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"Son of a bitch, when you have a brother, you forget that you have a wife at home." Jirou grabs the pillow and smacks it hard, which tears the wound on her body and makes her grin again.

It's not only their brother who bullies her, but this wound also bullies her. It seems that good people are hard to deal with. In the future, she will never be a good person to be ignored and bullied.


She was sad and sad. There was no one around to comfort her. Ji Rou thought of Dai Li again. She picked up her mobile phone and called Dai Li: "Dai Li, what are you doing?"

"making mask now." Dai Li said, gently massaging her face, "call me at this time, and have a conflict with master Qin again?"

"How do you know?" Jirou calls Dai Li. Most of the time, Dai Li can guess what happened to her. She is more and more admired for this beautiful and intelligent Dai Li who is several years older than herself.

"Listen to your voice and I will know." "Besides, if it's not a conflict with him, you can think of calling me at this time."

"That's right." Ji Rou thinks about it. Most of the time she calls Dai Li, it's really because of the conflict with Qin Yinze. When they are very good, she can't think of Dai Li.

"Little girl, you dare to admit it." If Ji Rou is around, Dai Li will clean up the little girl, "tell my sister, how did he make you angry?"

"He ignored me, I think..." Come on, let's not talk about it. It's a shame. If he doesn't pay attention to her, she will publicize it everywhere and let others know how shameless she is.

Besides, he is not the whole of her Jirou. If he ignores her one night, she will become a little resentful woman. Can the days after that survive?

"If he doesn't care about you, you can do it." Dai Li suddenly smiled. The laughter sounded ambiguous. "Little girl, I tell you, this man, in fact, is an animal that thinks about things with his lower body. Sometimes he can't ignore you as long as he uses such a little means to ensure that he can do whatever he wants. "

"Is it so amazing as you say?" Hearing this, Ji Rou asked, "what's the way, Dai Li? What means? Tell me quickly. "

Just think of her let Qin Yinze to the East Qin Yinze absolutely dare not to the west, Ji Rou this heart ah like a pot of boiling water, boiling straight bubble ah.

"That's the way," Daley said with a smile

"Which means?" Ji Rou said

"That's the way," Daley said

Ji Rou jumped up in a hurry: "which means? How can I know if you don't even say it, dari. "

Dai Li sighed: "little girl, don't tell me, you don't know that your master Qin is the most enthusiastic to you at that time. Passion is like fire, the kind that can melt you. "

"Which..." Jirou finally understood what Dai Li was talking about. She blushed. "Dai Li, what do you think about all day long. I won't tell you. I'll go. "

Her mouth doesn't agree with Dai Li's practice, but Ji Rou's heart quite agrees. She lies on the bed and thinks about how to clean up Qin Yinze.

Dai Li listened to the busy tone in her mobile phone and chuckled: "little girl, I think so clearly in my heart, and I still have pure feelings in front of my mother You don't know. I used to pretend to be pure, but I know more than you. "

Think of that year, and think of that should not think of people.

Dai Li's lips turned up and she smiled bitterly. Time has passed so long. Why do they think of things as if they happened yesterday? They are so clear.



"Big brother, little sister seems to be angry." After having the eldest brother, Qin Yinjian completely forgot the little sister who took care of them for a day, but the war is far away from the end, there is still a little conscience.

"Little sister?" Qin Yinze guessed that the little sister in Zhan Li's mouth was Ji rou. He reached out and pinched the little face of Zhan Li's mouth. "That's not a little sister."

At the end of Zhan Li's time, he touched his head and asked, "elder brother, she looks like a teenager. Why not miss?"

"You are not allowed to call Miss later. She is my wife and your sister-in-law. She will always be called sister-in-law later." Qin Yinze looks at the two little guys. "Xiaojian, Xiaoli end, remember all of them."

Qin Yin nodded obediently: "elder brother, I remember."

At the end of Zhan Li's surprise, he opened his mouth: "brother, is Miss really your wife?"

Qin Yinze rubs the little guy's little head: "otherwise? Can big brother amuse you? "

"But But... " Miss is really brother's wife. It's over. He was lucky to think that how could a little sister be brother's girlfriend when she was so young. So he dared to let her promise his pursuit. Now it seems that her butt is really going to blossom.

Qin Yinze: "but what?"

Qin Yinjian then said, "there is a little guy who wants to pursue his sister-in-law."

"At the end of Xiaoli, your courage is getting fatter and fatter. You dare to dig the corner of big brother's wall." Qin Yinze made a vicious look, "you say how to let elder brother clean you up?"

At the end of the war, he quickly reached out his hand to cover his little ass: "brother, I didn't know that my little sister was your wife. If I knew, I would not let her be my girlfriend."

Seeing that the little guy was nervous, Qin Yinze smiled again and pinched his face: "please forgive me, elder brother. If you dare to beat up your sister-in-law again, I have to let your little butt blossom. "

Zhan Li shook his head hard: "no, I will never again." It's just that I'm still a little reluctant. If only miss is not brother's wife.

After dinner, the two little guys are still pestering Qin Yinze, even quarreling to sleep with the elder brother. Qin Yinze loves his two younger brothers. He can't bear to make them sad, so he agrees to sleep with them.

Qin Yinjian holds one arm of the eldest brother and leans close to him. His small head rubs against his arm: "eldest brother, I haven't been so close to you for a long time."

Qin Yinjian used to sleep next to big brother when he was a child. He also dreamed of sleeping next to big brother after he left home, but when he woke up, there was no one around him.

Today, I'm really lying beside my elder brother. Don't feel too happy.

"Silly boy!" Qin Yinze rubs Qin Yinyi's small head, and the warmth rises in his heart. He can make people remember that it's not a beautiful thing in life.

"Elder brother, I haven't been next to you like this for a long time." At the end of the war, he took Qin Yinze's other arm and rubbed against him in the same way as Qin Yinze did. "It's good to have big brother around."

Qin Yinze said with a smile: "two silly boys, go to sleep!"

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