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I’m glad that the football game is at the other school

because they have an indoor field, unlike my school.

I was currently dressed in the warmest yet

‘fashionable’ clothes that I could find. Meredith said

something about looking cute but staying warm. I

was wearing a blue sweater and an undershirt with

the thickest pair of jeans in my closet. I was wearing

my snow boots and I had my hair up in a messy


Since tickets are available at the stand, Jonah and I are

getting there early so we can make sure we actually

get tickets. The game starts at 7 but Jonah’s already

on his way and its only 5:30. My stomach felt like

mush as I stood in front of the mirror and examined

myself. I brushed my eyelashes with mascara and I

put eyeliner on.

My door flew open to reveal my brother whose face

was covered in brown stuff, which I’m hoping is

chocolate, and he was grinning childishly. “Why

aren’t you ready? You have a date in two hours!”

My brother stared at me for a minute before he

frowned. “I know.”

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’re going to cancel

on Mere! She’s going to be crushed!” I exclaimed and

he shook his head.

“I don’t know what to wear; I haven’t been on a date

since junior year,” he told me as he kicked the carpet.

“Why don’t you take a shower and I’ll pick

something out for you?” I told him and he nodded.

I walked into my brother’s room, heading towards

his closet. I flipped through the various clothes

before I grabbed a black t-shirt and black jeans.

Deciding to go from emo to casual, I grabbed a red,

black and gray button down shirt and tossed that

beside it. I grabbed his red Converses and threw

them beside the clothes before I went downstairs,

waiting for Jonah to show up.


About 20 minutes after I set up my brother’s clothes,

he came downstairs, dressed fully with a grin on his

face. “You look nice…thanks to me.”

My brother rolled his eyes but didn’t bother wiping

the grin off of his face. “You do, too, I guess. You

look like a penguin.”

I looked down at my outfit. “How? I don’t resemble a

penguin at all.”

“Yeah you do, you waddle because your clothes are

too thick,” he told me while scarfing down a cookie.

I just scowled at him. “What are your plans for


“I made reservations at this restaurant and after that,

we’re going to go walking along the boardwalk,” he

told me with a shrug. I stared at my brother, who

knew he was a closet romantic?

I nodded my head. “That actually sounds nice.” I

smiled. He nodded his head enthusiastically. “Bring

an extra sweater.”

“Why?” he asked me as he ate another cookie.

I grinned. “Mere isn’t going to wear a sweater and

she will only break the rules of fashion if you give her

your sweater.”

He nodded as soon as a car horn honked outside. He

looked at me and grinned before wriggling his

eyebrows. “Get that kiss.”

I escaped the house while he continuously made

kissing noises. When I got into Jonah’s car, he smiled

at me. “You look like a penguin.”

“Just drive, boy.”

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