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“Do you like me Jonah?” I questioned him as I stared

into his coffee colored eyes. He slowly nodded. I

watched as his dark hair fell in front of his eyes. I

reached out and tried to push it away but my hand

went right through his skin. I looked at my hand in


“I do,” he replied and I let out a sigh of relief, ignoring

the previous event with his hair and my hand.

“That’s great!” I exclaimed before I heard another

female voice.

“I do,” I whipped my head around to see Waverly

wearing a long white dress. She was grinning widely

at Jonah who was smiling right back. I stared at the

two, shaking my head. I turned around and saw a

crowd of people smiling. They were seated in what

looked like wedding chairs.

I saw Diane and Gregory with proud smiles on their

faces. Sierra, Valerie, and Sabrina were standing a

few feet away from Waverly with matching blue

dresses. West, Francis, and my brother were beside

Jonah. Francis turned to look at me with a loving

smile on his face.

“Sit down honey, and enjoy the ceremony,” he

instructed. I glanced down at my hands to see a

wedding ring. I wanted to hurl.

“You may now kiss the bride,” the priest announced

as the smiling couple leaned towards each other.

“No! No, you can’t! Jonah, I like you! You can’t marry

Waverly! Remember how she was in high school?

Do you remember?” I exclaimed as their lips


I immediately sat up in bed, panting heavily. What an

amazing way to wake up on a Saturday morning. I

ran my hands down my face before I glanced at my

alarm clock. 10:19 A.M. I sighed before my head

snapped up again. 10:19? I’m late for work!

I jumped out of bed and ran towards my dresser,

grabbing a random pair of jeans, a random sweater,

and undergarments. I raced over to my bathroom

and jumped into the shower, washing and rinsing. I

quickly brushed my teeth while trying to put on my

pants, which was the ultimate struggle. I finally got

my clothes on and I quickly put on my shoes,

making sure they were on the right feet. As I yanked

my hair into a bun, I grabbed my bag and keys

before racing out of my room.

“You’re late,” Jeremiah sang as he sat at the kitchen

table. He had a bagel in his hand while he looked at

his cell phone. I stared at him, shocked. How can he

be so casual? I’m late for work and he knew I had to

get up at 9 in order to make it by 10:15!

“You didn’t wake me up!” I snapped as he walked

over to the kitchen window and opened the curtains.

Snow was falling heavily to the floor.

“I didn’t wake you up because Ms. Antoinette called

and told me that you don’t have to go to work

today,” he responded as he sat back down at the

table and continued to devour his bagel. I stood there

for a minute, a frown taking over my face.

“So…I woke up for nothing?” I asked and my brother

nodded. I walked back up the stairs and started

changing back into my pajamas. Just as I got into

bed, my phone started ringing.

I stared at the ceiling, the noise slowly silencing. As I

closed my eyes, the ringing started again. I quickly

answered it with an annoyed look on my face.


“Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed,”

Jonah muttered as I sat up. Try not to be awkward,

be yourself. Be the person you were before you

realized your feelings for Jonah.

“I thought I had to work today but no, turns out that

my boss called and due to the snow, the store is

closed today,” I explained.

“You’re mad because you can’t work?” Jonah asked


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