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“Not here,” he muttered. I looked around to see the

people watching us. I glared at him.

“Where then?” I asked and he tapped his foot.

“The library,” he responded.

I rubbed my forehead. “The library? Why would we

go to a place where it’s completely quiet when we’re

most likely going to be yelling?”

“Because the majority of them don’t even know this

town has a library,” he whispered and I pursed my


“Fine. When?” I asked and he lifted his arms up in the

air and ran his hands through his hair.

“Three hours, I need to bring the twins home; you

want to talk so badly, right?” he asked and I glared

before bypassing him and getting into my car.


The three hour wait at home was nerve-wracking

and I felt my blood boiling at the idea of him being

angry about me kissing Francis. He has no reason to

be angry. Francis kissed me that time; I didn’t even

want to kiss him! The first time I only did it to see if it

was Jonah who kissed me! I didn’t think about the

possiblity that maybe it was a stranger that kissed

me accidentally! I didn’t look around me! It could’ve

been a guy who thought I was his girlfriend and I

was delusional when I said that it was the best kiss I

ever had.

I did every possible thing to occupy myself; I played

video games, cleaned my glasses, took a shower,

changed clothes, did my hair, undid my hair because

I felt too girly, picked up my room, made my bed,

and I even played two games of Uno with Jer. There

was even a point where I questioned whether Jonah

would show up to the library.

When the clock struck 5 o’clock, I got in my car and

drove to the library. I noticed Jonah’s car in the

parking lot along with a few other cars. When I

entered the building, I saw Jonah slumped over on a

table. I noticed that the table he was at was the table

where we sat when we first talked. I resisted the

urge to coo at that small thought and slammed my

bag down onto the table, causing him to flinch.

“Explain yourself,” I demanded as I sat down.

He looked at the table and began drawing circles

against the fake wood. “I guess I was just angry.”

“Yeah, I know that. We didn’t talk for four days

because you were angry. Why were you angry?” I

asked him and he gave me an annoyed look.

“I guess you can say I was slightly jealous,” he

admitted and I raised an eyebrow. “Not because I like

you or anything, though.” That totally wasn’t a stab

to the heart or anything. I’ll just try and ignore the


“Yeah, you made that pretty clear when you

snapped at me,” I replied casually. Another stab to

the heart.

He winced. “Sorry about that,” he apologized and I

just shrugged. “Not that this is any of my business,

but do you…you know, like Francis?”

I shook my head. “No, I don’t. That time, he kissed


“So you kissed him before?” he asked and I nodded

my head. “When?”

“You remember that thing on Christmas Eve, right?

Well, someone kissed me when the lights went out

and when they came back on, Francis was right

there so I thought maybe it was him. So the other

day, I ended up kissing him in the janitor’s closet. I’m

guessing he found out it was me and that’s why he

kissed me in the parking lot,” I replied.

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