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I nodded my head, my eyes glued on the game.

“Who do you think is going to win?”

Jonah turned to me. “The score is currently 21 to 0.

Who do you think is going to win?” Our school’s

football team is terrible.

I nodded. Francis was currently glaring at Weston,

his fists curled into a ball. Shaw was also glaring at

someone, but it wasn’t Weston. It was me and

Jonah. I inconspicuously nudged Jonah. “Jo-bro.”

Jonah turned to me with a small smile on his lips.


“Shaw is glaring daggers at us,” I muttered as I

stared at him. “Look slightly to your left, but don’t be


Jonah nodded but despite my warning, he snapped

his head to the left and made continuous eye contact

with Shaw. Neither of them was looking away

anytime soon but Shaw had to eventually because

his team was calling him over to the field.


Weston and his teammates were cheering. The

majority of the crowd was cheering, including Jonah,

Sabrina, Sierra, Georgia, and me. Weston’s team had

won. I turned my head slightly as my eyes met

Francis’s. Every time I made eye contact with

Francis, I felt a tinge of guilt spiraling through me, not

for being a jerk to him but for kissing him and then

coming here with Jonah. It’s not like we’re in a

relationship, Jonah and I or Francis and I, it just feels

wrong. Especially when I didn’t even tell Jonah about

it, we’re friends so he should know. Right?

I shoved the thought to the back of my mind; it’s not

my problem right now. He doesn’t know and I’m

going to pretend I don’t. Instead, I attempted to

make my way through the crowd to the trash can. I

needed to fully clear my mind and being around

Jonah and in Francis’s line of vision wasn’t helping.

I had to walk towards the parking lot to find a

secluded trash can, but not too secluded; I don’t

want something bad to happen to me. When I

reached the trashcan, I dumped all of the empty

water bottles, soda cans, chip wrappers, candy

wrappers, and other items into it with a sigh of relief.

I turned around to see Francis only about a foot and

a half away from me. I glanced over my shoulder to

see the indoor stadium in the distance, people slowly

exiting it. I could hear the excitement from all the way

over here. Before I could even process what was

happening, Francis filled the gap between us and was

pressing his lips to mine in a persistent manner.

I was standing there in shock, like he was doing

when I kissed him in the janitor’s closet. I gasped

audibly and I felt him pause for a minute before he

continued kissing me. Does he know? Did he realize it

was me? When he finally pulled away, I was staring

at him but he was looking over my shoulder. He

leaned in slightly so that his mouth was near my ear.

“You weren’t that bad of a kisser before.”

Before he walked away, he lightly pressed his lips to

my cheek and walked towards the stadium which

left me staring in the empty space where he just

was. I heard footsteps behind me and I closed my

eyes tightly. Please don’t tell me that’s who I think it


“So, you and Francis, huh?”


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