The sailors - S01 E23

9 months ago

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They got to the street and decided to walk to the house,it was a face me I face you house so he had to ask some guys playing whot game at the entrance by their look they were jewmen(jjc)

“Abeg we dey look for clip”Ford asked politely,one of the guy try form ruggedy

“So na why una con dey disturb us for here you no see sey we dey play something for here?the guy said angrily shocking biggy and the other guys but Ford was not moved a bit as his adrenaline was pushing him to chop of his head due to the drugs

“We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience we might have caused you sir but pls we need to know his room it is really important”Ford said pleading

“First room buy the left “the guy said arrogantly Ford just smiled inwardly as he walk to clip’s room as he was about to knock Biggy interrupted him

“Capon why u leave that guy na we for don run hin matter na”

“I didn’t leave him I reserved him,after dis business is done I will cut him to pieces”Ford said assuring himself

They entered the room without knocking and met them sleeping different can of alcohol were around also three yellow berets were on the table as they were three guys in the room

Ford woked them up one after the other with a slap

“Na who be clip for here”Ford said angrily as he put on his orange beret,this frightened them as the start to shake in fear

“Na me be clip sir “a lanky guy raised his hands up

“Because you have identify yourself we won’t kill you”Ford said smiling also suprising the guys

“Thank you very much sir”clip said thankfully as tear were already gathered in his eyes

“But one alapata call me just now he said he needs human meats so I volunteered you FORGIVENESS IS A SIN, BLOOD FOR BLOOD NO LAUGHING ON BOARD as you don kill all her family na hin I go take kill you now”Ford said as his boys were hailing him

“Biggy tune up the music”Ford commanded as he brought out his butcher knife

“Pls forgive me it was the devil’s wo”clip plead while his guy were crying

But before he could complete hi statement Ford gave him a big cut on his chest as he began butchering him with great force and unpity face the other guys were vomiting around the room as the sight was very irritating

Blood everywhere,clip is loosing his life rapidly as he and his guys could do nothing Ford wanted to finish him then a knock came on the door

“Na who be dat Jewman”biggy asked angrily as FORD paused was he was doing

“Abeg make una low the music na”the arrogant guy said from outside

“Let him in”Ford said happily as he turn to complete his work

“Sheybi mama tell you sey make you no join cultism this is the consequence”Ford said slicing his head

They guy wanted to run away but one of biggy boys caught him and made him kneel down in front of Ford

“Sheybi na me you dey yarn arrogantly for outside abi”Ford asked checking his butcher knife

“Daddy no vex oooo na play Abe”he couldn’t complete his words when Ford dive the knife in the middle of his head

The guy drop dead, Ford took off his clothes as he was stained with blood he entered the clip bathroom and have his bath while clip boys were just crying profusely


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