is required. Simply put, the amount of energy needed to power the entire Shrek City can barely activate these three fixed soul ammunitions. That’s why, the Holy Spirit Cult must have taken great losses as well from this surprise attack they launched. The only thing is that I don’t know which method they used to activate them.”

“The way things are now, it’s complete chaos outside, but the federal government should be able to stabilize it in some time. When that point comes, we’ll have to observe who benefited the most from this incident. They’re most probably related to the Holy Spirit Cult. You’re all still very young, and youth means hope, even though soul masters, including battle soul masters, aren’t held in high regard compared to the past, due to the rapid advancement of soul technology. However, I must tell all of you this: don’t ever lose confidence in yourselves because of this Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

“In truth, a Limit Douluo-ranked four-word battle armor master won’t lose to Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition. With the continent’s current resources, it’s impossible for the Federation to develop weapons of such rank. The Holy Spirit Cult might even have been preparing for as long as a thousand years for this attack. That’s why, no matter what, it’s crucial that all of you work hard to increase your strength. So, I think it’s the most suitable decision for all of you to elevate yourselves to the rank of two-word battle armor master.

“Even so, all of you must also look for a path for your own futures all the same. Shrek was utterly destroyed, and it won’t be easy to rebuild it. It’s not something that can be accomplished by individual strength. You’ll need a force that’s powerful enough. Even if the Tang Sect was whole, it’s impossible for it to have enough strength to support you guys in accomplishing this matter. It’s because Shrek was too powerful, so powerful that the entire Federation had to be afraid of it. This time, when the Holy Spirit Cult destroyed Shrek City, it also destroyed many experts. There might just be signs that the Federation was helping them from the shadows. Hence, if you guys want to rebuild Shrek, then you must have enough influence within the Federation.”

When he said this, Zhen Hua paused. In a voice heavy with thought, Tang Wulin asked, “Uncle-master, what do you recommend we do?”

Zhen Hua said without hesitation, “Enlist. If I remember correctly, it was once your goal to join the military after you’ve graduated from the academy. This is a very suitable choice. The military is independent of the political world. Although it is also divided into many factions, these factions are relatively autonomous. Under such circumstances, all you need to do is gain control of sufficient military resources and move up the ranks. In the future, it’ll only be possible for you guys to rebuild Shrek when you’re in possession of considerable martial strength.”

Ye Xinglan said with a frown, “Your Excellency, we’ve had so many seniors who graduated from Shrek Academy and have established themselves in leadership positions all across the continent. Could they not step forward when we’re about to rebuild Shrek?”

Zhen Hua said drily, “Child, don’t be naive. You’re not wrong in saying that Shrek Academy has students everywhere. If a clarion call had been made, I’m sure that many would have responded. However, that was when Shrek Academy still existed. Only then would it have had such a great effect. This is also the true reason why Shrek was powerful, but Shrek is no more now. The people of Shrek have lost their core. Then, when you guys call to gather, how many people do you think you can muster?

“A person will definitely be tainted by society once he becomes part of it. They will also shoulder more responsibilities on their shoulders. They will have families and bonds. Then, under such circumstances, how many of them will really face death unflinchingly and accompany you guys to rebuild Shrek together?

“Looking at it from another perspective, although you’re all extremely talented young people, have you ever considered the fact that your cultivation bases are only at the ranks of Soul Kings and Soul Emperors? Who knows how many of your seniors have cultivation bases that are superior to yours. What qualifications do you have to call them? What gives you the right to represent Shrek? It’s never enough to just rely on the mere words of the current Shrek Seven Monsters unless the day comes where all of you can become four-word battle armor masters and possess strengths that can shock the masses. Only then will it be possible. You must remember, to rebuild Shrek, you must not be short on both strength and force!

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