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Atlas Light, Final Shine

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The three rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions were developed two thousand years ago. After their development, mankind’s science and technology had been at a standstill for a thousand years. It was due to the massive amounts of resources spent on manufacturing them.

The three rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions were guarded by the Federation using the most stringent methods. They were supposed to be the ultimate weapons of Douluo Continent.

They were also known as godkillers! As the name implied, the three fixed soul ammunitions had the ability to kill gods. Their powers were unimaginable.

Nobody had tested their powers yet. Even the rank-11 fixed soul ammunitions were no longer in existence. However, they commanded the highest priority in the Federation’s list of interests. If ever there came a day where they were to be used, the approval of the entire Congress was required. The vote for their deployment had to be unanimous.

Who would have thought that the ultimate weapons of the continent would show up here in Shrek Academy and in Tang Sect?

The power of two rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions was enough to destroy the whole Shrek City!

The Title Douluos and the inner court disciples who rose into the skies had all perished under this terrifying, sudden explosion. Shrek Academy, which had been extremely powerful at one time had been reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye.

This was a horrific technology. When the advancement of mankind’s technology had reached such an extent, it could cause cataclysmic damages to mankind.

Yun Ming raised his Atlas Spear high. The life energy which originated from the golden treehouse shone forth with a dazzling light. The rank-12 fixed soul ammunition which fell on Shrek Academy was known as the Godkiller Armageddon whereas the one which landed on Tang Sect was known as the Godkiller Devours the World.

Currently, he saw the entire Shrek City crumbling away.

A bitter smile appeared at the edge of his lips. The four-word battle armor on his body suddenly burned intensely. Even with his Limit Douluo’s powers, it was impossible for him to withstand the god-killing powers of a rank-12 fixed soul ammunition. However, if he wanted to run away, there was nobody who would be able to stop him.

Nonetheless, could he run away? He could not. Shrek Academy was about to perish. As the current Sea God Pavilion Master, there was no way he could leave and shirk his responsibilities.

He could see the cold, sinister, and mocking gazes of the evil soul masters atop the faraway giant skull. He could clearly feel the brutal massacre of lives in Shrek City.

No matter how much regret he felt, he had no way of turning the current situation around.

How did all this happen? Why were rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions used? How did Shrek City’s own defenses weaken after so many years of peace? If the two fixed soul ammunitions had not been fired from close range but from outside the city, the city would not have experienced such disastrous damages.

Countless thoughts flashed past Yun Ming’s mind. He could now only do one thing.

Atlas, Sunshot!

A dazzling golden light enveloped him completely. Behind him, beams of golden light began appearing. These golden lines of light weaved together to form the outline of a peculiar-shaped, giant rune. The entire space seemed frozen upon the appearance of the rune. Even the nine evil soul masters on the faraway skull were shocked.

The leading evil soul master swung his right hand and the skull under him suddenly appeared a hundred miles away. His expression was grim as he spat out two words, “Godhood tablet!”

The beams of golden light completed the formation of the shape as a wail came from below Yun Ming, “Brother Ming, don’t!”

Yun Ming lowered his head slowly. He had this melancholy look as he gazed at the peerless beauty below him. “I’m ashamed to face the seniors of Shrek. Farewell, Yali. Take good care of yourself. Preserve the final seeds for Shrek.”

After he said this, the Atlas Spear in his hands shook suddenly. The beams of golden light behind him suddenly crumbled away. At the same time, a dazzling golden light burst forth. They instantly spread throughout the entire Shrek City and completely covered the skies above Shrek Academy.

Yun Ming had reached the rank of a Limit Douluo for decades. Throughout the decades, he had continually searched for mankind’s limits and the way to another world.

He could not feel the existence of the Divine Realm. One could only understand this when one was at his level. The Divine Realm exists, but it was not connected to the realm of mankind.

One could only be a god by creating a Divine Realm.

Yun Ming’s cultivation base could definitely be considered as one of the best among the previous generations of the Sea God Pavilion Masters. He was unsure if he would be successful in this life. Nevertheless, he had toiled to pave the way for future generations. He also believed that mankind would be able to create another Divine Realm in the near future.

The Godhood tablet behind him was created by him. He had intended to use it for exploration and travel to outer space. A Divine Realm required a Godhood tablet as stated in the ancient records. When his own Godhood tablet was powerful enough to create a Divine Realm to cover Douluo Continent, he would then be deemed to have succeeded.

Sadly, his decades of hard work had resulted in only a glimpse of the knowledge required. Even if everything had gone smoothly, it would be impossible for him to create a Divine Realm in his lifetime. All he could do was leave his experience behind.

Shrek Academy was suddenly in danger of being swamped. When he unreservedly unleashed his incomplete Godhood tablet, he was momentarily a god.

The energy released by his Godhood tablet was the pinnacle of his work which he had achieved in his lifetime.

The two rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions a.k.a. godkillers had succeeded. They had succeeded in killing a god. However, Yun Ming had also used his last ounce of strength to negate their terrifying destructive energy.

The colors, purple and black, were forcibly s----d in midair under the neutralizing effects of the golden color. The three colors collided with each other and were intertwined together. They then crumbled and disintegrated.

Yun Ming’s body gradually turned illusory. No matter how hard Yali tried, she could not rise into the skies.

Yun Ming lowered his head. He no longer looked at the collisions in the skies because he had already done his best. He had unleashed everything he had.

Currently, there was only a reluctance to part in his eyes. He was reluctant to part with Shrek Academy, more so his lover.

He could see the constantly shifting shape of Yali’s mouth, but he could not hear her. He saw her tear-streaked face and her gaze that revealed she was on the verge of breaking down.

He said softly, “Live on, for Shrek.”

After he said this, he suddenly spread his arms. The glow on his right hand dimmed, The Atlas Spear descended from the skies and dropped into Yali’s hands. With the final burst of godly energy, the Atlas Spear finally broke off from being a martial soul and took on a true, solid form.

Yun Ming, with his arms spread, shone with extreme brightness. It was as if he was a true sun. In the next moment, he was already shooting toward the faraway giant skull.

Atlas Light’s Final Shine.

The nine evil masters on the skull were horrified. The giant skull accelerated at full speed. The current Yun Ming was no longer a Limit Douluo, but a fallen god. The final burst of power from his fall was not something they would want to butt heads with.

However, they could not outrun the speed of a god.

Amidst the brilliant golden light, the giant skull was swallowed whole. The entire sky instantly turned blinding white. The darkness of the night seemed to be shattered by the strong, bright light. The powers of the two godkillers were also s----d into the godly light.

All life forms under the white light’s shine could only prostrate on the ground as they were suppressed by the supreme energy. The white light persisted for a long time, just like Yun Ming’s feeling of unwillingness to leave.

Tang Wulin was sprawled on the ground. He tried to prop up his body to crawl, but he could not do it. He had heard every syllable of Yun Ming’s last words distinctly, but his mind drew a complete blank.

Everything happened too fast and sudden. The powerful Shrek Academy had been completely decimated overnight.

The horrendous war seemed to be between the gods, and they had appeared so meek. They could only face the results of the war. Under the terrifying collision, they were like the ants, powerless to do anything. If they did not have the protection of the Sea God Pavilion, they would have long been turned to ash.

Eventually, everything settled down. The glow outside slowly dimmed, and everything seemed to have vanished. The whole scene was eerie and silent. When Tang Wulin lifted his head, he saw the crumbled Sea God Pavilion before him. It had turned to dust and was scattering silently in the wind.

At this very moment, a spot of golden light suddenly flew in from afar. It plunged in between Tang Wulin’s brows with hardly a sound and disappeared.

The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali lay prostrated on the ground far away. She was unconscious. There was deathly silence all around.

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