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Qin Yinze poked at his little head and chuckled, "you, you have reason."

At the end of Zhan Li's war, he flat his mouth and said, "Qin Yin is crying. Please wipe his eyes gently. I cry. You not only don't wipe my tears, but you are also cruel to me. Hum Big brother, you don't hurt me. "

Qin Yinze said with a smile, "you can shed tears, and brother can wipe them for you."

At the end of the war:

He is pretending to cry, of course, no tears.

If big brother didn't ignore him, how could he fake crying? He pretended to cry to get more attention. He didn't want Qin Yinjian's black bellied little guy to take the lead of him, but he failed in the play, which was very sad.

"What do you learn from your mother all day?" Qin Yinze shook his head, and he was convinced by his little aunt. He didn't know what thoughts she instilled in her children all day.

"Wow Elder brother, you also think Qin Xiaobao doesn't learn well in one day. Haha, I think so, and so do old man Zhan. " Think of another person standing on their red line, Zhan Li is so happy.

Qin Yinjian, who has always said little, wants to show himself well in front of big brother: "big brother, I have studied hard, practiced Taekwondo and calligraphy seriously As long as I've been taught by my elder brother, I'm still in decline. "

Qin Yinze said with satisfaction: "our family has always been so excellent, never let people worry about However, Xiao Jian, when it's time to play, it's good to have fun and relax occasionally. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, you know? "

Qin family's children have inherited their father's high IQ, and they are always hard to learn. They often skip grades. Qin Yingu, a young man, has now completed high school.

It's because it's too good. If there is a little mistake one day, the psychological gap will be very big.

Qin Yinze doesn't want his brother to carry too much burden. He hopes he has a happy childhood.

Qin Yin nodded lovingly: "I listen to what elder brother said."

"Elder brother, I also have a good study. I can't make much progress this year..." Zhan Li is smart at the end, but he doesn't want to study any more. He often fails in the exam, which is quite different from Qin Yinyu. However, both Qin family and Zhan family don't think that children's good grades can be called excellent. They give them enough free space to choose by themselves.

Like to learn, they provide the best learning conditions. Like to play, they will let him have a good time. Healthy and happy growth is their pursuit.

Qin Yinze nodded: "well, our little reunion is also great!"

Qin Yinze praises the end of the war, but Qin Yinyi is not convinced: "are you sure you have a good study? I think you're learning how to soak your little sister. "

At the end of the war, Zhan Li's face turned red: "Qin Yinjian, you say something, I......"

Qin Yinze interrupts them: "OK Don't talk about any of you. The brothers should get along well. Let's go to dinner. When we're full, I'll have a good chat with you. "

Qin Yinze was also in a good mood when he saw the two little guys. He forgot the main purpose of coming back today.

"Good." It's rare for the two little guys to be so united. Qi Qiying said that they were standing on the left and right sides of Qin Yinze, holding him in one hand and holding his arm in the other. They would walk as long as he walked.

Qin Yinze sat down, and they sat on his left and right sides, just like two dog skin plasters on his body, they couldn't get rid of it. Of course, Qin Yinze couldn't get rid of them.

When the three brothers are ready to eat, they notice that there is a fourth person on the table, Ji xiaorou, who was forgotten by the three brothers.

Ji xiaorou glared at the drumsticks in his hand: "hum No matter how big or small a man is, he is an unbelievable animal. He speaks sweetly, but he forgets. "

Thinking of these three people meeting, she left her behind. She said hello to Qin Yinze. Qin Yinze didn't ignore her. That kind of sadness, that kind of grievance She is the one who should cry most today, OK?

What's more, Ji Rou's grievances are still behind her. She has expressed her dissatisfaction in words. Everyone has to care about her.

But But no, no one paid attention to her. The three brothers should eat and talk, as if she was transparent in front of them, and no one could see her existence.

"Big brother, you eat this."

Ji Rou saw that Qin Xiaojian, who was too cold to say a word in front of her, had brought Qin Yinze a piece of vegetables. How lovely it looked, let alone how cute it was.

"Big brother, this is better for you."

Ji Rou saw that she had been around all the time, saying that when he grew up, Qin Xiaozhan must chase after her and give Qin Yinze some vegetables, one after another.

These "benefits" she did not enjoy ah, why let Qin Yinze alone.

Today, in order to help these two little guys find the eldest brother, she tried to find a way here and there, ran here and there, and hurt herself She tried so hard to please the two little guys, but the little guys forgot her efforts as soon as their big brother appeared.

Big brother?

Qin Yinze is their big brother?

Ji Rou finally wakes up after being stunned by the beauty of the two little guys for a day. That is to say, it's very possible that the two little guys knew where their big brother was when they heard the name Qin Yinze, but they didn't tell her and asked her to run around looking for the big brother for them.

Wuwuwu She is so pitiful that she was tricked by two milk dolls.

"I won't eat any more!" Jirou is very angry. She has to express her dissatisfaction. However, the three brothers still ignore her. They take each other's food and eat happily.

It seems that she is really an extra one. Ji Rou puts down her chopsticks and goes back to her room disheartened. In her heart, it's hard to say how stuffy she is. It's hard to be ignored.

She picked up the phone and called the Prince: "prince, did you post today?"

The prince said, "boss, you don't believe in my ability to handle affairs. When did I delay what you asked me to do? "

"Season soft is stuffy and stuffy way:" that you delete a post, the person has found

"The prince added:" it seems that the netizens of minluo city's people-seeking network are really magical. They found people before I hung this post for a long time

The prince misunderstood, and Ji Rou didn't explain or explain. She didn't want to admit that she was played by two children. In front of the prince, she had to pay more or less attention to her identity as "the eldest".

After hanging up the phone, Ji Rou went to the bathroom and wanted to take a bath, but the bruises on her body could not touch the water Alas... Seeing these injuries, Ji Rou is more sad.

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