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” I’ve already liked you, senior Collette. Please be my girlfriend.”

Those were Adaobi’s words. I felt shocked hearing this love confession from a girl.

I had to stare at this girl more closely. She wasn’t what you’d call pretty but she was well endowed with big boôbs the size of two watermelons.

Then Collette spoke. ” Are you drunk?”

I heard Adaobi catch her breath. ” Drunk? I don’t understand.”

Collette was cool and calm about the situation on ground but her expression wasn’t encouraging. ” Adaobi, why on Earth would you want me to go out with you?”

I could see this was very difficult for Adaobi but she was determined and fearless. ” That’s because, I’ve always liked you for as long as I could remember. I’ve been nursing these feelings but I just couldn’t bear it anymore.”

Collette stared at her and I became uncomfortable with the unnerving silence she just strucked.

Then she spoke. ” Adaobi, I hate to break it to you but you and I won’t work. You see….” she paused giving the other girl time to absorb what she had to say, ” There’s someone I already like.”

I waited behind the tree as I listened with my ears wide opened.

” I’ve already given my heart to someone. I’m sorry but I cannot go out with you.”

Adaobi stood there, looking defeated like a wet hen. ” And who is this … Could it be the new girl, your roommate, Lucy?”

Collette stiffened and so did I.

I suddenly ran cold when I heard that. Like where was that even coming from?

Collette stepped a little closer towards her. She had suddenly lose her cool. ” Let’s leave Lucy out of this. My relationship with her is not what you think it is. She and I are nothing more but roommates.”

The words sank in me.

~Nothing more but roommates~

” Nothing more but roommates?” Adaobi asked, keeping a straight face. ” However, I don’t see it that way.”

Collette’s eyebrows were immediately drawn down into a frown. ” Why?”

” Because it sticks out a mile,” Adaobi explained. ” The two of you hang out too often, you eat together, Like the other day after lunch … You two shared the same plates and … and ….”

” And what?”

” And it makes it seemed like you two had something going on. I sensed intimacy between you two. It’s quiet obvious. And it’s not just me,” Adaobi replied. ” You two are all my classmates is talking about.”

Collette regarded her closely. ” I’m trying to tell you that you and the rest of your classmates are making something out of nothing.”

” And yet she spends most of her free time with you,” Adaobi lamented. ” Why is that?”

Suddenly, Collette grabbed her collar and drew her close. She pointed her index finger at her face and began warning her with a voice that could shatter any glass.

” Now listen here, Adaobi. Let me give you some advice, maybe it might help you out at some point. I don’t know what you took this afternoon that’s blown a fuse in your head but cut out the gross talk about Lucy and I. I don’t like it. I’ll admit I understand your feelings for me and I feel flattered that you like me and all. But I’m never going out with you. I’m about to write my senior examinations, graduate and never look back. You still live here with two years left before you graduate. Focus on yourself and keep your feelings under control. And as for Lucy, I don’t have an iota of feelings for her. We’re roommates but that doesn’t necessarily means we’re going out. I cannot imagine myself with a dense girl like her. My heart belongs to someone else and it’s not you nor Lucy. Get that into your head, got it?”

I sat where I was, listening to all she’d just said. To my dismay, my heart was getting heavy and broken.

It wasn’t what she said but how she said it.

~And as for Lucy, I don’t have an iota of feelings for her. We’re roommates but that doesn’t necessarily means we’re going out. I cannot imagine myself with a dense girl like her~


The environment suddenly became cold as a soft wind blew through the leaves and trees around.

Adaobi and Collette were still talking but my mind was no longer in them.

Why? I asked myself again.

I clenched my teeth and my hands balled up into fists.

Why do I feel soo hurt recalling Collette’s last words.

~And as for Lucy, I don’t have an iota of feelings for her …. I cannot imagine myself with a dense girl like her~

I closed my eyes and held my chest.

Why does it hurt Soo deep. Those words.

Collette stepped out of the shower, rubbing a towel over her head as she began dressing up for evening lessons.

I was seated by the window, glaring at my hands in silence, my thoughts getting the better of me.

” The shower is free, Lucy,” Collette said, pulling out a deodorant.

I didn’t answer her. Within me, a boiling rage grew up Soo hot I thought I’d burst.

And so I remained where I was without moving a muscle.

Collette turned around and seeing I haven’t yet moved from my position, she slipped on her singlet and wandered over to me.

” What’s the matter, Lucy?”

I didn’t answer.

She cocked her head to one side and tried to feel my temperature with the back of her hand but I slapped her hand away.

” Don’t touch me,” I rasped.

Collette regarded at me then moved away.

I still wasn’t ready to reply her cause if I do, I might blow up the ceiling.

~And as for Lucy, I don’t have an iota of feelings for her …. I cannot imagine myself with a dense girl like her~

Those words won’t get out of my head. I understand she loves Vee but …. but it hurts.

It just hurt knowing how strong my feelings for her were. And she had to call me densed?!

How could she? After everything I’ve put up with her?

Collette returned back to me. She was already fully dressed with a book held in her right hand.

” Here, have this,” she stretched the book to me. ” That’s my chemistry note. Go through the first ten pages and give me a report tonight before bedtime.”

I didn’t collect the book. I looked away instead, staring outside the window.

If she was puzzled about my new attitude, I wouldn’t know. Her face was remotely deadpan and calm.

” I’ll keep this on your bed,” she moved over to my bed, dropped it and made to leave.

That was when I spoke. ” I want to know. What did you feel the first time you kissed me?”

She stopped in her track and turned to me. ” What sort of question is that?”

” You heard me,” I said meeting her eyes without fear. ” The night you kissed me. What did you feel? Was there a more logical reason you kissed me that particular moment or was it just because you wanted me to remain quiet.”

She remained where she was but I could tell she was thinking. ” Why bring that up?”

I was controlling myself with an effort, else I’d have yelled at her. ” Because I want to know if you really felt anything for me.”

She sighed, rubbing her temples. ” Lucy, I thought we’ve had this discussion before. Relationship and your studies don’t go hand in hand. Stop—”

” F--k relationship,” I snapped. ” F--k my studies. I’m talking about your attitude towards me.”

” What attitude?”

” Your ignorant, selfish attitude,” i answered. ” Do you ever stop to imagine how I feel about you?”

Drawing a seat away from the table, she sat down to face me directly. ” And what are those feelings?”

This was something I didn’t want to let known to her. I didn’t want to end up like Adaobi but I knew if I don’t get it off my chest right now, I’d lose my mind.

We remained like that in silence.

” Lucy are you in love with me?” She asked all of a sudden.

You know that feeling you get when a sharp volt of electricity run up your arm, that’s the type of feeling I just had.

I didn’t answer her but that didn’t stopped her from talking.

Collette curved her lips into a simple smile. ” I thought so.”

” You knew all these while?” I asked.

” That’s right,” she nodded but her face didn’t change. ” And if I’m not mistaking, you’re also jealous of the fact that I have a thing for MÔM.”

Jealous? Was that what I felt back then when Adaobi was confessing to her?

I became even more angry just thinking about it.

” Since you knew about all these trapped feelings of mine, then why play with my emotions?” I rasped. ” Twice you’ve kissed me and there came a time you nearly had me under the shower. I … I tried fighting against this burning desire but the more you showed interest in me, the more the fire grew. Then you stopped showing any interest in me. Unfortunately, it was already too late for me. I can’t stop thinking about you. Sometimes I wanted you to touch me, other times I wanted to be the one to hold you and kiss you the same way you do to me. But you pushed me away as if I no longer mattered to you anymore. It hurts. It hurts Soo much. I’m confused. I don’t know if you want me the way I wanted you. I know you love MÔM but sometimes I think you aren’t being honest to yourself.”

I recalled Efua’s words:

~You and I know what we feel for each other. I love you but you don’t love me. Your heart belongs to Collette but Collette’s heart belongs to MOM. Can’t you see how complicated this sh*t is?~

My eyes watered just thinking about it.

~I know you love Collette. The sad truth is she doesn’t love you. It’s MOM she loves. A time will come in your life, Lucy; You’d finally get to understand what it feels like to love someone and not get loved back in return~

I guessed that time has finally arrived.

I sobbed, gritting my teeth as I yelled at Collette. ” All you ever did was to put me in a tight spot. Your push and pull game kept dragging me down to the mud. I can’t think straight anymore. Because of the emotional stress you’ve put me into, I ended up failing my C.A test. It’s becoming too much and I can’t bear it anymore. Yes it’s true, I love you. I love you crazy and that’s the most stupidest thing that’s ever happened to me. I never knew I’d eventually get to fall in love with my own gender. It just… It just hurt me Soo deeply that this love is one sided and that you’re aware of it but only chose the ignore it. Stop playing with me. I know deep within you, you feel something for me. You just don’t want to show it. How else would you go around kissing me without a logical reason attached to it? I’m done with pretending, Collette. At first I thought it was just going to be a passing fantasy but now I realized it’s grown into something more deeper. This is no stupid teenage infatuation. This is the real me. This is my heart and I’m laying it out to you.”

Collette stared at me and I saw that her eyes were shaking with emotions blazing at me.

She looked away, trying to hide her feelings but she failed. She blinked her eyes and I saw a tear drop to the ground.

I must’ve hit her very deep. Gosh I’m I Soo mean with my words.

” Collette,” I paused and slowly rising to my feet, I approached her. ” I am sorry, senior. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings but you’ve hurt mine for a long time now and I can’t just take it anymore.”

I touched her shoulder. Her body shivering under my touch.

” You’re right,” Collette said softly, avoiding to look me in the eye. ” It’s true what you said. I do have feelings for you but that’s because I wanted to get revenge on MÔM over her engagement. I was scared of being left alone and unloved. When we first met, I liked you instantly but then I knew you were just an innocent girl with little or no knowledge of relationship and love. I kissed you because you awakened something in me, something that’s always been there inside me whenever I’m with MÔM. But you were just a kid. I couldn’t find it in my heart to make you my new lover. That was why I began giving you space.”

I gazed at her, the growing warm sensation in the pits of my tummy kept spreading throughout my system.

Collette closed her eyes and turned to face me. ” I was trying to move on. I wanted to change out of my old self and start anew cause I felt MÔM was leaving me for good. But it felt Soo difficult to change. I hated myself Soo much. The only option left was to kill myself. But … B-but then you came along … ” She sniffed and her eyes became a stream of tears. ” You saved me. I finally found a reason to live again and that was because I had you here with me.”

I stood over her, fighting back the waters in my eyes. Just standing there, seeing her cry broke me apart.

This was a new Colette I’ve never seen before. I had certainly made her to break character.

” But…” She continued, staring at the floor. ” I was scared of confessing my true feelings to you cause I don’t want to hurt you. I’m a terrible person, Lucy. There are things I’ve done that no one else would have thought a girl like me would be crazy enough to do. Those things had changed the person who I was into the person who I am. That was why I pushed you away. I don’t… I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be better … You’re soo special to me and yet, I feel like I’m being a coward pretending I never cared when all along I cared Soo much.”

She stopped and shut her eyes. Two tear drops fell to the floor and splashed. She sniffed. ” Thanks, Lucy. Thanks for existing in my life. I’m sorry for causing you Soo much pains. I really am sorry.”

Biting my lips soo hard, I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand and sobbed. ” You … You should’ve told me so a long time ago.”

Her body quavered. ” That was a mistake.”

Slowly leaning towards her, I cupped her chin in my hand and gently raised her face up to mine.

We stared at each other.

My lips were quavering and I could hear my heart pounding out of my chest.

Collette waited until my lips subtly crushed on hers.

I closed my eyes and kissed her deeply and passionately.

At first she was startled but then she slowly relaxed. I could taste her warm breath and as our tongue rolled over each other, I could feel her entire body melting.

My hand caressed her beautiful silky hair and her arms wrapped around mine as I slowly settled on her laps.

Collette began crying and I could taste her tears. My hands began moving on their own accord, unbuttoning her shirt until her brassier was revealed.

Still holding her in our kiss, I slipped my hand into her brassier and held a n----e.

She gasped and screwed up her face. Then her hand held mine and she squeezed it lightly as she gently broke our kiss.

Breathing in heavily, she gazed at me and for the next few minutes, we held each other’s eyes.

Then I hugged me, burying my face in her chest. ” I wanted to tell you. I’m really happy you’re here with me right now.”

Wrapping my arms around her, I kissed her neck.

She rubbed my hair gently ” Me too, Lucy.”

For a while, we held onto each other then I spoke. ” Collette? You and that eleventh grade senior, Adaobi …”

She pulled away from me and studied my eyes. ” You knew about that?”

” I was behind the tree when it happened,” I said. ” I knew it wasn’t supposed to be my business but I couldn’t help but listen.”

Collette’s eyes gave ground as she spoke, ” she asked me to go out with her.”

” I know.”

” But I turned her down.”

” I know.”

Collette met my eyes once more. ” She’s been schooling here since I can remember. Today, it kinda was a shock to me when she confessed her love.”

” But you turned her down because of MÔM, right?” I asked.

Collette bite her lips lightly. ” Actually, I turned her down because of you.”

There it was again, that tingling Sensation spreading over my entire body.

Placing my forehead on hers, I stared down at her full soft lips and her cleavages cupped by her brassier.

” I see,” was all I could whisper and I could feel my cheeks burning. ” Then if you turned her down because of me … Would you …. Umm … Do you wanna … With me ….” I took a deep breath and let it out. ” Please be my girlfriend.”

Collette was silent. Her eyes ran over me and for a moment there, I thought she was going to slap me.

Then her eyes became remote and that bored deadpan expression returned back to her face.

She was now serious and darker. She moved her mouth and said it.

” This is complicated, Lucy,” she said softly but sternly. ” But NO! I can’t be your girlfriend.”

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