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He restored his soul power and infused it into her, then he restored it again before infusing it…

The process was repeated a few more times before Tang Wulin finally sensed Gu Yue’s aura becoming condensed. It was a good sign which confirmed that the infusion of his soul power was effective.

The sky darkened indicating that night had come.

The sky gradually brightened signifying the dawning of a new day.

Tang Wulin had already infused his soul power into Gu Yue seven times. He continued cultivating and infusing without any break so much so that he was completely exhausted.

After the eighth time, Tang Wulin sensed that Gu Yue’s aura was back to normal, but she had not awakened yet. He then coaxed his exhausted body to enter into the meditative state once more.

He circulated his soul power. After possessing his soul power vortex, the rate at which he could restore his soul power was obviously faster than before. His soul power was restored an hour later, and he did not feel as lethargic.

When he opened his eyes, Tang Wulin saw a pair of big, purple eyes staring into him at close proximity. It happened so suddenly that he was startled and almost lost his breath. Fortunately, the soul power vortex in his body managed to react in time and guided his power back to normal again.

“You scared me. You’re awake!” Tang Wulin panted a few times before he managed to calm himself as he looked at Gu Yue. His shock soon turned by joy.

Gu Yue sat in front of him with her upper body dressed in his clothes. Her clothes were torn so badly that it barely provided any cover. Tang Wulin helped her change into his clothes with his eyes closed. It was strictly a private affair between them.

His clothes hung loosely on her as they were obviously a little big for her. Gu Yue sat in front of him as she blinked her huge eyes. Her pupils were akin to two small ponds that reflected Tang Wulin’s smile.

“Gu Yue?” Tang Wulin attempted to ask.

Gu Yue suddenly smiled. She was initially exquisite, yet her smile stupefied Tang Wulin.


“Plop!” Tang Wulin was sitting upright earlier when his body, all of a sudden, toppled sideways.

He scrambled to sit up swiftly as he watched Gu Yue in bewilderment. “What, what did you just call me?”

Gu Yue seemed to be slightly astonished from his tumble. She stretched out her hand and pulled his sleeve while she stuck her other thumb into her mouth and s----d at it. She muttered to herself, “Father.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes rolled upward. He almost lost consciousness. What was happening?

“Gu Yue, stop joking. You…”

“Father…” Gu Yue called out once again, her voice sounded as if she was wronged. Tears misted over her beautiful pair of purple eyes instantly. It seemed like she was about to cry.


She did not appear to be feigning it!

Tang Wulin rubbed his brows. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Please allow me to have a quiet moment and think this through.”

Gu Yue pouted her lips as she looked at Tang Wulin. Her hand tugged at his sleeve. “Father, I’m hungry.”

Shrek Academy had perished. Tang Wulin’s heart was initially filled with sadness, yet he had forgotten the sorrow briefly when he was called ‘Father’ by Gu Yue just now.

“Sure. I’ll get you some food,” said Tang Wulin as he tried to calm himself with great effort.

He carried the storage ring with him. As a foodie, there was never a lack of food in his storage ring.

He procured some dry rations and passed them to Gu Yue. Gu Yue proceeded to eat in huge mouthfuls. However, her expression reflected her dissatisfaction. She mumbled to herself as she was eating, “Not tasty, this isn’t tasty.”

Tang Wulin felt helpless as well. How could the dry rations possibly taste good?

It gradually dawned upon him as he looked at Gu Yue’s expressions which were becoming more obvious than before.

Could it be that she had amnesia? If so, why was she calling him ‘father’?

“Gu Yue, why do you address me as Father?” Tang Wulin asked in an attempt to gather more information.

Gu Yue looked at him in confusion. “The first person I see is my father.” Her voice sounded childish and even had a slight lisp but apparently, she was speaking in all seriousness.

‘The first person she sees is her father? Isn’t this the law of the animal world?’

He had a mind full of questions as he faced Gu Yue who had Na’er’s facial features. Yet, he could not ask them aloud no matter how hard he tried at present.

Gu Yue finished the dry rations. She appeared to be full but still unsatisfied. “Father, it’s not tasty. I wish to eat something tasty.”

“Sure. Let me figure out a way,” Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile on his face.

Gu Yue wrapped her arms around his arms in excitement and leaned her head against his shoulder. She had this look of dependence.

Tang Wulin stood up. He finally had the energy to pay attention to his surroundings at present. It was a lush green forest that felt boundless. There was no sign of human cultivation while the flora, which was taller than a person, covered the surroundings. The life source here was extremely thick, but he felt a vague sense of danger.

Where was this?

If it was not a dream, then he should have been struck by high-ranked fixed soul ammunition together with Gu Yue and ended up in this baffling place upon waking up.

‘Forget about it. I’ll take it a step at a time. Since it’s a forest, we should be able to walk out of it.’

At this point, Tang Wulin patted and held Gu Yue’s hand as they walked further inside the forest.

His left hand held Gu Yue’s hand while his right hand held the Golden Dragon Spear which he used to clear a path for them to walk through. He soon realized that the Golden Dragon Spear was unnecessary.

It was strange because the surrounding vegetation in this huge forest seemed to be filled with friendly feelings. The grass and vines where he passed would part in the middle and opened up a path for him. It was a smooth and pleasant walk.

‘What’s going on? Although my martial soul has become the Bluesilver Emperor after its second awakening, it hasn’t always been this obvious in the past.’

‘Could it be because of my fifth soul ring? Nature’s Child?’

Tang Wulin stopped walking and focused his spirit to sense the great nature’s aura in his surroundings.

As expected, he could clearly sense the friendly feelings emitted from the numerous plants. It was as if all the plants were greeting him.

He would certainly yield twice the result with half the effort if he were to cultivate in this place.

What a waste that Tang Wulin did not even have the slightest intention to cultivate at present. He only wished to leave this place soon. He wanted to survey the situation at Shrek City and search for his comrades before figuring out Gu Yue’s condition to heal her.

He felt tired spiritually and emotionally right now due to the sudden change of events.

He turned his head to look at Gu Yue by his side. He felt much better with her presence as it would be an agony to be here alone.

“Father.” Gu Yue realized that Tang Wulin was looking at her so she smiled sweetly at him.

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile on his face, “Can you please stop calling me Father? Do you know you’re giving me goosebumps by calling me that? This is truly…”

Gu Yue pouted with tears shimmering in her eyes. She spoke as if she was wronged, “Father, are you leaving me?”


Tang Wulin felt helpless. “No, no. Of course, I’m not leaving you. Good girl, do as you wish then.”

“Father, give me a hug.” Gu Yue spread her arms out toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was speechless. Gu Yue had already pounced on him in excitement. She hung onto his body like an octopus wrapping its prey.

Her head full of long silver hair blew in the wind with her bell-like laughter ringing in the ears.

Tang Wulin could only support her buttocks with a hand. Gu Yue was still bouncing up and down on his arms. At this moment, Tang Wulin was overwhelmed by the close physical contact with Gu Yue, yet he felt helpless.

Gu Yue wrapped her arms around Tang Wulin’s neck and leaned her head against his shoulder. Again, she had the look of dependence.

The helplessness in Tang Wulin’s heart turned into affection. He caressed her long hair softly. He did not let her go but supported her with one hand as he walked forward. He barely felt Gu Yue’s weight.

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