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Qin Yinze's time concept has always been very strong. He said that when he meets Jirou, he will show up on time and will never let Jirou wait for long.

Jirou just slipped out of the classroom, Qin Yinze's phone called: "come out?"

Ji Rou said happily, "go downstairs now. Please wait for me for a moment."

Qin Yinze said, "OK."

Now it's class time. All the teachers and students are in class. When Ji Rou comes out of the teaching building, she is the only one in the whole campus, which is very abrupt.

However, for her old school truant, she didn't feel anything. She went to the gate of the school yard and sang familiar songs happily.

Looking forward to your coming back, my baby.

Looking forward to your hug, my baby.

Jirou's singing belongs to the category of five tone incompleteness. In the words of the princes, it means that others are asking for money to sing. But she has no self-knowledge at all. When she goes to sing, she is still a bully level character. Ordinary people can't stand her, and only the princes can bear her.


humming, Jirou suddenly heard a voice that she had never been familiar with again. Almost at the moment when she heard the voice, she looked back in the direction of the voice, but saw nothing.

"Brother Feng?" Ji Rou doesn't give up. She looks around. She still hasn't seen a single person. She can't help laughing. "I'm probably crazy. In the daytime, he had an illusion that brother Feng was calling me. "

She thought that the reason why she would have a hallucination might be that she heard the rumors about brother Feng today, and thought a little more about it in her mind, so that she could have a fantasy.


Ji rougang took two steps, and the familiar voice came again. She looked in the direction of the voice source, and this time she saw a handsome young man.

He was standing in the shade of the trees in the distance, wearing her familiar white leisure suit. The sun was shining on him, making him look as warm as the sun in winter.

"Brother Fengfeng?" Murmured Jirou. Is the man in the shade really her wind brother? Is it really him? Did he really come back alive?

Why is all this so unreal as if it were a dream? It seems that as long as her dream wakes up, everything in front of her will disappear as many times as before.

"Xiaorou" he smiled and held out his hand to her with a smile. Like many times before, when she was sad and helpless, he always smiled and held out those big warm palms to her, held her hand and told her, "xiaorou, don't be afraid, brother Feng is here!"

"Brother Feng!" Jirou didn't think about it any more. She ran to him. She wanted to hug him no matter whether he was real or not. She wanted to let him know that she was worried about him all the time.

However, seeing that she was about to run close to him, her "brother Feng" turned around and ran. His speed was very fast, and Ji Rou was left far behind in an instant.

"Brother Feng, don't run, wait for me!" Jirou cried desperately to chase after her, but he disappeared from her eyes. Running and running, he disappeared.

Is it just an illusion?

Jingling bell

the call bell rings suddenly, pulling back Ji Rou's thoughts. She takes out her mobile phone and sees the three words "Lord Qin" on the screen.

"She answers, stuffy way:" come

Qin Yinze: "look back."

Ji Rou looks back and sees him standing not far behind her, with a dangling smile on his lips: "what was he running? The more I call you, the faster you run. "

"Just me" can she tell him that she just thought she saw her first lover? Can it? Can you tell him?

Definitely not.

Qin Yinze is such a bully and powerful man. If you let him know that she used to have a boy she liked, she will not forgive her lightly.

In order to have a better life in the future and live longer, Ji Rou decides to let the previous things rot in her stomach and doesn't tell Qin Yinze: "what am I running, can you manage it?"

Qin Yinze raised his eyebrows and pinched her face: "it seems that I haven't enough education for you, Ji xiaorou, and I dare to speak in disorder. I said don't make me angry! "

Ji Rou patted his hand: "it is, you said you wanted to give me freedom. Just now I just ran around a few steps, you asked the East and the west, where is freedom?"

Usually Qin Yinze asked her, and she must have replied obediently. Today, when I saw her, I knew that she had ghosts in her heart. She looked stupid, and was so stupid that people wanted to bully her.

Qin Yinze wants to take her out for a good date today. He doesn't want to quarrel with her because of a little thing. He hugs her waist: "it's my fault. I shouldn't make miss Ji angry. Now miss Ji would like to give me a chance to invite you to dinner to make amends? "

Ji Rou was already guilty. Now he confessed his mistake. She had any reason to disagree. She smiled: "of course I do."

Qin Yinze hugged her and kissed her: "thank you very much, Miss Ji."

"Well, I don't care about you mortal." Jirou is a typical kind of person you can climb up by giving her a pole. Qin Yinze thanks her. She really thinks it's his fault. She's as proud as a peacock. She's just about to open a screen to compete with others.

"Then I'd like to thank Miss Ji for not taking care of me." This girl is really cheeky. Qin Yinze only thinks that she is so cute.

"Thank you, Qin Da Shao. Why don't you invite me to hot pot?" Now the weather turns cold, and the hot pot business is getting better. Ji Rou has been greedy for a long time. But because of the last trouble and the punishment period, she dare not ask to eat hot pot. She can't miss such a good chance today.

"Good." Qin Yinze holds her hand. "I'll depend on you if you want to eat today."

Qin Yinze promised so readily that Ji Rou was a little uneasy: "master Qin, are you calculating me again?"

Ji Rou always feels that Qin Yinze is not kind enough. He must be thinking about how to calculate her.

"What are you thinking all day?" Qin Yinze knocks her head, "can't husband treat his wife to dinner?"

"It's natural and natural for husband to invite his wife to dinner, but" Ji Rou stares at Qin Yinze. "You are not such a generous person at ordinary times. If you do this suddenly, it will make people panic in their hearts. Did you try to block my mouth with a meal by doing something bad behind my back?"

Qin Yinze knocks on her head: "Ji xiaorou, I think you should change your major, and then graduate to be a screenwriter. You have such a big brain, and this line is definitely suitable for you."

Ji Rou holds his arm and smiles: "if I can be a screenwriter, I will be the first one to write about you, young master Qin, marrying and robbing."

Qin Yinze: "you write to try, see how I clean you!"

Ji Rou: "tyrant!"

The two of them were in a hot fight. They didn't know that there was a pair of eyes staring at them all the time. They were as red as blood.

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