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I Love You Too

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Sea God’s Island disappeared and Sea God Lake dried up. Tang Wulin could only see a vast shadowy scene. There was a giant pit that was a more than three hundred meters deep, and it was pitch-black like a deep abyss.

Was this Shrek Academy? Could this be Shrek City? They could only see endless darkness.

The Shrek Seven Monsters got up off the ground and stood on their feet. They took in their surroundings sluggishly, with rigid looks on their faces. They had recovered their ability to speak, but no words found their way to their mouths.

Shrek, their Shrek Academy, had been wiped off the face of the continent just like that.

From the beginning to the end, the entire series of events seemed to have only taken a dozen minutes. The once almighty Shrek Academy, with a legacy stretching back more than twenty thousand years, had been destroyed in mere moments. The students and teachers were gone without a trace. The only ones left seemed to be the seven of them and the unconscious Spirit Douluo.

Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi, Blazing Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu, Silver Moon Douluo Elder Cai, Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, and countless other Shrek Academy masters had disappeared in that Godkiller Armageddon. They had vanished completely.

They were only twenty years old, after all. Even though they had undergone many hardships, it was still difficult for them to accept such a sudden and drastic change.

The academy, which they had relied on for their studies and even their survival, was taken away instantly. As the next generation of Shrek and the current Shrek Seven Monsters, they did not have its support behind them anymore.

This was not a war; this was a total disaster! The two greatest forces on the current continent were gone. Shrek Academy was destroyed. The Tang Sect headquarters disappeared.

The Tang Sect had fared slightly better, as it at least had branches in other cities. However, Shrek Academy had none! The most bustling city on the continent, a megapolis with millions upon millions of citizens had been destroyed in a blink. At the same time, millions upon millions of lives had been lost as well!

This could be referred to as the greatest cataclysm ever since mankind set foot on the Douluo Continent. It was an unprecedented catastrophe.

The skies above his head suddenly lit up. The dazzling glow made them instinctively lift their heads.

All seven showed hopelessness in their eyes. Directly above the deep pit in which they found themselves, a ball of light, shining with brilliant colors, was falling toward the pit like meteors chasing after the moon.

Fixed soul ammunition. It was more fixed soul ammunition. The ammunition had yet to reach them, but its powerful aura put so much pressure on them that it was difficult to breathe. The terrifying sensation gave them a feeling of impending doom.

Complete annihilation!

Those were the only two words they could think of at that point. It did not matter where this fixed soul ammunition came from, but it was clear that the enemy had no intention of letting anyone escape with their lives.

Only by completely wiping their opponents out would they be able to carry out their plans unhindered.

Dodge? Run away? They had nowhere to run to. This was a three hundred meter deep abyss. The ammunition was already before then, and it was at least at rank-8. With their cultivation bases, regardless of how masterfully they utilized their powers, it was impossible for them to evade such monstrous power.

They had lost their pillar of support. They no longer had the protection of Shrek Academy. They could only withstand this terrifying attack with their own bodies.

Tang Wulin was the first one to react. There was no hesitation within him. He suddenly took a step forward and jumped up.

His powers had already reached the level where the others would tremble at their mere mention. Even if he had relied solely on his body’s strength, this leap was already more than a hundred meters. Not only that, a giant vine unleashed from under him. All the golden vines, Goldsong included, were instantly enhanced by Bluesilver Emperor Transformation. In the next instant, the vines pushed against the ground forcefully after he had leaped. This push sent him up to an altitude of more than five hundred meters.

He could not fly, but he could reach greater heights with this method.

He spread his arms and faced the fixed soul ammunition falling from the skies. He did not know how much he could block, but this was the only way he could do to give his friends a chance at survival.

At the very least, he had no ties to anything here. He was all alone in this world. He only wished that his companions could continue living, even though their prospects seemed bleak.

A brilliant gold color burst forth from his body, and Golden Dragon scales covered him. He then accelerated through the air with Golden Dragon Flies, which gave him another fifty meters of t----t. The fixed soul ammunition was practically in front of his nose.

Tang Wulin could even clearly see the complicated patterns on the ammunition bursting forth with a wild glow. At that moment, he felt no fear in his heart, only yearning. He missed his parents, and he missed Na’er and the shadow which left the deepest impression on him.

‘Farewell, Gu Yue. If you’re safe and sound, then all is well with me. Forget about me. I can’t fulfill my promise to you anymore.’

He closed his eyes, and two teardrops trickled down his cheeks. He spread his arms out, and everything seemed insignificant. Gu Yue’s illusory silhouette seemed to be standing right there in front of him. He wanted to reach out and pull her into his warm embrace.

Tang Wulin was satisfied. If he left this world in such an illusion, he would be free of all burdens. He made up his mind to leave with his yearnings.



“Big brother!”

The Shrek Seven Monsters finally regained their senses, but by then, even if they could fly into the skies to take his place, they were already too late.

Their eyes were filled with despair. Only Ye Xinglan moved swiftly. A dazzling energy blade blew a huge gouge in the ground. She quickly pushed all her companions into the pit and pulled the unconscious Holy Spirit Douluo over.

Tang Wulin intended to trade his life for a slim chance of survival for them. How could she let his sacrifice be in vain?

This was not the time for mourning. At least some of them must live on and become the seeds of the reborn Shrek Academy.

A chilly sensation spread across Tang Wulin’s chest. Tang Wulin smiled, because he suddenly felt that he had truly embraced her.

Her body was boiling hot and still had a faint maiden’s fragrance. Her breath was like the scent of orchids and was slightly labored. It was just like the night after sea God’s Fate Date Festival, when she laid in his arms.

“Gu Yue, I love you,” Tang Wulin mumbled. If he was able to feel such a surreal sensation before his death, he would have no reason to be dissatisfied.

“Idiot, I love you too,” came a familiar voice laced with countless complicated emotions.

The shock made Tang Wulin wide awake, his eyes bulging.

There really was someone in his arms. He stared blankly at the peerlessly beautiful face before his eyes.

“Na’er?” Tang Wulin was stunned. She looked so familiar, but she seemed to have grown. There was less childishness about her, and she was even more beautiful.

“Idiot, I’m your Gu Yue,” she puckered her lips and gave his lips a light peck. At that point, an undying glow had swallowed their bodies.

The final sight Tang Wulin saw was a pair of great silver wings. They drew close and enveloped them both. A terrifying explosive force suddenly burst forth. However, the only sensation he felt besides the concussion was a warm hug which had a familiar aura. That and the familiar voice which resounded in his ears.

In the deep pit, the other six Monsters looked up. They only saw a dazzling light. It seemed like a figure suddenly materialized out of thin air and hugged Tang Wulin. Then, the figure blocked the ammunition which fell from the skies with her own back.

The great explosion lasted for around a minute before it gradually subsided. The very earth had sunk three feet deeper. The rampaging energy storm resounded wildly within the vast pit.

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