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I stared at the clock, waiting for it to strike 5 o’clock. I

wanted, no I needed, to get out of work. I’ve been

here since school let out which was 3 and a half

hours ago and I’ve been working nonstop. I also

have to start up my project, which Jonah and I have

procrastinated on this entire week. It’s not due

anytime soon; I’d just rather finish it sooner rather

than later. And if I’m being honest, I kind of want to

spend some time with Jonah…which will be

happening once the clock strikes 5.

It was 4:55 PM when the customer walked in. They

quickly shuffled to the video game rack and grabbed

about 5 games and a new charger. As they made

their way over to the checkout, it was 4:59 P.M. and

I still have to help them check out. The little boy

placed the games onto the counter and began

reaching for his wallet as his mother stood

impatiently beside him.

I began ringing up the games and the small charger.

The games were for a DSI and so was the charger.

When I finally finished ringing them up, the total cost

was 108.48$. I was standing there with clenched

teeth and a fake smile on my face as the kid dug

around for the forty eight cents. He already placed

the hundred dollar bill, a five and three ones onto the

counter, leaving me to wonder where he even

received such large bills, yet he struggled to gather

the change.

I noticed two quarters in his wallet but he rifled over

them and began grabbing a few pennies. I glanced at

the clock and realized that I’ve been waiting for four

minutes. Finally, the mother, the only sane person of

the two, ripped the wallet out of the son’s hands and

placed the quarters on the counter. I grabbed the

two pennies and handed him the change and his

bag. I put the money into the cash register before I

walked over to Mere, who was sitting in the

employee lounge with a magazine sprawled across

her lap.

“My time is up! Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll be

hanging out with Jonah,” I winked at her. That’s

another thing I worked on; mending our friendship-

not that it needed to be mended. I just felt like I was

neglecting Mere. I even listened to her three hour

gossip about my brother and I feigned interest as

she went on about their date. I couldn’t take another

minute as she talked with intricate detail, might I add,

about how they kissed. By the time that conversation

was over, I wished I hadn’t eaten lunch.

As I got into my car, I started thinking about my

birthday that’s in three and a half weeks. It’s on

February 17th and I’m turning the great age of 17,

finally. I wonder if Jonah knows. I wonder if he even

cares. He should, right? That’s what friends do, right?

They care about birthdays. I care about Mere’s

birthday and I’m pretty sure that she cares about

mine. Is it different with guys? Speaking of birthdays,

I missed Caleb’s. I guess it’s not a big deal- we hung

out for twenty minutes one night. He was cute and a

drummer, but I guess that’s all he is and will be to


I started the long trip to Jonah’s house, only stopping

once to get a candy bar and a bottle of soda. As I

pulled into the driveway, I noticed another car there.

It’d been absent on New Year’s Eve. I stared in

confusion. Was I at the right house? It looked just like

it. I’m pretty sure it is. I checked the address I had

written on a sticky note. I looked at the street sign

and then back at the address on the mailbox. This is


Jonah jogged out of the house in jeans and a long

sleeved shirt. He walked over to the driver’s side

window. “Excuse me, ma’am? Are you lost?”

I glared at him before opening the car door, coming

very close to hitting him. “Whose car is that?”

He looked at the car before turning back to me. “It’s

my Aunt and Uncle’s, who by the way, want to

meet you.”

“You couldn’t have given me, I don’t know, a

warning? You could’ve prepped me for this!” I

explained and he rolled his eyes.

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