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Befriending a ghost - S01 E17

Story 2 years ago

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Sasha Alfredo



I woke up the next morning feeling kind of sore, I guessed it is as a result of the tears I shed last night ..

Yes the tears , Daphne and I cried after hearing the Declan suspicions about the School principals…..I mean if the principal who is the head of the school was truly involved in the case , then who can we trust! no one ……

I sat up on the bed and looked around the room for Daphne but she was no where to be found…..

I dragged myself up from the bed, i went over to the bathroom to freshen up…

On returning to the room, I found her standing beside the bed

Good morning! I greeted first

Morning Sasha! She responded with a sad sigh …..

I went over to the wardrobe without saying anything, I knew she was still worried about what she heard yesterday…….

Opening my wardrobe, I searched through it for a comfortable cloth and soon found one …….

I pulled it out , it was a black straight out with a turtle neck ….

Unzipping the gown , I dressed hurriedly in it ……

Actually I have been pondering about something , what if Racheal is also involved? Daphne asked and I nodded without looking at her

I have been pondering about that as well and the thoughts of it was running me crazy!

And without saying anything, I parked my hair into loosed bun , applied little makeup and then grabbed my back pack …..

Slinging my backpack across my shoulders, I faced her

Let us go. I said and without waiting for her response, I headed downstairs to the sitting room……


On getting downstairs, I met my family seated around the dining table having breakfast, and to my surprise, My dad was also seated in the dinning…

Wow! Dad! When did you get back? I asked and my mom shot me an angry stare..

Have you forgotten your manners young lady! She scolded at me

Oh my bad! I am sorry! Good morning mum! Good morning dad! I greeted

how are you Princess? My dad asked with a large smile

Fine, so when did you get back? I repeated and he chuckled

I got home late at night , I wanted to check on you but it seems like you were…….

Sleeping. I completed but he shook his head

No, it seems like you were crying, did someone hurt you? he asked staring intently at me

No erm I mean erm why would someone offend me . I stuttered nervously

he stared at me for a while and then faced my mom

Are you sure Sasha is alright? he asked her and my mum shifted her gaze to me

Are you alright? She threw the question back at me and I nodded

Maybe she was crying because her cute boyfriend dumped her. Kamara drawled, joining in the conversation and I glared at her ..

Boyfriend! My dad repeated and she nodded

Yes dad , Sasha have a boyfriend. She answered with an evil grin and I felt like squeezing those small mouth of hers ….

Jeez! How can my sister be this annoying!

Is that true Sasha, do you have a boyfriend? My dad asked and I nodded slowly

he sighed and then faced my mom

Are you aware of this Matilda? he asked calling my mom by her first name

Sure! she is already 18 and I feel she can handle a relationship. My mom answered with a shrug

But Matilda don’t you think she is …. my dad tried to say but my mum cut him off…

Relax Dave! We started dating when we were 17 or have you forgotten? My mom reminded and my dad went pale

That was because! That was because! That was because! he stuttered without saying anything meaningful and I chuckled softly…

It is alright dad! I understand you are worried about me and I promise to be very careful. I assured and he sighed

Fine! Come and have breakfast. he instructed but I shook my head

I will pass dad! I said softly

But why? Ain’t you hungry? he asked knitting his eyebrow and I nodded

Alright then! run off to school so you won’t be late. he said teasingly and I smiled

See you later! I bade and walked out of the house with Daphne following behind me……


Where have you dad been since all this while? Daphne asked as we walked to the taxi station

Work. I answered and she furrowed her eyebrow

Does he sleep at his work place? She asked again and I nodded

But why? She continued

I was about to answer when my phone rang and on checking the caller , it was Declan

Oops! I guess he Is already at the taxi station waiting for me ..

I received it

Hi Declan! I greeted first

Where are you? he asked without responding to my greetings

I smirked, Is he for real? I wondered

Where are you? I threw the question back at him and he scoffed

Are you kidding me? Anyways, I am already at the taxi station. he informed

Alright dear! I will be there in a jiffy . I said and ended the call….

What did he say? Daphne asked

He said he Is already at the taxi station. I replied

Alright then! run along , I will meet you in school . She said and before I could even say anything, she ran off

Crazy! I muttered and then ran all the way to the taxi station……



Getting to the taxi station, I looked around and sighted Declan car parked a few meters away

Why didn’t he honk the car horn?

I walked briskly towards the car and on getting there ,I opened the car door and got in …..

Good morning! I greeted Declan who just nodded

And without saying anything. he started the car and drove off heading to school……

I bit my lips in anger

What kind of boyfriend ignores his girlfriend greeting? only the rude and proud ones like …….Declan!

Well! Since he wants it that way , I will give him also….

And with my hands folded across my chest , I maintained a straight face throughout the drive to the school …….


On getting to the school, he drove into the compound and parked out in the parking lot

I alighted from the car and Declan did same at his own end

How can somebody be so stubborn!

I walked towards the class and was expecting Declan to do the same , but instead he took the opposite direction

Where is he going?…. could it be the… oh no! The principal office…

Declan! I called with a loud voice and he stopped then turned to face me

I walked up to him

Where are you going? I asked with a frown and he scoffed

Are you really talking to me?he asked mockingly

Quit the act Dec, where are you going? I repeated

Isn’t it obvious. he drawled

Are for for real! Don’t you think before you act! Questioning the principal might attract a detention.

And do I look like I care! he retorted in a huff

Please Declan ! I pleaded softly even when I knew she he won’t listen to me…..

Go to class Sasha! he instructed

No Declan! If you choose to go to the principal office,then I will come with you . I insisted

he was quiet for a moment and then huffed

I can see you are the stubborn type!

Same with you. I drawled and he sighed

You are so impossible! Let us go to class. he said as he walked past me to the class ……

Better! I remarked as I followed behind him……



Entering the class, Cory rushed to hug me

I stared at her in surprise

She pulled out of the hug and stared directly into my face …:

Are you alright now? She asked and I nodded slowly

And before I knew it , she held my hands as she led me over to my seat

What is with her? I wondered

She sat down in the seat in front of me and then faced me

I widened my eyes in surprise

is she back to her seat? I wondered as I sat down on my seat

So why did you come to school with Declan , are you both couples? She asked with a grin and I shrugged

Something like that !

What do you mean by that! Are you couples? Yes or no…..

And why are you asking! I fired at her

That is because we are friends. She answered with a pout

Friends! I really doubt her . I muttered and she stared at me with shock written all over her face …

And why did you say that Sasha ? She asked with a tiny voice

Simple! Because friends does not hide things from each other. I answered ,staring Intently at her

She gave me a confused look

Have I hidden something from you before?

Yes . I replied bluntly

And when was that ? She continued and I smiled lightly

The golden necklace with the “D2” inscription, why didn’t you tell me about it the first day I asked you? I asked and she froze

Why didn’t you? She repeated

Erm erm I don’t know what erm you are talking about. She stuttered

Really! Then why were you scared of my room , is it because of the necklace? I continued and a flicker of fear crossed her face…..

Just stop! Please stop Sasha! She pleaded and then faced the front..

Cory! Cory! I called but she ignored me, instead she placed her head on her table and started vibrating..

I sighed knowing she was crying……

Cory! You are a good person. I said with a louder voice hoping she would hear…………

Just then the biology teacher walked into the class and as expected, the class became quiet…….

At last! Daphne remarked with a sigh…….

I brought out my biology book out from my back pack and opened it ready to receive lectures….


the teacher soon began to teach on the reproductive system and the whole class was filled with laughter.

I turned sideways to look at Declan expecting to see him laughing but instead , he had this bored look on his face …. I could tell he was tired of the class….

What is going on in his mind ? I wondered…….



Declan Davies



And we will continue in our next class. The teacher said as she packed her books

I sighed in relief

At last! I muttered ……

And without waiting for her to leave the class, I jolted up from my seat and walked out the class….

Mr Davies! Mr Davies! I heard her call but I ignored her ……

This was the only way I can get out of the class without Sasha following me and bugging me with questions….

I really need to speak with the principal and will do it alone…..


On getting to his office, I knocked on his door

Come in! he answered with his usual husky voice

Pushing the door opened, I walked in to see him writing into a note , sitting behind the huge desk……

Good morning sir! I greeted

he raised his head up and then smiled

Declan !how are you? he asked with a wider smile

Fine! I answered dryly

Good! Why are you here! Do you need something! Was any of the teachers harsh on you? he asked in a rush

No sir ! I answered

Then why are you here? He asked with a knitted eyebrow

I came over to see you! he answered

he stared at me for a while and then nodded slowly

You can have your seat. he offered and I did

So why do you want to see me? he started and I took a deep breathe

My sister ! I answered staring intently at him and I swear , I saw a flicker of fear crossed his face which he immediately replaced with a smile

Erm Daphne! Your dead sister! what about her? he asked without meeting my gaze

I smirked

You see sir , I have a feeling that my sister was murdered. I said

And why did you say so! her body was found in the water , you saw that right? he asked with a wavering voice but I shook my head negatively

Oh that is right! Your family was in a confused state!

Sure! I agreed

Then why are you telling me this? he asked

Because I believe you can help me with it . I answered with a mocking smile which he failed to notice

Alright! Erm Declan just leave it to me , I promise to take care of it …..

No sir ! I won’t , i will make sure my sister murderers are all brought to book…

And without waiting for his response, I stood up and gave him a slight bow.

Thanks sir . I said and then left his office……

My instincts were right , the principal demeanour clearly shows he knows something about it….

But what exactly is he hiding?



Mr Hampton ( The Principal)



Immediately Declan left the office, I picked up my phone from the table and dialled the chief police number

he picked it on the first ring

hello Dan! he greeted calling me by my first name

What is going on? I asked coldly

What do you mean? he asked

Someone is beginning to suspect that the child was murdered. I answered

What child? he asked and I scoffed

Are you trying to act smart! I am talking about the girl who was murdered three months ago. I reminded gritting my teeth

Oh! Daphne Davies. he said

Yes, Daphne Davies!her twin brother just left my office and from the look of it , he seems he knows something about it . I explained

But how is that possible?the chief police asked

Are you seriously asking me that! I retorted angrily, make sure you do proper investigation , i paid you heavily for it so do your duty . I reminded

Of course! he replied

And remember if the truth comes out , we all go down together. I added and ended the call….

I sighed in frustration

I can’t allow the truth be out , never!



Sasha Alfredo



After the teacher left the class, I stood up and was about leaving the class when a familiar voice called me

I looked in the direction of the voice to see Racheal walking towards me …..

What does she want? I wondered

hey Sasha! She greeted

What do you want? I asked with a frown and she chuckled

Chill Sasha! We ain’t fighting or are we? She asked and I scoffed

Why did you stop me? I asked and she smiled lightly

Where are you going?

It is none of your business! I retorted and she smirked

I can see you didn’t heed to my advice, do you think Declan can ever love you! Declan is mine and mine alone . She half yelled

Delusional fool! Daphne who was beside me cursed at her and I laughed loudly

What Is funny? She asked with a frown

Nothing! I answered and she huffed

I can see you are ….. she paused with her gaze fixed on my upper chest

What is she staring at? I wondered

touching my chest ,I immediately knew the reason for her sudden pause , it was the golden necklace…..

I was playing with it during class and completely forgot to put it back inside my gown …..:

Where did you get this? She asked with a trembling voice

And why do you care! Do you know about it? I asked with a slight smile

D2! Where did you get it? She repeated

Daphne gave it to me? I answered

Daphne! She muttered and then shook her head

That is not possible! That is not possible! She repeated still shaking her head…

And why do you think so? I probed on and without answering my question, she walked slowly to her seat like a Zombie…….

What is wrong with her? I wondered

I looked around the still noisy class and met Cory gaze

She smiled lightly and then looked away ……..


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