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Dashing by Force

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If your opponent sees you hesitate, they could possibly take the initiative and look for an opportunity to kill you. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin would be at more of a disadvantage the longer he waited.

As he was speaking, he had leaped up with Gu Yue in his arm and dashed straight for a purple mecha.

Tang Wulin made a half turn just as he was about to arrive in front of the mecha and landed a kick against its shoulder.

“Boom!” The mecha was immediately blasted away by his powerful kick and crashed into the mechas behind it.

“Strength measurement: exceeds one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms. Mecha damage: twenty-one percent.”

Was this the work of a human being?

There was already a large number of Star Dou Fortress’ high ranking officials gathering on the platform. This was the question that came to them immediately when they witnessed the terrifying strength unleashed by Tang Wulin. They thought that the figure appeared to be Xu Shengqun, but his entire body was emitting an aura of rage. They were sure he must have been a soul beast because no human could possibly possess such incredible strength.

It was an important matter when a beast escaped, but the reserve spiriter Gu Yuena was undoubtedly even more important. The mechas were forced to retreat under Tang Wulin’s continual barrage.

Obviously, they would never agree to Tang Wulin’s request to open up the entire Star Dou Fortress’ protective shield. On the other hand, it was much easier if he was only hoping to run away. They would only need to chase and kill him afterward.

Tang Wulin could not tell where he was after dashing his way out from the path paved with metal, but he could tell the location of the Great Star Dou Forest and the peripheral area generally. Thus, he would not have any issues with his orientation.

He dashed across a few pathways. Even though there was a large number of Spirit Pagoda powerhouses in front and behind him, Tang Wulin did not stop for a moment.

Yet the metal-paved paths here curved strangely. He would lose his sense of direction if this continued.

There was no doubt that the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses were awaiting the opportunity for him to make a mistake or exhaust himself before they killed him with one fatal blow to save Gu Yue.

He could not follow the rulebook anymore.

Tang Wulin stopped moving. One of his hands continued to hold Gu Yue hostage while he smashed the other one against the wall behind him as he turned.

A deep dragon’s roar was heard. He activated his bloodline power, but his scales could not be seen.

One hundred thousand kilograms of inhuman strength smashed into the metal wall.

The wall, reinforced by an energy shield over one meter thick, immediately curved inward with a tremendous crashing sound. Tang Wulin used his elbow to strike it once again.

The shockwave from the collision made the Spirit Pagoda powerhouses on the scene shudder in fear.

He did this three times, creating a massive hole behind his back which revealed a rather open space. He pulled along Gu Yue as they dashed into the hole without the slightest hesitation. He continued moving forward according to the direction in his mind. He would immediately break through with his brute strength when he had arrived at the location.

If the Spirit Pagoda was to release its protective energy shield, Tang Wulin would immediately threaten Gu Yue’s life, while he would use his monstrous power to smash against the wall until it was broken by force without the energy shield.

Tang Wulin refused to acknowledge even when Spirit Pagoda’s representative expressed their wish to lead him to the exit. He would only use his savage method and search for a way out for himself.

“Boom!” Only a small dent appeared when he smashed against the wall for the seventh time. If the wall from earlier was a meter thick, then this one that Tang Wulin discovered was at least five meters thick. It was utterly impossible for him to dash out of the wall even with his strength.

However, he was not surprised but overjoyed at the find. As an armed fortress, its strongest defense was undoubtedly at its peripheral area. They could very possibly have already at the exterior wall.

What should he do? He had an old trick up his sleeves. He still had other ways when his raw strength was rendered useless.

He braced Gu Yue’s body against himself while he unleashed his left Golden Dragon Claw. He pressed the claw onto the wall with his back against it.

His right Golden Dragon Claw’s special feature was ‘Smash’, while the left Dragon Claw’s special feature was ‘Tear’. His Golden Dragon Claw continued to tear down pieces of thick and heavy metal under the infusion of his monstrous bloodline power, then he threw the pieces at the Spirit Pagoda powerhouses encircling them from in front. It only took a moment before Tang Wulin tore a hole into the wall while both he and Gu Yue were concealed by it.

Meanwhile, no surveillance equipment could see the situation inside clearly anymore. Tang Wulin used both of his hands as he launched Golden Dragon Claws and Duskgold Dreadclaw at full force with Gu Yue acting as a shield in front of him. By force, He managed to continuously dig out a pathway wide enough to fit one person.

The alloy used to make the fortress’ exterior wall was incredibly tough, but Tang Wulin was a blacksmith. He had a good understanding of metal, thus, he could bore his and Gu Yue’s bodies deeper and deeper into the hole while sending metal scraps to the back continuously.

The Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses were stunned as they watched the scene. They were starting to wonder more and more as to whether Tang Wulin was actually a soul beast. If he was an outsider infiltrating the location, then he could not possibly have so little knowledge the place that he would need to adopt such an uncivilized method to break through the wall.

Yet they found themselves at a loss as to whether they should cry or laugh that such a barbaric method seemed to be so effective.

Tang Wulin felt refreshing air blowing against his back, and he knew immediately that they had finally gotten out. He had dug a hole into the fortress’ outer layer wall by force. From outside, he could see that he was over a hundred meters above ground.

Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a faint smile. He had escaped.

Gu Yue turned her head to the side trying to say something, but her mouth was covered by Tang Wulin. They would be in deep trouble if Gu Yue were to speak something that would cause the other party to discover that she was not Gu Yue. So many Spirit Pagoda powerhouses could tear them to pieces with ease.

As Gu Yue screamed in surprise, Tang Wulin leaped into the air and headed straight for the ground with one hand around Gu Yue’s slim waist.

The height of one hundred meters was not an issue for him. They descended for about sixty to seventy meters before his right foot stepped onto the fortress. He shot forward like an arrow as he carried Gu Yue into the distance at lightning speed.

There was a total of over sixty mechas coming for them immediately like a swarm of bees. Surprisingly, the leader was a red mecha.

“You’ve already broken away from the fortress. Release the hostage and we’ll let you leave,” the electronic voice echoed in the air.

Tang Wulin roared aloud, “Stop following me and I’ll release the hostage one hour later. Do you think I’m so foolish to trust that you’ll keep your promise after I release the hostage now?”

“Go away. I’ll tear her body apart and toss you the pieces if you continue to follow me.” Tang Wulin swung his right fist as he roared in fury and tossed Gu Yue’s jacket out.

Slightly annoyed, Gu Yue pouted her lips, but she did not speak, as she had been ordered.

As expected, their pursuers slowed down at the sight of the jacket. Tang Wulin carried her as he dashed wildly at full speed in an attempt to flee in a random direction.

Eluding the Spirit Pagoda’s grasp was no simple task as it possessed the most cutting-edge technology available in the Federation, and their radar was capable of covering a massive area. They could even request for military assistance from the Federation.

Hence, Tang Wulin immediately unleashed his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul as soon as he brought Gu Yue into the forest.

He relied on the Bluesilver Emperor’s connection with the surrounding plants to conceal their scent and aura. At the same time, Tang Wulin rapidly dug out an underground cave on a stretch of vegetation and dove in with Gu Yue.

The Mountain Dragon Defense was launched as the soil was blocked on the outside of his body. Tang Wulin relied on his pair of Golden Dragon Claws to dig downward. He had already exerted all his strength. It only took a few minutes before he had already dug a hundred meters underground.

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