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A Sea of Fireworks

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The first few experts who took to the skies were better off. The Shrek inner court students who came after them were all suppressed back to the ground amidst the terrifying turbulent flow of energy.

Horrifying explosions sounded one after another. The figures that successfully remained in the skies forcibly detonated the incoming fixed soul ammunitions. They did not allow a single one to fall onto the city.

Faraway, more and more figures leaped into the skies from both the inner and outer cities. An unknown number of experts were gathered in Shrek City. The experts were not only from Shrek Academy, but from Tang Sect as well.

Many of them detonated the fixed soul ammunitions which came at them from the skies. For a time, the entire sky above Shrek City seemed to have turned into a sea of fireworks.

At this moment, a few figures flew over the surface of the lake. They were Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, and the other members of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

When he saw them, Tang Wulin regained his senses. He hastily unleashed his bloodline aura and guided them to his side.

“Good heavens! What’s all this? This…” Xie Xie was shocked until he was unable to shut his jaws.

He had been a little upset with Tang Wulin’s summons. It was not easy for him to have the opportunity to be intimate with Yuanen, only to have it ruined by Tang Wulin. Under the present circumstances, he dared not voice out his reluctance.

The others all wore grim expressions.

They knew that a surprise attack against Shrek Academy such as this was unprecedented!

The energy wave in the skies started to descend. Even when they stood on Sea God’s Island, they could feel the terrifying pressure. If they allowed this overwhelming destructive shockwave to reach the ground, the entire city would suffer an apocalyptic catastrophe.

Rings of bright lights rose to form a protective barrier. At first, it was only Shrek’s inner city, Shortly after, Shrek’s outer city also lit up. The two barriers bore the brunt of the shockwave and managed to dissipate its destructive force completely. Although the shockwave produced intense ripples, the barriers were effective in blocking them.

Tang Wulin did not exchange words with his comrades. They all wore grim expressions. They were unqualified to partake in such battles. How did Shrek Academy turn into a battlefield in the first place?

During the day, Tang Wulin even thought that Shrek Academy was the safest place. However, when night came, such a terrible surprise attack had befallen them.

The hundred-odd fixed soul ammunitions above rank-7 would have cost a fortune! Could this be an attack launched by the Federation against Shrek City? Or was this from the Holy Spirit Cult?

It was highly unlikely to be the former. After all, there were a number of high-ranking officials in the Federation who graduated from Shrek Academy. Moreover, Shrek Academy had always been neutral and had never interfered with the decisions made by the Federation. It had focused solely on protecting its own land which was Shrek City.

If it were the latter, then it would have been horrendous. If an evil soul master cult, a terrorist organization, controlled such a huge number of fixed soul ammunitions, what would that mean? Who would believe nobody from among the Federation was working with them?

They must not let the fixed soul ammunitions reach the ground! Shrek City would inevitably experience the same fate as Heaven Dou City.

When he thought about Heaven Dou City, Tang Wulin’s heart suddenly tightened. He immediately remembered the words Guo Xiaoxu said to him. The surprise terror attack in Heaven Dou City was caused by the explosion of a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

If it were a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition, it might not be so easily blocked by the city’s barriers. Even a Hyper Douluo would not dare face a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition head on.

When he thought about this, his throat ran dry and his mouth was parched. Just what sort of terrorist attacks have these evil soul masters planned? He was afraid that these were not the only attacks they had in store for them.

Sea God Pavilion.

The Sea God Pavilion Master, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming stood on top of the Sea God Pavilion. The Holy Spirit Douluo stood beside him. At the same time, the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue was also beside him.

The three great Title Douluos were looking at the skies faraway.

Yun Ming finally understood why he had felt such intense discomfort. It turned out that the disaster was happening at none other than Shrek City. In fact, it was Shrek Academy at that.

Just as Tang Wulin never expected anyone to be brave enough to attack Shrek City, he, as the Sea God Pavilion Master never expected this to happen also. His current expression was as cold and unmoving as the lake’s water.

Yali gripped Yun Ming’s hand tightly. She had forgotten how long it has been since she felt such anxiety. She was as distressed as she could ever be.

They knew that since the Holy Spirit Cult attacked Shrek City, it meant that the Holy Spirit Cult had a high level of confidence in their own strengths.

“Great! Times have really changed.” the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue snorted, “It seems that we, Shrek have not bared our fangs for far too long. Now, even any Tom, D--k, or Harry dares to take advantage of us. Yun Ming, is Shrek’s influence on the Federation this weak? What’s the meaning of all these fixed soul ammunitions? They were fired near the outer city. What’s the meaning of that? Since when did our Shrek City’s defenses become so weak?”

When faced with the Light Dark Douluo’s accusations, Yun Ming was left speechless.

She was right! Shrek City had enjoyed peaceful times for too long. The invincible Shrek City. It was a notion that everyone had in their hearts. Who would have expected anyone bold enough to attack Shrek City?

With Shrek City being under close-range attack of so many fixed soul ammunitions, he knew full well what it meant. The Limit Douluo could not help but ball his hands into tight fists currently.

However, he was also aware that he had to maintain his cool. He had to assume control of the entire situation. The enemy’s attacks would likely get more sophisticated.

At this very moment, a slight vibration came from the ground. Yun Ming and Long Yeyue had ominous expressions on their faces.

A series of soft explosions erupted somewhere far away. This time, they did not come from the skies, but the ground.

If one looked down from the skies, one would have noticed that clusters of mushroom clouds rose abruptly from Shrek’s outer city. A series of shocking explosions seemed to have prompted the horrifying wails from the citizens.

It has begun, it has finally begun.

Since the enemy was able to transport the fixed soul ammunitions into the outer city and fired them from there, they could also detonate them directly in the outer city.

Shrek City was the largest city and the most number of citizens on the entire continent. Almost everyone took pride in being a citizen of Shrek City. Currently, an unprecedented horrendous disaster had befallen them.

Yun Ming’s face was pale. The entire Shrek City’s army had been mobilized. He had given the order when the first signs of danger appeared. He ordered every street in the outer city to be sealed. No one was allowed to enter or leave. The outer city was to be searched meticulously.

Minutes after he gave the order, he was met with an intense explosion.

An explosion in the skies was fireworks, but one on the ground would be disastrous! There were more than fifteen such explosions. Many innocent citizens died as a result.

Without a doubt, it was a war that had been carefully planned. It was a war! No longer could it be considered a terrorist attack. This was a total disaster, a disaster that came out of the blue.

Every city had its own devices to detect explosives. Any dangerous object such as the fixed soul ammunition would be immediately dealt with once it was detected in any city.

However, in Shrek City, the invincible Shrek City, nobody had noticed the appearance of such large numbers of fixed soul ammunitions. What did it signify?

It meant that the enemy had deceptive measures, but it also signified that Shrek City was no longer a monolithic rock.

Yun Ming was hit with a sudden realization. The great explosion in Heaven Dou City had attracted the attention of many. Whether it was Tang Sect or Shrek Academy, they had dispatched many experts to the scene. However, the enemy’s objective was never Heaven Dou City.

The real threat to the Holy Spirit Cult was not Heaven Dou City. It was Shrek Academy and Tang Sect.

The enemy’s actual target was here from the very beginning!

“F--k!” Yali growled and almost dashed out. However, she was pulled back by Yun Ming.

The enemy’s attacks would definitely not just end here. Whether it was Shrek Academy or the Tang Sect’s headquarters, both of which were located inside Shrek’s inner city, the damage caused would be immense, but not so serious until it shook Shrek City’s foundations.

This surprise attack was only the beginning. If they were flustered and shaken by the enemy, then there could only be greater disasters that await them.

“Everyone from Tang Sect, please rescue and help the wounded. I’ll leave the outer city to you,” Yun Ming’s voice was projected far and wide.

A light flashed and the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue beside him suddenly rose into the air. She could no longer restrain herself.

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