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He’s Still Alive!

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Judging by the current situation, Shrek City had suffered grave losses. Shrek Academy was almost completely destroyed. Tang Sect’s headquarters too was utterly destroyed. The damages they suffered were innumerable.

From the current situation, there were no reports on his comrades.

The Holy Spirit Cult!

Could the Holy Spirit Cult succeed in launching such an attack on its own? Was the military idling away doing nothing? Were rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions that easily stolen? The parties involved in this must have been more than just an evil soul master cult. There must be more than meets the eye.

Shrek City’s existence had always been a wildcard in the Federation. However, the Federation dared not do anything against Shrek City. After all, its status was well respected.

Judging by the current great explosion, the Federation actually had the means to fight Shrek with their ultimate weapons. It was only that they had no way of doing it. Could this incident be perpetrated by the Federation which had intended to get rid of Shrek under the name of the evil soul masters? Maybe, someone from the Federation had cooperated with the evil soul masters to destroy Shrek City.

The Holy Spirit Cult would not have minded even if this chamber pot was associated with them. They were like rats that ran across the streets. The objectives of some people had already been achieved. Without the influence of Shrek Academy on the continent, it was clearly more convenient for these ambitious individuals to achieve their desires.

However, Tang Wulin had no knowledge of the current situation. After all, he did not have much interest in politics.

Tang Sect had also suffered a destructive blow. Clearly, like Shrek Academy, Tang Sect was dreaded by the people in power. This tragedy was more than it seemed.

How about the Spirit Pagoda?

Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, and the Spirit Pagoda were prestigious organizations that were on equal standing. Why were Tang Sect and Shrek Academy completely destroyed, but not the Spirit Pagoda? Their headquarters was unscathed even though it was very near to the scene of the tragedy.

From the perspective of being a threat to the evil soul masters, the Spirit Pagoda was more of a menace than Tang Sect. At the very least, that was the case in their demonstrated strengths. The numbers and strengths of the soul masters from the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters certainly surpassed that of Tang Sect’s. However, the second godkiller fixed soul ammunition did not hit the Spirit Pagoda but landed on Tang Sect’s headquarters instead. Was there an ulterior motive behind all this?

Although Tang Wulin did not think the Spirit Pagoda would be in cahoots with the evil soul masters, there was still a small possibility nonetheless.

Hence, the current Spirit Pagoda could not be trusted. This was why he did not state his identity in the Great Star Dou Forest. Currently, nobody knew that the Shrek Seven Monsters were still alive. Under such circumstances, it was definitely better for them to be in the shadows rather than divulge their presence.

The Holy Spirit Cult was far stronger than they had expected. On the giant skull which appeared that day, there was at least one evil soul master who possessed a cultivation base that was almost at par with the Atlas Douluo.

Moreover, after they had launched such a destructive terrorist attack, all evidence was most likely destroyed in the great explosion. It would be difficult for them to investigate. Even if they managed to find incriminating proof, they were currently on their own and could do nothing.

After clearing his mind, Tang Wulin knew the one thing he could do now was to forbear!

What he needed was not only his strength but a supporting force behind him. He needed a team which he could rely on to go against the evil soul masters.

Tang Wulin slowly opened his eyes and walked to the window. Although he had asked for two rooms, he was currently in the same room as Gu Yue.

Gu Yue was curled up in bed and was sound asleep for a long time. Her entire body was covered by the blanket. Her long hair spread on top of the bed, and her long eyelashes curled against her cheeks. She was as beautiful as an over-sized doll.

Tang Wulin glanced at her and immediately felt at ease. He returned to gaze outside the window. He took out his soul communicator slowly and switched it on.

He dialed a number.

Tang Wulin felt an inexplicable nervousness. If this number could not be connected, it would have an ominous bearing on him. This call would be the decisive indicator of whether he was truly alone.

“Wulin?” a slightly anxious voice came from the receiver. When Tang Wulin heard the voice, he was a little stunned.

He drew a deep breath, but his voice still trembled despite himself. “Xinglan, I’m alright.”

The other end of the receiver went silent. Just when Tang Wulin feared the worst, a deafening cheer suddenly came from the receiver.

Tears immediately streaked down Tang Wulin’s cheeks. He heard their voices. The cacophony of voices included Ye Xinglan, Xie Xie, Yuanen, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi. Everyone was there. Even though their voices were slightly hysterical from their excitement, Tang Wulin could still single out their individual voices.

‘It’s them, it’s really them! They’re all alive, they’re all well.’

Tang Wulin felt himself choked and at a loss for words.

They are definitely the lucky survivors of the disaster!

“Big brother, big brother,” Xie Xie cried and shouted through the receiver.

“Hmm,” Tang Wulin grunted in reply. He managed to suppress his emotions and regained his ability to speak.

“Big brother, where are you? Are you really alive? I’m not dreaming, am I?” Xie Xie’s voice trembled. Tang Wulin could feel the excitement in his voice at this moment.

“I’m still alive, I’m alright. Gu Yue saved me. The token she gave me had transported her to my side in the nick of time. Then, we were transported together to a faraway place. I’m alright now. I’m currently in a small city about two hundred kilometers away from Shrek City. I don’t even know the name of this city. What about you guys? Where are you guys now? Is everyone alright?”

Ye Xinglan retrieved the soul communicator from Xie Xie, “We’re all alright, we’re in Heaven Dou City right now. Her Excellency the Holy Spirit Douluo is fine as well. But, her emotions are…”

Holy Spirit Douluo? Tang Wulin’s body shook. It was true! The Holy Spirit Douluo seemed to have fainted the other day. She was still alive. With such a Hyper Douluo alive, things were better than he expected. However, when he thought about her relationship with Yun Ming, Tang Wulin felt his heart wrench.

He imagined putting himself in her shoes. If something had happened to Gu Yue, how much pain would he be in?

“Comfort Her Excellency first. I’ll meet up with you guys as soon as possible. Also, Xinglan, don’t contact anyone for now, including Tang Sect. The academy is done for, but we must be strong. As a reminder of the Pavilion Master’s final words, we’re the last hope of the academy. Will the academy only have hope if we’re well and alive? Now, we must protect ourselves first, do you understand? So, whatever you do, do not expose your identities. It’s best to be in disguise at all times.”

“Yes, I think so too,” said Ye Xinglan. “We had our disguises on before we came to Heaven Dou City, but we didn’t contact anyone. The other day, we thought we saw Gu Yue appear, but we weren’t sure if you were destroyed by the fixed soul ammunition or if you were still alive. That’s why we’ve been waiting ever since we came here. Wulin, please come. We’re waiting for you. Please be careful.”

Tang Wulin noticed that Ye Xinglan who had always been calm and steady now appeared to be in heart-wrenching pain.

“Okay, wait for me. I’ll head over as soon as possible. Keep in touch.”

Tang Wulin ended the call and wiped the tears on his face. He heaved a long sigh.

At least his comrades were still alive. At this moment, what news could be more wonderful than that?

Gradually, a plan formed in his mind. He would meet up with his comrades first, then find a way to heal Gu Yue. After that, he would look for an opportunity to restore Shrek.

He had to use all the resources at his disposal. Heaven Dou City would be a conducive place.

He held his soul communicator. After a moment’s hesitation, he switched it off.

Two persons came to mind when he thought of whom he could seek help from at this hour. One of them was his Body Sect sect master and teacher, while the other was naturally his Divine Craftsman uncle master.

Even so, he was in no rush to contact them. He decided to wait until he reached Heaven Dou City. Besides, the Holy Spirit Cult was merciless, hence, his uncle master might not be in the safest of circumstances. He was the only Divine Craftsman on the continent. Although he might not be a direct threat to the Holy Spirit Cult, he could still produce four-word battle armors.

Tang Wulin returned to the bed. When he lay down on the bed, exhaustion immediately overcame his entire body. However, it was not physical exhaustion, but a mental one.

He only felt better after he hugged Gu Yue through the blanket. He soon fell into a deep sleep.

Both of them woke up the next day. It was already late morning. They ate some food, then drove the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle. They sped along the road.

Tang Wulin had already taken a look at the navigation tool on the vehicle. He chose a route which had a slight detour and was in the opposite direction of Shrek City. He was headed toward Heaven Dou City. At this moment, he could not afford to be imprudent.

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