When Trouble Meets Trouble -S01 E88

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He grinned. “Shaw seems to have a thing for you.”

I glared at him before rolling my eyes and walking to

the bathroom.


When I sat back down, Jonah frowned at me. “I’m

really sorry to tell you this.”

Now it was my turn to frown. “What?”

He sighed, looking down at his hands. “Savannah,

Sierra drank all of your soda and ate your chocolate


Sierra gasped. “I didn’t, he did!”

I laughed but rolled my eyes. I turned to Jonah and

frowned. I pronounced his name slowly. “Jonah.”

He looked at me with a guilty look on his face. “Yes?”

“Can you please go get me a soda and another

chocolate bar? And this time, some Skittles?” I asked

and he stared at me for a moment before he nodded

and got up. I smirked, turning to look at Sierra and

Sabrina. I winked at them, making a motion with my

hands that meant ‘wrapped around my finger.’

“I saw that,” Jonah shouted to us and I grinned

innocently at him.

The football players came barreling onto the field.

Weston ran in our direction, with his helmet in his

hands. He was grinning and making stupid faces as

he ran towards us. He tripped slightly on the turf and

he turned and glared at it before he reached the 3

foot barrier keeping us from being tackled by the

towering players.

“Hi!” he grinned at us, his eyes looking at each one of

us. He found Jonah’s empty spot and he frowned.

“Couldn’t get him to come?”

As if on cue, Jonah came walking through the isles,

apologizing quickly to people as he held his arms in

front of them, filled with snacks and drinks. I raised

both of my eyebrows. “I said to bring me a

chocolate bar, a drink, and Skittles, not the entire

vendors stand.”

“I know, they just restocked and I couldn’t help

myself,” he replied before he saw Weston. He smiled

at him. “Hello.”

“Can I have some?” Weston asked as Jonah sat

down. Jonah smacked his hand away.

“You know you’re not allowed sweets before a

game, or ever,” Jonah replied as he opened a candy

bar. I took it out of his hands and began eating it. He

glared at me before he opened another. Sierra took

that one and this continued on until everybody in our

small group of friends aside from Weston had


Weston was currently frowning. “I want candy.”

Jonah slowly ate a Starburst. “Too bad.”

Weston snatched the entire pack of Starbursts from

Jonah and continued to open the small squares,

shoving them into his mouth as Jonah watched in

shock. The coach blew the whistle and Weston ran

over, still chewing the candy.

I turned to Jonah who was still staring at Weston.

“What’s wrong?”

“He gets really hyper when he eats candy before a

game. Last time, he was ramming into players and

laughing like a maniac. Every time he made a

touchdown, he’d roll on the floor giggling.”

I stared at Jonah before I looked at the field, ready for

the hilarity that is a sugar high Weston to break out.

It turns out that Jonah was right. Weston is a nutcase

on the field when he’s hyped up on sugary snacks.

Currently, he’s rolling around on the floor because

his team got a touchdown. People were laughing at

him and he was oblivious.

Jonah sighed. “He’s going to regret this.”

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