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Seven Monsters, Assemble

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Throughout their journey, the mechas flew past their heads as many as six times. Three fighter aircraft flew past them as well. It was inconceivable just how tense the situation was around Shrek City.

The great explosion has touched the lives of countless people. The entire population on the continent were so scared that they were even afraid of their own shadows.

Tang Wulin finally drove into Heaven Dou City at dusk. He contacted Ye Xinglan again and finally met up with everyone in a small, remote hotel.

The others almost rushed up to him. Everyone gave him a big hug. Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi were sobbing away.

Everyone knew that if it were not for Tang Wulin coming to their rescue that day and took the blow from the powerful fixed soul ammunition whose rank was unknown, they would all have been dead. Back then, Tang Wulin had no idea that Gu Yue would appear to save him!

“You’re finally back! If you’re back, I can also be free of this heavy responsibility. Captain, welcome back to the team,” Ye Xinglan solemnly said to Tang Wulin.

Yes, they were the Shrek squad, the final rays of hope for Shrek Academy. Moreover, they were the current generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

They could not shirk the responsibility of reviving Shrek.

“Father, who’re they?” At this moment, a slightly puzzled voice came from behind Tang Wulin.

The atmosphere that had been slightly grim before this immediately changed.

Gu Yue poked out her head from behind Tang Wulin.

“Big brother, what’s this? Role play?” Xie Xie stammered.

Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue by her hand to his side. He smiled bitterly, “Do you think that I have the mood for role play? Gu Yue had helped me block that great explosion. I’m not even sure what happened during that time. When we regained consciousness, she had lost her memory. Then, she kept calling me ‘father’.”

“Lost her memory? She’s Gu Yue? Isn’t she Na’er?” Xu Xiaoyan stopped crying for a while and looked at Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and shook his head. He briefly recounted the events that transpired after he met Gu Yue, and how he recognized her as Gu Yue although she looked like Na’er now to his comrades.

Xie Xie tried a question, “Gu Yue, do you know who I am?”

Other than Tang Wulin, he and Xu Xiaoyan had known Gu Yue the longest.

“I don’t.” Gu Yue shook her head, she was at a loss.

Ye Xinglan, who had always been strong, had reddened eyes. “It’s all because she wanted to save us. What do we do about her current condition? Can she be treated?”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know. After we were out of danger, I’ve chosen to come and meet you guys. We’ll have to think of a way to treat her after this. The thing is, I’m also unsure if we’re able to with this condition of hers…”

“Let me have a look,” a very hoarse voice sounded. A person walked out from the inner room.

When Tang Wulin saw her, he almost could not believe his own eyes.

Yali had changed, her outer appearance had changed completely. She seemed to be severely dehydrated. Her face looked pale and lacked vitality. She was thin to the bone. Her initially unrivaled beautiful face even appeared withered. Her long hair was now greyish-white.

It was as if she had grown old overnight.

“Your Excellency, you…” Tang Wulin looked at her with shock.

Yali staggered slightly as she walked. She slowly made her way over to Tang Wulin and shook her head at him. Her eyes were bloodshot and lifeless. She raised her hand, which glowed with a gentle white light, and lightly pressed it against Gu Yue’s forehead.

The most horrible thing that could ever happen to a person was to die inside. Without a doubt, the Holy Spirit Douluo’s heart had died alongside Atlas Douluo.

Amidst the white halo unleashed by Yali, Gu Yue appeared at a loss and was flustered. However, it was apparent that she did not feel anything.

After a while, Yali slowly retracted her hand. She had a slight frown. “Her condition is quite unique, there are no abnormalities in her bodily functions. Her soul sea must have suffered some kind of blow which led to the malfunction of her brain cells. This has sealed her memory which puts her in a state of memory loss.”

Tang Wulin asked anxiously, “Can her condition be cured?”

Yali replied, “It’s not easy. The most complicated organ of the human body is the brain. The brain is an extremely mysterious entity. According to the Federation’s research, there’s been limited breakthrough regarding the human brain, and there’s no way we can know all its secrets. The most we can do is to divide the brain into a few simple regions. But, there’s no clear definition regarding these regions. It’s also one of the more important research areas of soul technology. We have to treat her prudently, otherwise, we might injure her nerve cells in the process and cause irreversible damage to her.”

After hearing her words, Tang Wulin could not help but drew a cold breath. This person before him was the current best Recovery System soul master on the continent. If she said that Gu Yue’s condition was complicated, then it was truly complicated.

As she saw Tang Wulin’s changing complexion, Yali said, “Don’t you worry, it’s not as if there’s absolutely nothing we can do about her condition. Generally speaking, when we’re presented with such conditions, we need only find a suitable heaven and earth treasures to help her strengthen her bodily functions. This includes her brain’s nerves as well. We’ll strengthen her body’s resistance to eliminate the pathogenic factors to restore her brain to normal. Naturally, her memory will recover. The only heaven and earth treasure that comes to mind which can treat her condition is called Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. It’s very rare, and we need one that’s at least ten thousand years old. If Shrek was still around, we could’ve utilized the academy’s resources to search for it, but now…” As she said this, her gaze instantly darkened.

Everyone fell silent. Everyone’s heart seemed to be weighed down by a block of heavy lead. Shrek was no more, their roots were no more.

Tang Wulin drew a deep breath, “Your Excellency, we’ll definitely rebuild Shrek and regain Shrek’s glory on the continent. I promise!”

Yali nodded slightly, but a bitterness showed on her face. “The future depends on all of you. I’ll support you with all I have,” after she said this, she turned around and went back into the room.

Her staying alive already displayed her great determination. She held onto the hopes of seeing Shrek rebuilt and also fulfilling the final wishes of Atlas Douluo.

As the Sea God Pavilion Master, Yun Ming witnessed Shrek Academy’s destruction. The pain he experienced was beyond comprehension. If it were not for the support she had from the thought of fulfilling his final wishes, Yali would have followed him to the netherworld already.

Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum.

Tang Wulin pulled on Gu Yue’s hand. His spirits were determined. This heaven and earth treasure would be found sooner or later. He would most certainly cure Gu Yue. He was currently the backbone for the group. No matter what, he could not stay idle. Shrek was left with their meager strengths now. As the captain, he could not shy away from shouldering this immense burden and Shrek’s hopes.

“Everyone, get a grip. The skies have not fallen on us yet. Shrek still has us. Since the academy has chosen us as the current Shrek Seven Monsters, it means that we’re capable enough. Shrek’s future depends on us now. It’s our responsibility and our duty. The academy has nurtured us, and we take pride in being a part of the academy. In my heart, Shrek is forever the best academy in the world. Regardless of how long it takes, we must push forward courageously. We must get back on our feet from where we have fallen.”

Ye Xinglan planted her feet firmly beside Tang Wulin. She said with a low voice, “Wulin, tell us. What should we do from now on?”

Tang Wulin lowered his voice and said, “The current situation on the outside is extremely complicated. The academy has been destroyed and the federal congress is dissolved. The continent is currently in a chaotic state. In this situation, we can’t rely on nor trust anyone else. When I was little, my father told me something once, and I still remember it vividly as if it was yesterday. He said that a man can only rely on himself his entire life. I believe that deeply. Now, the ones whom we can fully trust and rely on are ourselves.”

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