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“I’m not afraid of death, but we’re all the seeds of the academy. We can’t easily reveal ourselves during times like these. Everyone thinks that we’ve died alongside the academy. That’s our only advantage for now. We’re still in the dark. So, for the time being, I’ve decided to lay low for a while and not contact anyone. We’ll observe the situation without doing anything first, at least until things have settled down outside, then we’ll start strategizing. At the same time, we must analyze the people that we can trust, and those whom we can ask for help. We must also observe who benefited the most from this great disaster.”

“I don’t believe that the Holy Spirit Cult is capable of stealing two Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunitions and fire them within Shrek City. There must be some other force that’s helping them. We’ll have to at least find a target. After we have our target, we can make better preparations. While we’re laying low, we must also improve our strengths and complete elevation to the rank of two-word battle armor masters. Only when we’re at such a rank will we have the power to protect ourselves.”

As Tang Wulin was stating his thoughts, he had no intention of discussing it with his companions. Democracy was not needed now. They needed someone who was decisive to lead them forward. Without a doubt, Tang Wulin was the only one who was capable of doing this.

After they had heard his words, everyone’s eyes were ablaze. They had their goal now and tasks that they wanted to accomplish. At least they would no longer feel like they were at a total loss.

“Where shall we hide?” asked Yue Zhengyu.

Without a doubt, the small hotel that they were currently staying in was unsuitable. They could not even refine their battle armor to two-word rank there. They needed resources and a suitably quiet place to carry on with their work.

Tang Wulin replied, “I’ll think of something.”

As he said this, he fished out his own soul communicator and dialed a number. This was the first person whom he had contacted other than his companions.

“Wulin?” a slightly hurried voice came from the other end of the soul communicator.

Tears immediately came to Tang Wulin’s eyes when heard this voice. He managed to suppress his surging emotions as he softly responded, “Teacher.”

Yes, the first person he chose to contact was one of his teachers. The person was the current sect master of the Body Sect, Body Douluo Mu Ye.

Mu Ye said hurriedly, “Where are you? Are you alright? Shrek…”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “Teacher, I’m alright. Where are you? Also, is my uncle-master doing well?”

When he heard Tang Wulin’s question, Mu Ye immediately fell silent, “Your uncle-master is…”

Tang Wulin’s heart tightened. “Did something happen to him?” Did things turn out as he expected? He had anticipated that the Holy Spirit Cult would not leave his uncle master, the only Divine Craftsman on the continent since they were bold enough to lay hands on Shrek and the Tang Sect.

Mu Ye replied, “Fortunately, I was by his side. We ran quick enough, and he’s still alive, but his wounds are very serious. His body is invaded by the evil soul master’s dark spirit, and he’s currently comatose. We’re in the mountains on the outskirts of Heaven Dou City. There’s a Body Sect safehouse here.”

After Tang Wulin had heard Mu Ye’s words, he sighed in relief. At least his uncle-master was still alive.

Tang Wulin squinted slightly. “Teacher, can you give me an address? We’ll head over.”

Mu Ye paused, seemingly pondering something. After a while, he said, “Wulin, you’ll have to prove your identity to me first. You’re on the official list of casualties, you know?”

Tang Wulin said, “Of course. How shall I prove myself?”

Mu Ye asked, “What’s your current forging rank?”

Tang Wulin replied, “Saint Craftsman rank. I’ve just attained this rank when I was learning under you and uncle-master in Heaven Dou City. At the same time, I learned how to carefully control my body’s energy down to every fiber of my muscles from you. You’ve taught me that when I can control my body at the cellular level, then I have truly mastered the Body Sect’s secret technique.”

“Whew!” Mu Ye seemed to have heaved a long sigh, “Alright, I’ll also prove my identity to you. Back then, when we were traveling to the Star Luo Empire, I laid a firm foundation for you throughout the forty-nine days of basic training.”

The edge of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched slightly, “Teacher, please tell me your address. We’ll rush over as soon as possible.”


Mu Ye gave him an address and the route they should take.

Tang Wulin ended the call and sighed in relief. The few people that he could think of trusting right now were naturally his teachers and uncle-master.

Teacher Mu Chen was already in Shrek City from the beginning, but his fate was unknown. Hence, the first people he thought of contacting were naturally Mu Ye and Zhen Hua.

Upon ending the call with Mu Ye, he immediately dialed another number. When he dialed this number, his hand was trembling slightly.

The ringtone rang about five times, but nobody picked up. Tang Wulin’s heart could not help but sink into the bottom of the valley.

Just when he was about to end the call, the call suddenly connected. “Who’s this?” a low and hoarse voice came from the other end.

When Tang Wulin heard this voice, his body shook tremendously. He could no longer control his own emotions. He immediately started sobbing. “Teacher.”

“Wulin?” the voice on the other end immediately raised an octave, “Wulin, you’re still alive? You…where are you?” The loud voice could even be heard by Tang Wulin’s companions around him.

Yes, this voice belonged to Mu Chen. He was the very Saint Craftsman of the generation who brought Tang Wulin onto the broad path of the forging world.

“Teacher, it’s me. I’m still alive, I’ve escaped. It’s difficult to explain. It’s great that you’re alright. Where are you?”

Mu Chen’s breathing was obviously very agitated. After his heavy breathing continued for a few seconds, he managed to calm his emotions down. “I’m in Heaven Dou City. I wanted to look for your uncle-master, but the day before yesterday, the Blacksmith’s Association’s headquarters in Heaven Dou City was under attack and your uncle-master went missing. It’s chaos in the headquarters right now. I’m assuming personal command, but don’t come here. There’s no guarantee of safety no matter where you are right now. We’ll talk more when things are settled down on my part. You should go find a place to hide first. It’s good that you’re alright. It’s all that matters! Don’t worry. Your sister-master and I are unharmed. I brought her back to Eastsea City before this, and we were lucky enough to be spared from this disaster.”

Finally, there was some good news. Tang Wulin heaved a great sigh of relief. His entire body relaxed.

“Alright, teacher, you take care as well.”

Tang Wulin ended the call and panted heavily. He instinctively proceeded to dial another number, but Ye Xinglan reached over and stopped him.

“Wulin, calm down.”

Tang Wulin’s heart shuddered and he stopped dialing. Without a doubt, the more people they contacted, the higher the possibility of them being exposed.

He put down the communicator and switched it off. “I’m sorry. I was too excited.”

In their current situation, they could never be too careful.

“We’ll rest for the day and depart tomorrow. We’ll go look for my teacher and uncle-master first and settle ourselves there. Then, we’ll ask Her Excellency Holy Spirit Douluo to take a look at my uncle-master and see if she can treat him.” If it was an invasion by evil spirits, the Holy Spirit Douluo should be well-qualified to fight against it.

The night went by without much conversation. Early the next morning, they ate their breakfast and went on their way silently. Tang Wulin’s Tang Sect Combat Vehicle could carry eight passengers under normal circumstances. With the current addition of Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, there were nine of them in total, so was slightly cramped. They had no choice but to squeeze the few thinner girls at the back.

Everyone kept quiet throughout the trip. The blow from the recent incident was too great for them all. They dared not even think about the teachers who had taught them and their friends with whom they had classes together before this. Fortunately, they at least had their spiritual pillar of support. Their loved ones were still by their sides. Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was the only exception. She sat in the vehicle and threw her lifeless gaze outside the window. She seemed to have lost her soul.

Gu Yue was the only one who seemed very happy in the vehicle. She kept smiling at Tang Wulin and called him ‘father’ with a sweet voice. It was only during moments like these when everyone looked at Tang Wulin with peculiar expressions did the mood lighten up a bit.

After reaching the mountainous region, the road started to become bumpy. Fortunately, the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle lived up to its name. It could traverse most road conditions. Finally, in a faraway corner, a house made of rocks appeared in their sights.

If Mu Ye had not given them detailed directions, it would not have been easy for them to find this place.

When Tang Wulin saw Mu Ye push the door open and walk out from the inside, his eyes reddened again. Being able to meet someone so dear to him after a great disaster left him almost unable to control his own emotions.

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