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Ji Rou can feel that Dai Li is afraid. She reaches out and holds Dai Li's hand tightly: "Dai Li, don't be afraid! Say it, we'll try to solve the problem, or we'll be afraid all the time. "

Dai Li sighed, "I'm not afraid I'm not afraid. I just think my life is as sad as a joke. No, it's more sad than a joke."

Ji Rou doesn't understand.

Dai Li smiled and said: "last night, as usual, I went to charm and drink again, looking for a diamond king five who looks good. But I didn't drink two cups, someone forced a bag of things into my arms, and then I was taken away by a group of men. "

Dai Li spoke easily, but Ji Rou was nervous. She clenched her fists. If she was there, she would not let those people tie Dai Li away.

"The leading old man said that I had received his gift and that I was his man tonight." Dai Li sneered, "if that man is handsome, I may not say anything. The key is that he is old and ugly, and has yellow teeth. It's disgusting to see him. Of course, I will not die, so they gave me medicine, and then I was in the hospital. "

Jirou said seriously, "Dai Li, if that old man is not ugly, do you really want to follow him?"

Dai Li: "I"

Ji Rou interrupts her: "I know you will never. You are paralyzing yourself in this way and making yourself cheap. I warn you not to insult yourself in the future. "

Dai Li said with a smile, "little girl, you have been with your family for a long time, and you are becoming more and more domineering."

"Don't talk about anything else. Go on with the topic." Jirou knocks on the table. "Listen to you, I think someone is trying to get you in trouble tonight."

Dai Li nodded: "at first I thought it was an accident, then I saw a man. There's a familiar face in the man who took me away, someone I've seen several times before. "

Ji Rou said: "Dai Li, do you think about offending anyone?"

Dai Li shook her head and nodded: "I've offended you. Anyway, I can't escape in my life. My destiny is doomed to be lonely and old."

"Is that the one you loved?" From Dai Liqiang's strong eyes, Ji Rou can almost be sure that there must be people who Dai Li cares about among those who hurt people tonight.

"Ha ha" Dai Li didn't answer. She smiled and cried.

Yeah! Because once had loved, lost the heart will be so painful!

"Dali, people who don't care about you will not love you, so don't torture yourself for him. No matter how you torture yourself, he won't care. " Ji Rou heard all these things from Dai Li. Today, she used them on Dai Li.

Dai Li smiled charming: "who for him, I'm not for him, I just want to find a gold master for myself, after that, I won't have to work so hard."

"You" don't want to take off the mask. Jirou says it's useless to clap Dai Li. "If you want to drink, go to Liu Dian's place. Don't go to any glamour. It's not a place that ordinary people can afford."

"Yes, that kind of place is not for the rich or the senior officials to play." Dai Li exclaimed that she had never been the opponent of that person, but also played with him. It was he who suddenly appeared beside her, gave her fantasy, and also he left suddenly, which made her heart lost.

They all know each other's existence and want each other to come back to their own side, but they are so stubborn that no one is willing to bow down and admit defeat first. They are trying to make each other yield in their own way, but they don't know that this will only hurt both sides.

Ha ha, what do you think? I will lose sleep again tonight. Dai Li shakes her head and drives away the ridiculous ideas in her mind. Don't put ideas on things that can't be delusional.

It's late to get out of the hospital.

When she walked out of the hospital gate, Ji Rou raised her eyes and saw Qin Yinze smoking on the car. She walked over and took off the smoke for him: "Qin Yinze, you told me that drinking hurt my body, and I was not allowed to drink. Then you tell me, smoking does not hurt you? "

Qin Yinze rubbed her head and said with a smile, "silly girl, I even know that I care."

"Who cares?" The mind is seen through. Ji Rou blushes and says, "if you smoke beside me, I'll get your second-hand smoke.". Second hand smoke does more harm to the body. I don't want to be poisoned by you when I'm young. "

Just because he knew the harm of second-hand smoke was great, he never smoked in front of her. He just didn't notice her coming and didn't put off the cigarette end in time.

This girl is hard spoken and cares about him clearly in her heart, but she just doesn't want to admit it. Qin Yinze hugs her: "well, in order not to poison you, I won't smoke in the future."

"Qin Yinze!" Jirou looked up at him and said seriously, "will you always be by my side? Will you leave me one day? "

Before, there was no such omnipotent man around, and life was very good. Now there is such a man around, who is used to his care and omnipotence. If he suddenly disappears from his life, she will be very uncomfortable.

"What do you want, silly girl?" Qin Yinze rubbed her head. "I didn't torture you enough. How can I leave you behind?"

"Well, I knew you didn't have a good heart for me!" He said this in her mouth, but she chuckled, "it's not early, let's go back."

Today, if it wasn't for his help, it would be really tragic. Fortunately, he was here. Otherwise, she would not only be able to save Dai Li today, but also be able to put herself in.

Now that she has Qin Yinze as the super big backer, she can be appropriately weak and be a little woman, so that he can protect her.

Seeing her bright and moving smile, Qin Yinze's throat made a movement. He could not help but bow down to kiss her, but she pushed it away just when he was near: "you have smoke in your mouth, don't kiss me."

It's really smoking. Qin Yinze has to give up.

Seeing his disappointed eyes, Jirou felt that she was too much again and leaned back to his arms: "I can't kiss, but you are allowed to hug me."

Qin Yinze hugged her and patted her on the back: "OK, hugged her. Let's go home first."

However, Ji Rou in his arms didn't respond to him. He looked down. In such a short time, Ji Rou had already fallen asleep in his arms: "silly girl, do you think you're stupid to spend most of the night running for others?"

He said that she had been busy for most of the night for others. He doesn't like Dai Li very much. He hasn't been busy with Ji Rou until now. He has no complaint in his heart.

"Qin Da Shao" Ji rouwo, in Qin Yinze's arms, rubbed like a kitten and said, "you will always be my big backer."

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