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The prince said:" boss, I heard that a big figure sponsored a lot of money in our school, and then some of our school's lousy teachers may be asked to leave, and the school will spend more money to invite some high-quality teachers to come over. "

"Big man?" Ji Rou's first reaction was Qin Yinze, but she guessed that he would not be so idle, unless Qin Yinze was so idle that he could not find a place to spend money.

If it's Qin Yinze's son of a bitch, he has no place to spend his money. She can help him.

She spends a lot of money a day.

For example, recently, she had an idea that she wanted to open a restaurant of her own, a restaurant with all kinds of cuisines. In the future, no matter what she wanted to eat, she could eat anything by going to her own restaurant.

The prince nodded: "yes, yes, the person who can sponsor our school must be a big brand, which is so big. It seems that our school is going to reshuffle

Jirou asked, "who did you listen to?"

The monkey then said, "it's spread in the school, and only you, the big lady who lives a little grandma's life every day, don't know."

Ji Roubai glanced at him: "what's the young lady's? You will die if you speak well? "

The monkey was scolded by Ji judo. The prince said proudly, "boss, we have heard a piece of gossip these two days, but we don't know whether it's true or not, or whether we should talk to you?"

Jirou took up her pen and knocked on the prince's head: "are you two itching? What's the point of selling in front of me? If you have something to report, I will let you go. "

"The prince said," this rumor has something to do with you

Jirou said, "are there few rumors about me these two years?"

What she was raised, what she had a strong background in school Anyway, it's just that the rumors about her in the past two years when she went to university are as far off as they are concerned.

"But it's about getting to Feng Xuechang." The prince knew how much Ji Rou cared about Xiang Lingfeng, so when he heard the news, he was very worried.

As expected, when hearing the words "Feng Xuechang", Ji Rou's face changed a little and asked urgently, "what's the matter?"

The prince took a look at the monkey, and the two exchanged eyes. They both knew that the paper could not contain the fire, or they decided to tell Ji Rou one by one: "a few months ago, Feng Xuechang who was about to graduate suddenly disappeared. He didn't drop out of school or go through the suspension procedures. A big living man suddenly disappeared. His family said he was dead, but we didn't say to look at the body, not even his ashes. Don't say you don't believe that he died. Many of us don't believe that. "

This event is a thorn in Jirou's heart. Up to now, she still can't figure out why Xiang Lingfeng will suddenly disappear. He should not be the kind of person who would abandon her if he saw her in trouble: "what do you want to say?"

"The prince said:" I want to say that Feng Xuechang is not dead, but he suddenly disappeared from our school. Is there no problem in this

Of course, Jirou doubted, but she couldn't find any clues.

Monkey then said: "boss, you have doubted it, but you can't find evidence. But now it's reported that Feng Xuechang offended a big man, who made him disappear from school and minluo city."

"Some great man?" Ji Rou almost immediately associated with Qin Yinze, but she immediately denied it.

A few months ago, she didn't know Qin Yinze's son of a bitch. Brother Feng didn't have a chance to offend Qin Yinze. This matter will not be Qin Yinze, it will not be him.

The prince and the monkey are worried: "boss..."

"Where do you hear all these things?" Ji Rou is a little flustered. She doesn't even know what she's worried about. Maybe it's because the words "big man" reminds her of Qin Yinze.

The prince said: "I don't know where it came from. Anyway, all of a sudden, the news spread in the school, and I don't know whether it's true or not. But boss, as the saying goes, no wind, no waves. There is no basis for things, no one will be blind. I just wonder why it came out today. "

"I'm surprised, too." Jirou shook her fist and said, "as long as this is true, no matter who the other party is, I will find out that person to avenge brother Feng."

Even though she will not want to be Xiang Lingfeng's wife now, they are also partners who grew up together. How good he has been to her in those years, she remembers them all.

She was wronged. He always stood by her side for the first time to protect her, support her and encourage her. Of course, if he was framed, she should do her best to avenge him and return him justice.

The prince worried: "boss, now Qianshui company is not easy to get on the right track, and your relationship with Qin Dabao is stable. Don't worry about Feng Xuechang. "

Ji Rou raised her eyebrows and asked, "if one day I suddenly disappeared, you accidentally knew that I was framed, would you mind me?"

The prince and the monkey said: "of course, they will. How can we watch you framed and not care. "

Ji Rou patted them on the shoulder: "you two are my good brothers. If one day you are framed, I will spare this life and avenge you. "

The prince and the monkey are speechless. Yes, Jirou is quite right. Even if they are not lovers, they are also small partners who grew up together. No one else will ignore them if there is any difficulty. Moreover, Jirou is a very righteous person.


At the same time, Qin Yinze also received a report, a very important report for him.

This report records in detail that Ji rougong is cold and difficult to conceive. That's the real reason why Ji Rou still can't get pregnant with his hard work.

After reading the report, Qin Yinze frowned and looked up at the doctor, and said seriously, "is Gong Han difficult to conceive? Is it easy to miscarry even if pregnant? What is the solution to this problem? "

"Yes. Mrs. Qin's body had better not be pregnant before she has been recuperated. Otherwise, it is easy to miscarry. Miscarriage is very harmful to women. " The doctor explained and observed Qin Yinze's reaction. "Mr. Qin, the cause of Gong Han is nothing more than personal constitution and abnormal life. Mrs. Qin's work and rest should be normal. It depends on her constitution. From the information we have at present, it is likely that the cause of Mrs. Qin's cold in the palace was caused by cold and no timely treatment. "

"Did you get a cold without timely treatment? What cool has so much power? " Mentioned this, Ji Yinze quickly searches in his mind for information about Ji Rou from small to large.

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