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Although Ji Rou usually eat, live, walk, wear and so on all by Qin Yinze Zhang Luo, she did not spend less of his money, but this blood jade is the first time he really sent her a gift.

Ji Rou carefully carries the blood jade into her pocket and holds Qin Yinze's arm and smiles at him: "Qin Dashao, thank you for your gift!"

"I'm your man, thank you!" Qin Yinze is very glad that Ji Rou is so fond of the gift he sent. He drags Ji Rou into his arms and holds it. "But if you really want to thank me, I'm sorry to refuse. Now you accompany me to buy what I want to buy."

"Master Qin, you have a special person to prepare everything for you. What else can you buy?" Ji Rou doesn't think Qin Yinze really has something to buy. He may be mean. He went shopping with her and he would let her go back.

However, Qin Dabao soon tells Ji Rou that he really has something to buy, and that this kind of thing is still a "must" in their husband and wife's life.

Qin Yinze drove Jirou around several streets and finally came to a local chain drugstore: "this is my destination."

The destination is the pharmacy. Is there anything wrong with him?

Ji Rou reached for Qin Yinze's forehead almost at the first time: "Qin Yinze, it's a bit cold today, aren't you cold?"

This man looks strong because of his old injury, but when the weather changes, especially when it's windy and rainy, it may cause the old disease.

It's a bit cold today. I don't know if he has an old disease?

Seeing that she was worried about him, Qin Yinze was very happy. He grabbed her hand and smiled: "your husband is not uncomfortable. He's here to make you more comfortable. "

Jirou was worried that he was worried too much, but he looked like a monkey, which made people angry: "let go of my hand, let me probe your forehead."

"I really don't feel sick." Qin Yinze bowed his head and rubbed it against her forehead. His temperature was almost the same as hers. "I should believe it now."

Ji Rou asked, "what do you bring me to the drugstore?"

Qin Yinze smiled and didn't answer. Instead, he pointed to the condom of a certain brand on the shelf and said to the salesperson in the drugstore, "pack your large brand for me and send it to the car."

Ji Rou: "..."

Is it necessary for this man to exaggerate?

There are ten small boxes of this kind of thing, which make up a big box, and then ten big boxes make up a box.

In other words, there are 1000 sets in this box. Even if they are used every day, it will take two or three years to use them up. What's more, no one has the energy to use every day.

Seeing the look from the salesman, Ji Rou was so ashamed that she could find a crack to hide for a while.

It's the culprit around. If it wasn't for his nonsense, would other people look at her with such eyes?

Ji Rou was angry, but he pinched him hard and warned him not to be so shameful. How could he know that the man didn't realize it at all, and asked the salesmen to put a box of condoms on his car.

Ji Rou has lived for 20 years and is famous for her thick skin and fearlessness. Today is the only time in her life when she is too shy to raise her head.


On the way home, Qin Yinze concentrates on driving. Ji Rou, who is sitting in the front passenger seat, has been staring at him, thinking of many things in his mind for a while.

They usually didn't take contraceptive measures and didn't have children. He also bought so many condoms at one time. How he didn't want her to have his children.

Ji Rou is a person with a very straight heart. When she has this question in her mind, she also asks: "Qin Yinze, do you want me not to have your baby?"

She didn't want to have his baby very much, but thought that he worked so hard for contraception, the kind of sour surge in her heart was really uncomfortable.

"What are you thinking? Who doesn't want you to have my baby? " This stupid woman, she doesn't want to think about what she shouldn't, but she can think about what she shouldn't.

Ji Rou said stiffly, "what do you buy so many condoms for? You don't want to tell me whether you bought it for me or for other women. "

"Two more years, and we'll have children when you graduate from college." Qin Yinze originally wanted Ji Rou to conceive his child, but at present her body is not suitable for conception, so she must not be pregnant until her body has been properly adjusted, in case of an accident.

Jirou doesn't believe it very much: "you don't want children. Are you really thinking about it for me?"

Qin Yinze holds her hand: "otherwise? Do you think I can find someone else to have a baby for me? "

Ji Rou: "dare you!"

When Ji Rou's mobile phone rings, she stares at Qin Yinze: "Qin Yinze, I tell you, you'd better not cheat me, or I will make you regret coming to this world."

Hearing Ji Rou's warning, Qin Yinze's eyes were dim and could not say anything.

Jirou takes out her mobile phone and sees that Dai Li called: "Dai Li, it's easy to make random phone calls without friends. Do you know?"

"Ji Rou, it's me, it's me This is Daley... " Daley's voice sounded strange, as if she was drunk, and a little trance.

Is something wrong with Dai Li? Ji Rou was shocked and said, "Dai Li, I know it's you. What's wrong with you?"

"Jirou, don't you say you are my good friend? I need help now. If you are my good friend, come and help me. " Dai Li with a trance sound again from the handset to Jirou's ear.

"Where are you, Daley?" There are still some shouting and scolding noises coming from the handset, but because of the noise, Ji Rou can't hear clearly who is scolding whom.

"I'm in a nightclub!" Dai Li said and suddenly laughed again. "There are so many handsome guys in the nightclub. There are so many Ji Rou, come here quickly. I'll introduce some to you. "

"Bitch, what the hell are you doing with all that crap when you get money!" An angry male voice suddenly sounded, almost deafening Ji Rou's ears.

"I'm looking for it. I'm looking for my good friend Ah... " Dai Li suddenly screamed, and then the voice full of her fear came again. "Ji Rou, they drugged me and threatened me to force me. Come and save me. I don't know who else I can find except you."

Listen to the voice. Dai Li should have been beaten just now. Ji Rou is worried. "Dai Li, tell me, where are you? I'll be right back to you. "

"I am Where am I? " Dai Li, who was in a trance because she was drugged, couldn't remember where she was and how she got hurt. She only knew that her hair was pulled by someone. It hurt so much that the whole scalp was not her own.

"Are you a friend of this woman?" A man's voice came from the handset. He should have robbed Daley's cell phone.

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