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Atlas, Sunshot

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Yun Ming raised his hand, but in the end, he did not stop her. Even he would not be able to stop this person.

Yun Ming drew a deep breath and calmly gripped Yali’s hand, “I’ve already failed Shrek, but I must still protect it.”

At the edge of Sea God’s Island, Tang Wulin and the others were ghastly pale.

They could hear the explosions in the outer city. Simultaneously, they could see the cluster of mushroom clouds that were rising far away.

Their minds were currently blank. This was something they could never have imagined. They did not even know where the enemies were, yet this terrifying disaster was happening.

The energy storm in the skies still did not disperse. The mushroom clouds had already taken countless lives.

“Come to the Sea God Pavilion!” Suddenly, a stern voice reached their ears.

Tang Wulin shivered and immediately reacted. He gestured at his comrades and they dashed toward the Sea God Pavilion.

Sea God’s Island was not big. They soon arrived at the Sea God Pavilion’s golden treehouse. They saw the Atlas Douluo and the Holy Spirit Douluo standing there holding hands together.

Yun Ming was quite calm as if nothing had happened. When he saw Tang Wulin and the others, he took a step forward and stood before them.

“From this moment on, no matter what happens, do not leave the Sea God Pavilion. Go inside, quick.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “Pavilion Master, please allow us to contribute to the academy’s cause. We…”

“Silence, go inside!” Yun Ming suddenly glared and shouted angrily. He waved his hand and terrifying energy lifted them off their feet and sent them into the Sea God Pavilion.

“Remember, all of you are the academy’s heirs. In the worst case scenario, you’ll be the foundation of the academy’s revival,” Yun Ming’s voice resounded in their ears.

Tang Wulin’s expression changed with fright. Was the situation this dire?

At this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly noticed that everything outside had turned purple.. It was the sky that had turned purple. The purplish glow of the sky tainted the earth with the same color.

A beam of dazzling golden light suddenly shot forth from the golden treehouse and enveloped the entire Shrek Academy’s inner court. The Sea God Pavilion, where the golden treehouse was, lit up. Unrivaled, dense life energy lingered around them. It also prevented them from leaving the Sea God Pavilion.

Tang Wulin saw with utmost clarity that when the terrifying purple glow appeared, the scores of figures that rose from Shrek Academy into the skies suddenly disappeared amidst its brilliance. They vanished without a trace as if they were completely wiped out from the face of the world.

The Atlas Douluo Yun Ming’s body shuddered noticeably. In the next moment, he pulled on the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali’s hand, and they rose into the skies. They shot into the high skies.

The purple hue of the sky grew in intensity with every passing moment. Even the golden glow released by the golden treehouse began to dissipate gradually.

An unrivaled brilliant glow erupted from Yun Ming’s body. He attempted to charge out of that purple mass. However, the purple light was terrifying. Subsequently, a giant purple skull appeared in the sky.

The purple skull was a thousand meters in diameter. It opened its mouth and spewed flames at the ground. Nine people sat cross-legged on top of the skull. They were all clad in black robes. Their black robes were ornamented with green edges. Each of them had nine soul rings about them. Of his nine soul rings, the person in the center had one orange and four red with the remaining black.

“Yun Ming, I reckon that you never expected that Shrek would be in such dire straits under your care. From this day on, Shrek will no longer exist in this world, and the same goes for Tang Sect.”

The giant purple skull shot dark purplish flames from its mouth and it clashed with the aura of Yun Ming’s spear.

The Atlas Spear immediately burst forth with a brilliant glow. The glow released by the golden treehouse below him suddenly converged into a point and shone on Yun Ming. Immediately, Yun Ming’s entire body glowed with a brilliant golden hue.

A thick, heavy and luxurious-looking four-word battle armor covered his entire body. Currently, he looked like a war god.

As the golden treehouse’s energy was focused on Yun Ming, Tang Wulin and the others could see through the windows the surroundings of the golden treehouse. Everything on Sea God’s Island was rapidly crumbling away under the shine of the terrifying purple glow.

“Rank-12. You dare to transgress the great offense under the heavens and activate a rank-12 fixed soul ammunition,” Yun Ming’s furious roar resounded in the skies. The terrifying energy wave exploded wildly in the skies above Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin was stunned. His comrades around him were also stunned.

Xie Xie dared not imagine what would have happened if he had not listened to Tang Wulin to turn up at Sea God’s Island.

Another beam of light shone far away. It was a terrifying green light. It exploded at the Tang Sect’s headquarters.

The entire Shrek City had turned into a world of doom. From the skies, one could see two vortices, a green and the other a purple, which was constantly expanding and swallowing everything around them. They spread out endlessly. The entire Shrek’s inner city was rapidly vanishing from the world.

All the defenses were ineffective before the green and purple vortices.

Countless lives were lost amidst the rampage of the terrifying energy storm.

The golden treehouse shook violently. Tang Wulin felt everything before his eyes become illusory. When the two great energy vortices formed, he initially thought that he could establish himself in the soul masters’ realm. However, as he faced the suppression of the terrifying energy that was like heaven’s wrath, he felt as insignificant as an ant.

If they had been outside the golden treehouse, they would certainly have been devoured by the deadly energy. They would have been sacrificed in this terrifying storm.

It was over. Shrek Academy was history.

Who could have imagined that such a terrifying scene would ever occur? The best academy on the continent, Shrek, the sun that did not set, had fallen.

The golden treehouse shook violently. The outer layer of the golden light was continuously peeled off by the terrifying purplish light’s impact.

Tang Wulin suddenly remembered that Yun Ming had sternly told him once before. Due to the formation of his fifth soul ring, he had absorbed too much of the golden treehouse’s energy. Hence, the golden treehouse’s energy was greatly diminished. If he had not absorbed it, the golden treehouse’s energy might have been able to withstand the surprise attack at present!

It was over, everything was over.

The golden light of the golden treehouse finally crumbled completely. The terrifying deadly energy began to shatter the Sea God Pavilion’s outer layer.

Tang Wulin bit his lip stubbornly. He spread his arms out to shield his comrades. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

However, he knew very well that he was unable to do anything in the face of such a terrifying heaven’s wrath. There was no way he could protect anyone.

“Atlas, sunshot!” At this very moment, a shout came from the outside.

The voice was directed at their minds. It made the terrifying pressure that Tang Wulin and his comrades were under suddenly become much lighter. The fragmented Sea God Pavilion outside suddenly solidified. It was as if time stood still.

In the skies, the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming’s expression was grim. There was an endless sorrow in the depths of his eyes.

As the current Sea God Pavilion Master, he had to witness Shrek Academy being buried by his own hands. It was a legacy that had lasted for twenty thousand years! Right now, it was coming to an end. His present emotions were intolerable.

A rank-12 fixed soul ammunition was something that he would never have anticipated no matter what.

In the current world and the history of mankind, there were only three such ultimate weapons. To produce these three rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions, the Federation had utilized innumerable resources before they were successful. Subsequently, the Federation had announced that it would stop the continuous development of these ultimate destructive weapons. With Douluo Continent’s limited resources, it was impossible for a fourth rank-12 fixed soul ammunition to be produced.

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