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You Guys Are Acting Shamelessly!

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When Xu Xiaoyan saw Tang Wulin made that move, she turned pale from fear. She unleashed her soul skill Dazzling Starlight in the nick of time. Countless beams of starlight shot forcefully toward Tang Wulin and enveloped his body instantly. However, this did not stop Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear from being hurled.

The Domineering Golden Dragon Body was followed closely by the Golden Dragon Spear. Tang Wulin moved his hands separately in a vertical direction. When the Dazzling Starlight shone on him, he made a very strange motion.

His alternating hands formed the shapes of claws. He aligned his palms together and took a step forward with his left foot. He seemed to be hitting out with a punch.

Yue Zhengyu looked on as the Golden Dragon Spear shot toward him. Subsequently, his colors drained. His Light of Judgement had shone on Tang Wulin’s body, but he was still a step behind the Golden Dragon Spear.

The Light of Judgement was absorbed by the Domineering Golden Dragon Body. Tang Wulin’s mirror-like battle armor flickered rapidly. Currently, the Dazzling Starlight had already reached him and immobilized him on the spot.

Yue Zhengyu stepped to the side and shielded Xu Xiaoyan. The saint sword in his grip, he hacked with all his might as he attempted to parry the Golden Dragon Spear. However, the Golden Dragon Spear had not reached him yet when he felt the sharp aura seemingly stabbing his body. He was unable to stop it! He was very sure that even if he had adjusted his battle armor’s defensive abilities to its maximum with the Bloodthirsty Bean Bun’s enhancement, he would still be unable to ward off Tang Wulin’s attack.

The Golden Dragon Spear was truly formidable. Who would dare say that the captain did not have any long-range attacks?

The sharp sword gleam finally reached him in the nick of time. It stabbed at the Golden Dragon Lance’s side with utmost precision. The Golden Dragon Lance emitted a dragon’s roar and its glow dimmed somewhat. It was then that Yue Zhengyu’s saint sword slashed the Golden Dragon Lance.

Even though Ye Xinglan had blocked most of the Golden Dragon Lance’s power, when Yue Zhengyu’s slash landed on the Golden Dragon Lance, he still trembled violently. He was taken aback as if he was electrocuted and almost bumped into Xu Xiaoyan.

The Golden Dragon Lance shot upward with a roar. In that instant, the saint sword was shattered.

On the other side, it was Yuanen Yehui who charged toward Tang Wulin. The enemy attacked a key point which called for reinforcements. Ye Xinglan, who should have been here, was distracted by the Golden Dragon Lance. In the end, she chose to rescue her comrade.

The giant hammer rose and crashed down onto his head.

The way Yuanen Yehui saw it, Tang Wulin was currently held in place by the Dazzling Starlight. His Domineering Golden Dragon Body was activated by the Light of Judgement. Although his attacks would be stronger if he launched a counterattack now, he had to rely on himself for his defenses.

In order to be on time, she did not use her soul skills. Instead, the all-out attack with her Devil Titan had reached Tang Wulin.

It hit the target!

Yuanen Yehui rejoiced in her heart. However, at this very moment, she felt a peculiar swirling force which originated from Tang Wulin. Her giant hammer which should have struck Tang Wulin’s chest had been grabbed and twisted by him. Her body was also made to revolve from her giant hammer’s twisting momentum. Just when the giant hammer fell into Tang Wulin’s hand, he was also released from the Dazzling Starlight. Tang Wulin did not bother with Yuanen Yehui who was nearby. Instead, he was targeting Xu Xiaoyan.

A sharp glow shot out from Tang Wulin’s side. It reached Yuanen Yehui who had lost control of her body. Was that not Xie Xie?

Before this, he had Tang Wulin shielding him. Even the Dazzling Starlight was blocked by Tang Wulin and he was not affected in the least. At the crucial moment, his long-prepared Twin Dragon Daggers attacked with lightning speed. One of them was illusory while the other was real. He split into two clones and attacked from both sides.

A sonorous dragon’s roar came from Tang Wulin’s body. A circle of golden soul ring shone forth from under his feet. The Golden Dragon King’s fourth bloodline soul skill, Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

Xie Xie initially had a trace of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline. The Golden Dragon Rage Domain’s enhancement had a strong effect on him. He felt the bloodline aura of his entire body surged suddenly and his two clones immediately reached Yuanen Yehui.

“Xie Xie.” At this moment, a strange scene unfolded.

Surprisingly, Yuanen Yehui did not attempt to defend herself. Instead, she lowered her hands and her stature shrunk instantly. She regained her original form. She even called Xie Xie’s name once in a sweet, feminine voice.

Her voice was very gentle. It could even be described as seductive.

If there had been a magnifying glass beside Xie Xie now, the goosebumps on his body would certainly have been visible.

The two clones crossed each other, but the Twin Dragon Daggers were retracted. None of his attacks landed on Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui smiled sweetly. She turned and gave a kick with one of her long legs at the same time. Her kick landed right on Xie Xie’s buttocks, and she sent him flying.

Tang Wulin was speechless. It was supposed to be a sure kill. However, Xie Xie had let him down at the final moment.

They were naturally at a disadvantage with two against five. If they wanted to win, they had to find another way. The one who posed the biggest threat to him was Xu Xiaoyan. That was why Tang Wulin had restricted her by using his spear. Then, he created an opportunity to isolate Yuanen Yehui and restrained her. If Xie Xie had obtained victory just now, it would have been much easier to fight with two against four.

However, who would have thought that Xie Xie would chicken out at the crucial moment? Not only was he sent flying from a kick, but he also did not even get back to his feet after he face-planted himself on the ground. Once again, his bloodline was sealed by Yuanen Yehui.

Compared to the Golden Dragon Spear before this, the giant hammer tossed by Tang Wulin was far inferior in terms of power. Without the Golden Dragon Spear’s speed and sharpness, the hammer was parried by Ye Xinglan.

Tang Wulin suddenly hit out with a punch. Although the punch had sent Yuanen Yehui reeling, under the effects of the Star Chain, the impact was evenly distributed among them. So, the punch did not harm her in the slightest.

“You guys are perverse! How could you use such techniques?” Tang Wulin said with grief and indignation.

Yuanen Yehui chuckled, “Captain, we all graduated from the Demon Island. Have you forgotten what we learned from that place?”

Her voice had barely faded when he was surrounded by Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui herself. A circle of Starwheel Shackles had also appeared under Tang Wulin’s feet.

Feeling helpless, Tang Wulin had no other choice but to unleash the Domineering Golden Dragon Body again. At the same time, he executed his strange pose again.

When they thought about it, it was quite strange. After he struck the pose, anyone who attacked him would be sent reeling. Even Yuanen Yehui was sent reeling despite her strength. It applied to everyone else.

Even when Ye Xinglan’s Starsaint Sword stabbed at him, she felt as if she had stabbed into a vortex which sent her reeling as well.

Under this peculiar posture, Tang Wulin escaped danger once again.

However, he was facing a joint attack by five individuals! When he did not face any imminent danger from their attacks, he was constantly under Xu Xiaoyan’s control. This was a tragedy for Tang Wulin.

What left him speechless was the person who broke through his strange pose was surprisingly Xu Lizhi.

He did not know when Xu Lizhi went behind him. A plump hand coupled with some purplish black glow was pressed onto his back silently.

An extremely domineering destructive aura made Tang Wulin unable to strike the strange pose when the next round of the Starwheel Shackles and the Dazzling Starlight hit him. Then…

Five minutes later.

A blue-nosed, swollen-faced Tang Wulin sat gloomily in the trial arena. Xie Xie, who was nearby, dared not even look at him.

Yue Zhengyu said triumphantly, “Captain, do you understand now? Fear not a godlike opponent, but fear a pig-like teammate. If I were you, I won’t hold myself back, I’ll fight it out with him one on one!”

When they clobbered Tang Wulin just now, they did not show any mercy. However, Tang Wulin’s defensive abilities left them astonished once again. Under the joint attacks of three assault-system battle soul masters, he had surprisingly held his ground before choosing to surrender. Throughout the five minutes, he had attempted to break through their attacks multiple times. However, his attempts were foiled by Xu Xiaoyan’s timely controls.

Without a doubt, if it were not for Xu Xiaoyan’s extremely powerful controls, they might not have won against Tang Wulin even if they had fought him three against one. Even if they had won, they would probably have paid a dear price for it.

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