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Befriending a ghost - S01 E19

Story 2 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 19

Who is the killer?


Sasha Alfredo


Entering my room, I toss my backpack on the bed , pulled off my gown and flung it on the floor then went into the bathroom , completely ignoring Daphne who was standing beside my bed with a frown on her face…..

I returned to the room with a towel wrapped around me and to my surprise, Daphne was still standing beside my bed , frowning…..

Ooops! It seems some one is angry. I drawled and she scoffed

Why did you come home late? She queried and I laughed

Is that the reason why your face is all squeezed up?

Just answer me Sasha , why are you home late ? She repeated

Declan and I went to see Sinclair, I told you about it right?

Oh yeah! but I never expected it to take that long ! She retorted and I smiled shyly

Actually we had our first date in the same hotel we met Sinclair. I said , playing with my hands shyly

Omoooo! Are you for real? She asked excitedly and I blushed

Oh Sasha! I am so happy for you, so tell me more about the date? She continued and I smirked

What is there to tell, it was just a normal date? I said, walking over to the wardrobe …:

I opened it and pulled out a long blue satin gown …..

how can you say it is a normal date! I bet Declan will get you lot of food and drinks! Oh!how I wish I can go on a date too……she kept on gushing

Unzipping the gown , I hurriedly put it on and then laid on the bed….

Aren’t you going down for dinner? She asked but I shook my head

My stomach is already filled up. I answered

what if your mom call you down for dinner?She continued

She can’t, I already told her I am filled…. I explained


She stared at me for a moment and then grinned mischievously

Did you both do it?

Do what!i asked with an arched eyebrow

Have sex . She blurted out and I scoffed

Is that the only thing in this big head of yours! I retorted in a huff and she chuckled

Calm down Sasha , I only asked a simple question. She said trying to calm me down and I rolled my eyes

Like you would resist if Declan ask for it . She drawled and I swallowed hard, Making a sound …..

Erm Ain’t you interested in knowing what Sinclair said? I asked trying to change the conversation and it worked

Sure! I was about to ask, what did he say?she asked and I smiled inwardly

But on a serious note, what will I do if Declan ask me for sex? Will I give in .. no! no! no! he won’t ask !…

What did he say? Daphne repeated and I quickly composed myself

Actually he was not really sure about it but he believes Racheal is deeply involved in it …..

I said it ! She retorted angrily

C’mon Daphne it is only an assumption, Racheal might be …….. I tried to say but she cut me off

No she isn’t . She blurted out and I knitted my eyebrow, curiously

Do you remember anything? I asked picking my words but she shook her head

I don’t! but I just have the feeling that the “witch” is deeply involved , even the way she reacted when she saw the gold chain tells it all.she explained and I nodded in agreement

Yeah! You are right …

So what are we going to do next? She asked with a sigh

We will keep on investigating in secret and lest i forget!

I sat up and dragged my back pack nearer to me

Opening it , I brought out the pen recorder …:

We are going to be using this. I said staring at the “recording pen” in admiration and she laughed softly

I never know you were a clown Sasha , what are you going to do with a pen? She asked , still laughing and I joined her

She stopped and then furrowed her eyebrow

Why are you laughing with me?Are you crazy!

No!I am just laughing at your stupidity , this is not a pen , it is a voice recorder. I corrected and she opened her mouth in awe

Wow! Wow! Who gave it to you? She asked , leaning over to have a closer look

Sinclair . I answered and she nodded slowly

Declan asked me to hold it since I am more closer to Cory . I explained

Are you going use it on her? She asked and I nodded

She was about saying something when the door to my room creaked opened and my dad walked in

I quickly hid the pen under my pillow

Hey princess! he greeted first, looking around the room

hi dad! When did you get back? I asked

Not quite long , but who were you talking to? he asked still looking around and I bit my lips , nervously

Who! Me! What do you mean? I asked in a rush and he sighed

I thought I heard you saying something to someone, but it is alright….. so your mum told me about your dinner date

Oh! I exclaimed softly

He moved closer and sat down beside me

Sasha! I know you are an adult now but I just don’t want you to make any silly mistakes. he said concernedly

I smiled lightly

I understand you dad and I promise to be careful……

Good! So tell me more about him , his name? age! Class! And anything you I think I should know …

Fine! his name is Declan, we are both in the same class. i answered and he nodded slowly

So this Declan of a boy is the one who stole my daughter heart. he said teasingly and I laughed loudly

Oh dad! You are so funny! I remarked and he smiled

I am glad to see you have gotten used to this “old looking house”…..

Of course dad , this house gave me a special friend …..

Special friend! he repeated and I nodded

Yes dad , her name is Daphne. I informed , glancing at Daphne …..

My dad stared at me curiously and then replaced the curious look with a smile ……

I will love to meet this special friend of yours. he said while standing

I nodded without saying anything

Good night baby! he bade , yawning

Good night dad!

he took few steps to the door and then stopped to face me

I will drive you to school tomorrow…::

Alright dad!

he blew me a Kiss before walking out of the room…

I turned sideways to face Daphne

So where did we st…. I stopped when I noticed she was crying …….,

What is wrong? I asked worriedly

Nothing Sasha! I am just happy you told your dad about me …..

I smiled lightly

I love you so much Sasha . She said as tears rolled down her eyes…..

I love you too Daphne



Declan Davies


The sound of the alarm clock disrupted my sleep

I allowed it to continue ringing without making a move to get off the bed …….

It stopped ringing and then continued again

Jeez! Can’t I sleep in peace!

Stretching, I sat up the bed and glanced at the wall clock

It was 7:50

Time to get ready for school!

I dragged myself up from the bed and went into the bathroom to freshen up

Returning to the room, I found my phone ringing on the bed

I moved closer to the bed and picked up the phone

On checking the caller , it was Sasha

I received it

Good morning! her voice echoed from the other end

Morning! how was your night? I asked

”Twas Fine!you don’t need to come pick me ,my dad will be driving me to school.

Alright ! See you in school. I said and ended the call….


I dressed hurriedly in an all black outfit , sling my backpack across my shoulders and then headed downstairs to the sitting room…..

And to my surprise, I met my mom in the sitting room dolling her self up

Good morning mum! I greeted

She raised her head up and flashed me a smile

Morning baby! how do I look? She asked , applying a red lipstick

Beautiful! I answered truthfully

Thanks baby, your breakfast is already served …:

I looked towards the dinning and then back at her

Don’t worry mum! I will get something at cafe ….

But why? She asked with a frown

That is because I don’t have appetite! I retorted

Really! Why! Are you sick! Is your stomach hurting you? She asked in a rush

No! I am fine , but are you going somewhere? I asked staring at her intently

Yes, I need to go to the grocery store.she answered

But we get it on delivery so why stressing yourself. I queried and she grinned

Let us say mum needs a breathe of fresh air . She winked at me

Alright then! See you later . I bade and headed to my car

Opening the car door, I got in and drove off heading to school …….



Driving through the expressway, I sighted Cory standing in front of the gas station

She was turning here and there with a bewildered look on her face ..

What is wrong with her? I wondered

Pulling up in front of her , I wind down the window of the car….

And on seeing me, she widened her eyes in surprise

Get in. I said calmly

She looked behind her shoulders and back at me

Are you really talking to me? She asked and I scoffed

Who else will I be talking to , or is there a ghost behind you! I retorted and she swallowed hard

Get in! I repeated and she did

Starting the car , I drove off heading to school……

Thanks . She said softly and I shot her a glance

It is nothing, but what were you doing all alone in front of a gas station? I asked calmly and she sighed

Racheal was angry with me so she instructed her driver to drop me off . She answered and I scoffed

Is it a must to ride with her? I asked knitting my eyebrow but she kept mute

Is it a must? I repeated and she exhaled deeply

I have got no choice. She answered sadly

And who told you that! Racheal? I asked but she shook her head

You wouldn’t understand Declan !

Then make me to , why do you allow Racheal to control you? Why do you allow her to treat you like a slave?

That is because I am like a Slave to her? She answered and I went stiff

Yes ,my mother is a personal maid to Racheal’s family and what does that make me? a daughter to a maid! She half yelled.

I bit my lips without saying anything

So can you see the reason why I let her control me , I have no choice Declan

Is that why you are scared of her? I asked and she froze

What do you mean? She managed to ask

On the day Daphne died, you pleaded with her to go with you to the class party because you were scared of Racheal, right? I asked

how dddid you kkknow about it? She stuttered and I smirked

It is none of your business, Just answer my question

I don’t know what you are talking about. She answered with a trembling voice

Really! Then let me rephrase the question, who murdered my sister? I asked and her breathing became heavier

I stepped on the brake and the car skidded to a halt …..

Stoping the engine, I turned to face her

Who murdered her? I repeated and a flicker of fear crossed her eyes

Is it you! the principal! or Racheal!…..:

She tried to say something but no sound came out …

her hands were shaking and she was also sweating…….

I smirked lightly , it was obvious she knew who the killer was?

What can I do now? I thought within

I guess I have to instil more fear into her ………

So you should know , I am not the only one working on this case and we are on the brink of finding who the killer is ……

It is better to tell what you know and I assure no harm will come to you ……,,;

Having said that , I started the car and zoomed off ……



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