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‘It hurts.’ The intense pain shocked Tang Wulin into consciousness.

He felt as if all his joints were dislocated. With his body’s qualities, he rarely felt such pain other than when he was breaking through the Golden Dragon King’s seals.

‘Did I die? Am I dead?’

He slowly regained consciousness and recalled everything that happened before this.

He truly hoped it was a dream, that it would all disappear when he opened his eyes.

‘Yeah! It must be a dream. Shrek Academy’s so powerful, how could it be destroyed?’

With great difficulty, he opened his eyes.

He discovered with shock that his vision was met with a green scene. As his sight recovered, his hearing also returned slowly. Tang Wulin noticed that he was in a world filled with the chatterings of insects. This was… a forest?

There was intense pain all over his body. ‘It hurts so much, am I still alive?’

He blinked and struggled to move his body, but he realized that he could not do anything. He took a slow, deep breath, then he focused his spirit and looked within himself.

Tang Wulin discovered that his soul power vortex and bloodline vortex were both very weak. His meridians were damaged in many places. Even his inner organs were displaced.

With such serious injuries, any ordinary person would have been dead. However, he felt that his body was recovering gradually.

His dauntless bloodline power flowed within his body and pushed his meridians and organs back to their original positions. They were being reconnected as well.

‘I’m not dead. Is everything real? Why am I in a forest?’

Various puzzling thoughts lingered in his mind. However, Tang Wulin knew that the most important thing now was to recover as soon as possible. He could only get answers to his questions after his body had healed.

After he regained consciousness, his body recovered at a much quicker pace. Under his control, his bloodline power moved his organs back to their original positions as easily as the hand directed the fingers. Next, his meridians were swiftly mended. At the same time, he activated the soul power vortex in his energy center as he absorbed the origin energy from the outside world to replenish his body.

Fortunately, the origin energy here was sufficient. Moreover, he was a plant-system battle soul master. In this place where plants were bountiful, it was much easier for him to cultivate.

Time went by as Tang Wulin’s meridians and organs were fully healed. The pain gradually subsided. A portion of his soul power even gathered within his energy center.

When he finally opened his eyes, he was able to observe the outer world with greater clarity. The first thing that came into view was a towering tree which reached up into the skies.

He flipped over and got up on his feet.

He was fortunate that he still had his recovery ability. He did not die even after taking the blow from the fixed soul ammunition. It was a miracle.

He was lost in his thoughts when suddenly, he saw another person lying on the ground not far from him.

The person was dressed in a white blouse and a skirt. She lay there, motionless.

The instant he saw her, Tang Wulin felt his heart skip a beat. His memory was finally coming back to him. He remembered the person who suddenly appeared in his embrace during the final moments.

He rushed to the side of the lady. He carefully flipped her over.

She looked familiar and had a beautiful face. Was this not Na’er? The only difference was that she appeared to be two or three years older than Na’er.

‘It’s real! It’s all real!’

Tang Wulin hastily felt her pulse. She still had a pulse albeit throbbing weakly. Her clothes were torn in many places exposing her fair skin.

However, Tang Wulin did not bother himself with other thoughts. He carefully carried her in his arms and cautiously infused her with his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power.

Her meridians seemed fine, only her aura was extremely weak. Tang Wulin only realized she had no clothes on her back when he carried her. His hands touched her silky smooth and fair skin.

He was completely aware at this moment. He remembered vividly that she had suddenly appeared in his embrace back then. Just when he shouted, ‘Gu Yue, I love you’, she appeared in his arms.

Her voice was very familiar. However, why did she say that she was Gu Yue?

Her voice and aura were so familiar, but she had Na’er’s looks. For a time, Tang Wulin was puzzled. He had no idea what was happening.

There was definitely no mistake. Tang Wulin was truly familiar with the aura she had.

Back then, when Gu Yue was studying with him, they were in contact frequently. They had grown up together since their childhood days. Through the many years spent together, they became very close friends. She had an important place in his heart. It was impossible for Tang Wulin to mistake her for anyone else.

There was a faint fragrance about her. Her maiden’s fragrance gladdened the heart and freshened the mind. Na’er, on the other hand, had a faint smell of cream. It was much different from the scent Gu Yue had.

Currently, this young lady resembled a grown-up Na’er, but with Gu Yue’s smell. How is that?

Suddenly, Tang Wulin remembered something. He hastily looked at the young lady’s neck. He clearly remembered that there was an oval-shaped birthmark below her neck on the collarbone. It was very faint. If he had not paid attention before, it would be impossible for him to have noticed.

‘There is one! She’s Gu Yue!’

Tang Wulin found the birthmark at first glance.

Other things might be fabricated, but not a birthmark! However, what was the explanation for her appearance?

Tang Wulin carefully rubbed the sides of her face a few times. He had learned about the art of disguise before. Contrary to his expectations, her appearance remained the same. He could not find any traces of disguise on her face. Also, the current Gu Yue had silver hair!

He parted one of her eyelids slightly. Her pupil was purple. Silver hair and purple eyes, it was clearly Na’er’s characteristics.

Tang Wulin was truly dumbfounded.

Whether it was Gu Yue or Na’er who had returned, he would be extremely happy. However, this young lady seemed to be the combination of Gu Yue and Na’er. It was mind-blowing…

The overall feeling she gave was more like Gu Yue, but her appearance… Could it be that Gu Yue had learned a way of disguising herself so much so that even he could not see through? It was the only explanation.

Holding her in his arms, all sorts of emotions welled up within Tang Wulin. He had never expected that she would come to his side at the crucial moment. Also, he distinctly remembered that she had shielded him from the fatal attack with her body.

However, why were they here? Where was this place?

No matter what, saving her was his top priority currently.

He carefully infused his soul power into Gu Yue. However, Gu Yue’s body was like a bottomless pit. No matter how much he infused, his soul power would vanish without a trace. Gu Yue did not show any response as well.

Tang Wulin suddenly remembered something. He recalled that he felt a chilly sensation on his chest before Gu Yue appeared.

He instinctively touched his chest and coincidentally touched the necklace Gu Yue had left him back then. The pendant was a silver scale. He raised the scale to have a look, and he immediately had a hunch in his heart.

Could it be that the scale Gu Yue left him would convey her to his side when he was in danger of dying?

If that was the case, then everything could be explained. The person in his embrace was definitely Gu Yue.

‘Why did you have to go through such troubles?’ Tang Wulin hugged Gu Yue’s beautiful body tightly. If the person in his arms did not have Na’er’s appearance, he was afraid that he would not be able to restrain himself from giving her a kiss.

He would at least wait until she regained consciousness to ask her about her presence.

Gu Yue did not regain consciousness. After infusing her with soul power for some time, Tang Wulin felt that he could not sustain the infusion. He needed to meditate to recover his soul power first. Although Gu Yue was still unconscious, fortunately, her aura was quite stable.

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