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"Oh, little girl, I see you are in a position today. You want to teach me a lesson." Dai Li blinked and smiled mischievously at Ji rou.

Jirou grabs Dai Li's water glass and says seriously, "I'm talking to you seriously. Don't think you can fool me by playing with me."

Dai Li shrugs: "little girl, we are not the same. Just like the cold medicine, it can't save other severe patients is the same reason. "

Ji Rou asked, "what's the difference? Is it because you are older than me? Is it because you have more social experience than me? So you carry everything on your own, disguise yourself as a woman of incomparable inferiority, and let everyone look down on you. "

"Don't mention age, will you? Don't you know that women of my age are most afraid to mention their age? " Dailey raised his hand and looked at the nail with big red nail polish. "Besides, I am not a camouflage. I was a vain woman. Anyone who has money is my father."

Jirou hates Dai Li's slander on herself. She hates that she doesn't value herself. "Dai Li, you're going to piss me off!"

Dai Li patted Ji Rou's back: "baby, don't be angry. If you are angry with me, no one will be my friend. Really, it's not easy for a woman like me to be my friend. "

Ji Rou claps Dai Li's hand and says angrily, "you know you don't have a friend and you make me angry. You deserve to be alone all your life."

"I love you too late. How can I annoy you?" Dai Li casually responds to Ji Rou's words, finds her mobile phone and turns on the camera's selfie function. When she sees her face in the camera, she screams out, "ah"

this harsh scream, which makes Ji Rou's heart and soul tremble. After she is frightened, she has to care about the unreliable Dai Li: "Dai Li, what's the matter?"

"How could this happen? How could that be? " Dai Li reached for her face, as if to confirm something, "no, no, the woman in the camera must not be me."

The woman in the camera has untidy hair and ugly makeup. How could this person be her? She should never be bright at any time.

Jirou reaches for Dai Li's mobile phone and throws it aside. "Dai Li!" she says seriously! I warn you, you don't play the fool with me! "

"Who's playing the fool with you!" Dai Li turns over and wants to get out of bed. She has to clean and dress herself up right away. Otherwise, what can I do if someone sees this look?

To Dai Li's attitude that beauty is not fatal, Ji Rou is speechless: "Dai Li, is beauty more important than everything in your eyes?"

"Of course. Is there any question about this? " Dai Li went to the bathroom and said, "little girl, bring me my make-up bag."

Jirou stares at her.

Seeing Jirou's inaction, Dai Li added: "when I get my image together, what do you want to know, I will tell you without saying anything."

Ji Rou is not such a obedient child at ordinary times. Today, for the sake of Dai Li being bullied, she can only let Dai Li. Who makes her a friend.

Ji Rou finds a cosmetic bag for Dai Li, and then returns to the ward to wait for her. This time, Ji Rou waits until Dai Li comes out after she falls asleep.

Ji Rou rubbed her eyes and yawned: "Miss Dai, how long have you put on makeup?"

"Not long, more than half an hour." Compared with the amount of time Dai Li usually takes to make up, this half hour is not long tonight.

Ji Rou's white eyes turned: "half an hour is not long? How long do you think it will take? "

"You are young. You are so delicate that you can squeeze water out of your face. You are also a beauty without makeup. Of course, you don't need to spend time on makeup." Dai Li took a look in the mirror. She looked good after dressing up. "Unlike a woman like me, she has aging skin and wrinkles. If she doesn't make up, she won't go out."

"Don't exaggerate, you are beautiful. People who don't know your age will never see you over 25. " Ji Rou looks at Dai Li. Dai Li has put on a lot of make-up spirit. Her delicate make-up has covered the few blemishes on her face. She is really a beautiful woman who is free and easy. She has the charm that men like.

Hearing Jirou's praise, Dai Li smiled confidently: "how is it? Will I fall in love with me when I see such a mature and beautiful person

Jirou is white eyed again: "you have, I have, where can you make me fall in love with you?"

Dai Li purposely straightened her chest: "I have, are you sure I have, and you have?"

Jirou grabs the pillow and smashes it at Dai Li: "Dai Li, I don't want to hurt people like this. I'll tell you, I'm still young, and I'll grow up when I get to this age. "

"It's true that with the help of master Qin, you are likely to develop again." Dai Li smiled and said, "but even if you don't have me, Qin doesn't dislike it."

"Don't talk to me about you." Dai Li doesn't face the problem seriously. She always talks about things. Ji Rou has to take the initiative to get things around. Tonight's matter must be solved by connecting the roots. Otherwise, Dai Li may have an accident in the future.

"What can I say?" Dai Li doesn't want to talk about it. She'll be afraid of something once in her life. She doesn't want to talk about it again.

Jirou said: "Dai Li, I have no other meaning to ask you what happened tonight. I just want to tell you that you are no longer alone, you and my friend. When you have difficulties and need help, don't carry them on your own. You can come to me at any time. "

"Of course, if I'm in danger tonight, I'll ask you to help me." Dai Li still doesn't want to say. Ji Rou doesn't want to ask again. Maybe Dai Li has her difficulties. "Dai Li, take a rest, and I'll go back first."

Seeing that Jirou is leaving, Dai Li grabs Jirou's hand: "xiaorou, when I said those words to you, I also said a premise. The premise is that you can be weak only when someone is with you and is willing to spoil you. Without this premise, there would be no weak qualification. So it's better to pity the one who loves you. Don't do things that you regret later. "

"I know how to do it, Daley, but what about you? Are you really not going to tell me what happened tonight? " Jirou gives her the last chance. If Dai Li doesn't say it, she will never ask again.

"I'll tell you everything." Dai Li blinked, took a deep breath, controlled her mood, and then slowly said, "tonight I thought I was dead, I thought I would never see you again, I thought I would never see the man who lost her little heart.".

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