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As soon as the words are spoken, you can see the disappointed eyes of Qin Yinze and Ji rou. The doctor wants to say something to comfort their husband and wife. Qin Yinze holds Ji Rou's hand tightly: "silly girl, you are still young, we are not in a hurry."

It's strange if you don't hurry up!

He works so hard every day that he doesn't want her to have children early, but he doesn't want her to feel the pressure.

The doctor agreed: "yes, you two are still young. This kind of thing can't be rushed. If you really want to get pregnant earlier, you should prepare for pregnancy and have a healthier baby. "

Ji Rou forced her face to smile: "of course, I'm not in a hurry when I'm so young. I just see that some people are older and may be in a hurry. After all, the older you are, the more difficult it is to live. What if you break up? "

What a poisonous girl!

Qin Yinze waves his hand and beckons the doctor to leave. As soon as the doctor leaves, Ji Rou immediately stares at Qin Yinze and looks again: "I said Qin Dashao, do you have any problems?"

They both failed to take any contraceptive measures every time, and he worked so hard every day. Why can't she have such a long time?

"I have a problem?" Qin Yinze reached out and pinched her face. "Ji xiaorou, who cried last night and begged me to be lighter?" This woman dare to question him, really should fight!

"You hurt me." Jirou claps his hand. "If you have no problem, then why can't we have Don't make excuses. We haven't used contraception

Qin Yinze: "..."

Seeing that he was speechless, Jirou said, "it must be you who have a problem. If you don't believe it, we'll go and have a check now."

Qin Yinze got up and said, "what do you do? Go home."

Ji Rou followed him closely: "why not do it? You didn't do it alone. We did it together. Don't be afraid. I'll be with you. "

Qin Yinze looked back at her and said, "that's how you want to have my baby?"

Ji Rou glared at him and said, "who wants to have your baby? I just want to find out the reason, after all, this examination is not bad for the body. As long as it's checked out that you have no problems, you and other women won't have to worry about it in the future. "

Qin Yinze said in a deep voice, "Ji Rou, are you looking for a fight?"

"Why can't you say that?" cried Ji rou? You don't do it, I do it. As long as I check out that there is no problem, then the problem must be on you. "

"You dare to go!" Thinking that she was going to lie on the operating table, Qin Yinze blew up her hair. "Ji Rou, I tell you, you should never have such an idea in the future."

Ji Rou stares at him: "Qin Yinze!"

He said, "I'll check!"

Seeing him compromise for her, Ji Rou hugged his arm: "Qin Yinze, if you have a problem, don't be too sad. I'm kind-hearted, and maybe I won't abandon you."

Qin Yinze: "you dare to give up and try."

Ji Rou: "little old man, I'm old. Can't people dislike me?"

Qin Yinze hugs Ji Rou and gives her a deep kiss: "go back to pick you up at night."

He is not good at fighting. At night, he conquers her with practical actions.


The result of the examination soon came out. Qin Yinze had no problem at all.

He has no problem, so they are more likely to be pregnant with children than Ji Rou, but Qin Yinze doesn't want Ji Rou to know about it and asks doctors to keep it secret.

He said to Jirou, "the doctor said to come and get the result tomorrow."

"Don't worry, anyway, you are still the brave and strong master Qin in my heart," Ji Rou consoled

Qin Yinze loved to hear this. He said with a smile, "little girl's mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter. She knows how to make people happy."

Ji Rou was praised and drilled into his arms like a cute kitten: "it's Qin Da Shao's good training."

Qin Yinze holds her hand: "let's go home."

Ji Rou nodded and said, "thank you, Qin Dashao!"

Qin Yinze said, "thank me for what?"

Jirou said, "thank you anyway!"

Today, she was going to thank him for helping her so much, but because of the delay of her physiological period, this matter has been disturbed. Now, although there is no substantive thanks, a word of thanks is still needed.

Qin Yinze pokes her head: "stupid?"

Ji Rou nodded, "well, it's just stupid."

She found that since she was with him, she spent less and less time with her brain. Sometimes she was so well protected that she would forget her surname and name. In this way, she might become a real fool.

Qin Yinze said, "if you're going to be stupid again, I'll kick you."

Ji Rou raised his fist and hit him: "Qin Yinze, I warn you that I can only kick you if you dare to kick me, I will make you feel overwhelmed."

At the beginning of their relationship, he forced her. If it must end in the future, it must be her Just why do you want to end the relationship with him? I feel so sad?

Forget it, forget it. Now that we are together, we will have a good life every day. If we are separated in the future, we hope we don't have any regrets.

Qin Yinze rubs her head: "I won't let you kick me that day."

Ji Rou smiled: "so you have to listen to me, follow me, follow me You can't kill me, you can't punish me, you can't take care of me, you can take care of me. "

Qin Yinze: "yes! My wife! "

Ji Rou pinched him: "who is your wife, don't shout!"

It's not his wife's adult, but her eyes and the slightly raised radian of her lips all say that she really enjoys what he calls her.

Although it's another Wulong event, their eager baby didn't come, but they have each other, the future is still bright, and they will never be alone.


The incident of president Tang continues to ferment. Once the police find out more secrets he didn't know, each of them is enough to shut down president Tang for decades. President Tang will never turn over again.

President Tang's conviction and the incident of the new president's taking office have been put on the agenda. It is said that the new president is airborne, and has never taught or held any position in a university before. In the history of a, it's never happened. It seems that this character is very well known.

For a week in a row, when we discussed the new president event, we also paid attention to the person who posted the event. However, it's strange that no one has found out the person who posted the event behind the scenes, as if that person didn't exist at all.

It's hard for Ji Rou to get to school early today, but when she arrived, the classmates in her class were almost there. When the prince and the monkey saw her, they came together.

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