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Ji Rou comes with hope, thinking that she must help two cute little guys find the eldest brother, but the people in the service center tell her that Qin Yinze is the owner of Qin, and there is no second person.

Are you disappointed or not?

The beautiful staff member said patiently and politely: "Miss Ji, even if you ask me a hundred times, I'm also the answer. There is only one owner named Qin in Xishan villa area, and there is no owner of SNN. "

"Are you sure you don't?" Ji Rou stares at the young and beautiful staff and suddenly thinks of something, "Oh, is the owner keeping it secret from you?"

Jirou thought that it was just one, and the service staff was helpless: "Miss Ji, it's not that we are trying to embarrass you, it's that there's really no SNN here."

"It's you who say there's no here." They want to keep secrets for the owners, and Ji Rou can understand their work. "You can not tell me, but can you quietly talk to the owner named SNN? He has two younger brothers running away from home with their parents on their backs to find him. If they can't find him again, they will be in a hurry."

Ji Rou has been so obsessed with her that the staff still keep a polite attitude: "Miss Ji, there is really no SNN here. We don't know where we're going. There are children running away from home, I think the most effective way is to call the police. "

"Well, you said no, maybe not really." Ji Rou has been pestering the staff for nearly an hour, but they still insist on it. Maybe they really don't.

It's just that the two little guys are sure that their big brother lives here. Did they remember it wrong? Or is their big brother not registered in his own name?

Alas, why can't you think about it? Ji Rou is drooping her head. She can't accept this reality. How can she tell the two little guys later?

If she told them that she didn't find their eldest brother, they would be very disappointed and disappointed with her.

She didn't want to leave a bad impression on the hearts of the two little guys at all. She wanted to be a hero, a hero that they could adore.

Jingling bell

who is so annoying? It's annoying to call at this time. Ji Rou didn't look at it. She reached into her pocket and hung up the phone: "nobody will bother me at this time!"

Soon after hanging up, the phone rang again, and Jirou's head was almost noisy. She was trying to figure out how to deal with the two little guys and how to think about others.

But the call is too annoying. Ji Rou doesn't want to be noisy, so she has to take out her mobile phone. At first glance, it's Qin Yinze's call. Like a savior, she is full of energy in an instant: "Qin Dawang, your call is just the right time. I want to ask you a question."

When he called her once and she didn't answer, Qin Yinze thought she was in a mood again. He didn't expect her to be so happy when she answered the phone. His voice also raised a little unconsciously: "say, what's the problem?"

Ji Rou said a long story: "today, I ran into two children looking for relatives, but they couldn't contact their relatives, and they didn't know where their relatives lived. How do you say I can help them?"

Qin Yinze: "call the police. Let the police find them."

Ji Rou waved: "I can't call the police. You can think of another way for me. "

"Then ask them if they have any photos of their relatives. Send them to them and ask them to help you find them." Ji Rou said that she couldn't call the police. Qin Yinze didn't ask why. She immediately gave a second plan. Anyway, she didn't have a reason to do things, just because she was happy.

"Yes, this method is simple, convenient and effective, but how could I not think of it?" Qin Da Shao is Qin Da Shao. As expected, she will find a way. Let him be her think tank later.

Qin Yinze smiled softly: "Ji xiaorou, think of things with your brain, not your stomach."

Ji Rou said: "Qin Yinze, you just dislike me for eating too much. If you don't like how much I eat and how much I can't afford it, don't insult me

Qin Yinze smiled again: "how can I dislike you for eating too much? I found that you finally have some advantages that are good for me."

Jirou ignores the words that hurt her in front of him, and remembers the word "advantages." say it quickly, what are the advantages

Qin Yinze's low and deep laughter said, "your advantage is that you are stupid. It's how smart I am that you set off your stupidity."

"Qin Yinze, I'll tell you, you kind of person, want to fight single. I wish you the best. I will never marry a wife in my next life. " Jirou doesn't want to quarrel with him, but his words really make people angry. She doesn't scold him, and he thinks she is easy to bully.

What her advantage is stupid, her stupidity sets off his cleverness, is really a self righteous man, how to see how to make people hate.

I want to step on him.

"Play with you. Don't be angry. It's noon. Remember to have lunch." Although Ji Rou never forgot to eat, Qin Yinze called in advance to remind her. He is going to tell her that although he is not in minluo City, he has always been concerned about her.

"I don't have time for you to tickle me. I have something else to do. Don't call me if you have nothing to do!" Ji Ruman thinks about how to help the two little guys find their brother. He doesn't have the heart to waste time here with Qin Yinze. He hangs up the phone without saying goodbye.

Qin Yinze on the other end of the phone heard the beep busy tone coming from the mobile phone. He called to care about the woman. The woman asked him not to bother her when he was free. She hung up the phone like this, stupid woman. It seemed that he was in debt again!

"Here is the information you want, sir." Su Qingyang knocks on the door, hands over the information to Qin Yinze, and says, "Mr. Ma has arrived at the hotel, and the negotiation can be carried out on time in the afternoon."

Qin Yinze raised his hand and looked at the time: "advance the total negotiation time with Ma to 1pm. Tomorrow's meeting is also scheduled for this afternoon. "

"But Sir, can you bear such a heavy schedule of work?" Su Qingyang knew that Qin Yinze was working hard for Sanlang. It used to happen that he worked for dozens of hours in a row. But after he had Ji Rou, it was a lot less. Why did he suddenly have to work overtime?

"Can't take this job?" Qin Yinze gives Su Qingyang a smile like look. Su Qingyang has nothing more to say, so he goes to arrange work quickly.

As soon as Su Qingyang left, Qin Yinze thought about a woman, and he hooked his lips and smiled silently. How brave a stupid woman is! He only went out one day, and she dared to go to the room.

She dares to dislike him, she dares to hang up his phone. He wants to finish his work ahead of time and go back to minluo city to clean up the little woman who owes.

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