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Holy Spirit Healing

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Mu Ye was just as excited when he saw him. He rushed at Tang Wulin and gave him a big hug.

“This is wonderful! I thought that the Body Sect’s best disciple in a thousand years was killed along with everyone else, but here you are, safe and sound.”

Naturally, the others knew Mu Ye, besides Yali and Gu Yue having lost her memories. They all went forward and paid their respects.

“Alright, let’s talk more inside.”

The house of rock blended in so well with the surrounding mountains that it would even be overlooked even when seen from a satellite. After they had entered the rock house, they discovered that it was a world of its own.

The house was directly connected to the mountains in the rear, and there was a vast cavern inside them. There were at least a dozen soul masters with formidable cultivation bases inside. It was apparent from their outer characteristics that they were all soul masters from the Body Sect.

“Teacher, how’s my uncle-master doing now?” asked Tang Wulin.

Mu Ye said, “His condition is still stable, but he shows no signs of improving. The one who attacked him was an evil soul master close to the ranks of a Limit Douluo. If it weren’t for your uncle master’s three-word battle armor, I’m afraid he would have been beyond help. Come, I’ll bring all of you to him.”

Tang Wulin turned toward Holy Spirit Douluo. “Aunt Yali, you…”

It was Yali who told them to address her as such instead of using Her Excellency.

“Mm.” Yali nodded.

Mu Ye stared at her with his eyes fixed on her face. He sighed inwardly but said nothing as he led the way in front of everyone.

Zhen Hua had been recuperating in the inner regions of the mountain’s depths. He had lain down quietly on a bed made of rock and shut his eyes tightly. His face was pale, and on the surface of his skin, a faint greenish aura could be seen. It made the entire interior of the rock room seem gloomy.

Mu Ye lowered his voice and said, “When battle armor reaches the ranks of four-word, it attains a certain amount of intelligence. It’s no exaggeration to call it the soul master’s second body. Zhen Hua’s current condition is that his battle armor had shielded his vital organs and managed to block the invasion of the evil spirit. However, this evil spirit is too powerful. I’ve tried many methods, only for it to almost infect me as well. I had no choice but to give up. With the power of his four-word battle armor, the most he could do was maintain this state of equilibrium. However, nobody could be sure what would happen if this situation dragged on.”

Yali walked to the side of Zhen Hua’s bed. When she saw the greenish glow on Zhen Hua’s face, her eyes finally had some gleam of life in them. Soul rings rose slowly from beneath her feet. With her gradually intensifying divine aura, the dark atmosphere within the cavern was immediately dispersed.

With the unleashing of her martial soul, her own body seemed to have been invigorated. Her initially withered look regained its peerless beauty. Mu Ye, who was looking on from the side, could not help but feel shocked.

Yali’s soul rings shone brightly, and she exuded a gentle white light from her body. The light covered Zhen Hua’s body and entered it like strands of silk. Above him, a glowing white vortex started to form.

The greenish aura clinging to him was s----d out like strings by the pull of the white vortex. Without a sound, it was engulfed by the white light and vanished.

A shrill howl rang out. It sounded exactly like the furious roars of wraiths. However, in the face of the white vortex, the cries of these phantoms started to weaken.

Greenish orbs were consecutively s----d out of Zhen Hua’s body and were ground to dust by the vortex. Zhen Hua’s complexion started to improve.

Mu Ye looked at Yali’s treatment of Zhen Hua with amazement. He could not help feeling greatly shaken. He could tell that this was a Hyper Douluo-ranked soul master from the shockwave of Yali’s aura! Also, Yali was not an ordinary Hyper Douluo, but a recovery system Hyper Douluo.

What did this mean? At least, as far as he could recall, he had never seen a recovery system soul master of such rank.

It was already very difficult for a recovery system to cultivate to the rank of a Title Douluo, leave alone a Hyper Douluo.

Moreover, the ranks of Yali’s soul rings were not weak at all. Two of her soul rings were red in color whereas the others were all black. Even Mu Ye himself could not match up to her in terms of his soul rings’ ranks.

‘This person must have had a high position in Shrek Academy, right?’

When the final green light orb was s----d out, Yali’s gaze turned grim instead. Her body was shining with a layer of golden light. First, a pair of great golden wings unfurled behind her. Shortly after, golden armor emerged and swiftly covered her entire body, completely enveloping her.

A golden light ring rose from under her feet. Within the golden ring, many golden feather-shaped patterns intertwined with each other. Upon its appearance, it was as though the entire cavern was painted gold. The initial gloominess was nowhere to be seen. At the same time, the whole cavern room was filled with a divine aura.

A hymn echoed through the cavern. It was indescribably pleasing to the ears. Everyone present there felt as if their very souls were being purified.

A crown appeared on Yali’s head, with three little angels dancing on top of it. She raised her right hand and a shining gold scepter appeared in her grasp. Her aura was instantly raised to a level where even Mu Ye had to look up in awe.

“Four-word battle armor!”

This was the first time that anyone present there had witnessed the Holy Spirit Douluo release her battle armor and martial soul at full power. Although her aura was formidable, it was not domineering or suppressing. Instead, it made everyone feel as if their souls were purified.

She pointed at Zhen Hua’s body with the scepter. Immediately, Zhen Hua’s skin turned purple. Then, this purple mass started surging outward like a swarm of bees and formed a massive purple skull in the air. It roared at Yali.

Yali’s eyes glowed with a divine golden color as well. They were filled with coldness and anger, “Holy Spirit!”

A beam of dazzling golden light shot out from the tip of her scepter. The purple skull shone brightly with violet light, but it had only held its ground for an instant. It was shattered by that holy light and was purified.

However, an evil thought also echoed through the cavern, “The Holy Spirit isn’t dead?”

The golden light dimmed and Yali retracted the four-word battle armor into her body. Her powerful aura vanished, but strangely, her greyish-white hair had turned black again. Her looks were also restored to their immaculate beauty. Her life energy, which she had expended before this, seemed to have replenished after her martial soul was unleashed.

In truth, at Yali’s rank, when she used her four-word battle armor, her cultivation base could reach the ranks of a Limit Douluo. With her cultivation base, it would not be easy even if she wanted to die, let alone just expending her life energy.

Zhen Hua’s complexion was already restored to normal as his color slowly returned to him. All traces of gloominess had vanished.

Mu Ye looked at Yali in shock. Then, he looked at Zhen Hua before he said earnestly, “Thank you, Your Excellency.”

Yali only shook her head softly and walked off to the side. Her gaze resumed its lifeless look, and she resembled the walking dead once more.

Just when Tang Wulin and the others felt that Zhen Hua needed more time before he would recover, the Divine Craftsman laying on the rock bed heaved a great sigh and slowly opened his eyes.

It was undeniable that the Holy Spirit Douluo was the best in the world when it came to healing.

Zhen Hua sat up. He looked at himself, then he looked at Tang Wulin and Mu Ye beside him. He said with astonishment, “I’m alright? That evil spirit…”

He was halfway through his sentence when he saw the Holy Spirit Douluo standing at the side. He hastily got down from the bed and said respectfully, “Your Excellency Holy Spirit.”

Yali glanced at him and nodded slightly without saying anything.

Zhen Hua calmed his emotions. He knew beyond all doubt that it was thanks to her that he was able to come out of this unharmed. However, he could also tell from Yali’s gaze that she had suffered some terrible blow

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