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After sleeping with the two silly boys, Qin Yinze just got up. He walked out of the door and decided to call home for peace after thinking.

He called his mother's phone number. Just after he got through, the people there answered. His mother's gentle voice came out of the handset: "is it aze?"

"Mom, it's me!" Qin Yinze nodded, paused and said, "Xiao Jian and Xiao Li are two little guys who have arrived here safely. I will take care of them. Don't worry."

"Well, the two of them are with you. I'm not worried. How are you doing, Azer? " Compared with the two little guys, what makes Jane feel uneasy is her eldest son.

Last time, Qin Yinze went back to Jiangbei, he told everyone that he was married, but he did not show up with his wife, and they did not see the object of his marriage.

I don't know if it's because he's trying to reassure his family that he's married or something.

All in all, Jane has been thinking about it every day for the past few months.

Originally, Jane wanted to fly to minluo city to see the situation, but Qin Yue was not allowed. Qin Yue said that aze didn't want them to disturb his life, so they didn't want to go. Wait until he's fully open and willing to let everyone go.

Qin Yue is the head of the family. The head of the family has said so. Jane is not unreasonable. She can only bear to miss her children any more.

"Mom, I'm fine." As a child, he should have taken care of his parents and reassured them, but he made his family worried about him. He was unfilial.

He could have stayed with his parents and shared some work for his father, but he didn't have the face to stay because of some things that happened in the past. He also wanted to prove his ability, so he chose the road now.

He said simply, "ah Ze, you must take good care of yourself when you are alone. If you need anything, please tell your family. And your father, who cares about you. "

"Mom, I know that." Qin Yinze is very clear about how his family treats him.

But the father has not been a good expression of feelings, not very able to express the love for children, but the father's love, they can realize.

"Well, it's not too early for you. Go to have a rest earlier." When you want to, just come back to Jiangbei and have a look. Our family now live in Jiangbei. "

"Good..." Qin Yinze nodded again, "Mom, you should take good care of your body. And let dad not be so tired. He must have a good rest when he should have a rest. "

"Well, I'll tell your father what you said. Hang up. Have a rest earlier. " In fact, I really want to hear the voice of the child, but I don't want to affect the sleep of the child, so I simply hung up the phone.

Listening to the busy voice from the phone, Qin Yinze hasn't put his cell phone away for a long time. He doesn't want to spend more time with them, but he can't


Think of the injury, think of Qin Yinze as transparent Ji Rou couldn't sleep in the bed.

"Son of a bitch, who do you think you are?" Ji Rou scolds Qin Yinze silently in her heart for not knowing how many times. If she had changed her temper, she would have rushed out to pick him up and beat him up.

Click -

the sound of the doorknob of the house writhing reaches Jirou's ear. Is it Qin Yinze's son of a bitch coming?

Jirou turned back immediately. As expected, she saw that the door was gently pushed open, and a tall man came in.

"Son of a bitch, you know how to come to see me. But you think if you come to see me, I will forget what you ignored me? I'll tell you, there's no door. " Seeing Qin Yinze coming to Jirou, she didn't know how happy she was, but she didn't want to admit it. She murmured to herself for a while.

Seeing Qin Yinze coming to her side, Ji Rou immediately closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

She felt that he was sitting by her bed. She felt that his eyes were still on her face. It seemed that his eyes were still tender.

"You are like a child when you are so old."

He dislikes her again. Ji Rou quietly clenches her fist. If he dare to speak ill of her again, she will let him know the strength of her fist.

"I'll call you little vinegar jar later." Qin Yinze turns over to bed and wants to get into her bed. Who knows that the little girl suddenly stretches her foot and kicks him down.

"Ji Rou, you..." This stupid woman, taking the wrong medicine again?

"I've got a lot of acid here. Don't come here. Be careful of it." Jirou stares at him, then goes to bed under the quilt.

Hum, he ignores her. He dislikes her. Don't go to her bed if you have the ability.

"Don't let people talk about jealousy?" Qin Yinze sat up and approached her again. He just got close to her, and Ji Rou stretched out her feet to kick him, but this time Qin Yinze was on guard, not only did she kick him away, but he actually grasped her feet.

Jirou roars angrily: "son of a bitch, you let go of me!"

Qin Yinze: "let go of you, let you kick me again?"

Jirou stares at him: "who let you ignore me?"

Qin Yinze said helplessly: "do you think you are as big as Xiaoli? I don't care about him. He plays a crying show for me. If I don't care about you, you will hit people? "

Jiroununu said: "it seems that you are quite reasonable."

"I'm not ignoring you. It's the two of them who haven't seen big brother for too long. " Qin Yinze gently pulled open the quilt covering her body, and suddenly changed the topic, "does the injury still hurt?"

"You know I'm hurt." She thought there were only two younger brothers in his eyes. She didn't know she was hurt.

He had long found out that she was hurt and ignored her, just because she said he was upset and he punished her, but the little girl was so angry that she was not so big.

He explained to her: "two of them, one is my brother, the other is my cousin. I watched the birth and growth of both children. I haven't been home to see them for a long time. They miss me and come here. "

Jirou is not unreasonable either. As long as she talks with her well, she is also willing to deal with problems politely. No one wants to make trouble and fight every day.

"Why didn't you tell me that?" Ji Rou has always known that Qin Yinze has a home, but he never mentioned that he would take her home to have a look. He never mentioned that he would introduce her to his family. If two little guys didn't come to the door automatically today, she didn't know that he had such relatives.

Did he treat her

Ji Rou doesn't want to think about the good, but there are some things in front of her. She has to make people want to explore why?

"They are my brothers, and you are my wife." Qin Yinze lies down beside her and hugs her in her arms. "Don't be jealous like a child."

"Who is jealous?" Ji Rou didn't push him away and nestled comfortably in his arms. "I'm just dissatisfied with you. You can't see me when I'm so big."

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