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Ji's mother suddenly called him so naughty that Qin Yinze was stunned. After being stunned, he blushed and stammered: "yes Well, I'd better take you back first. "

It's also that Jirou didn't see his embarrassed appearance. If she did, she would have to roll on the ground with a smile. Lord Qin, who has always been domineering and powerful, even has today.

Ji's mother waved: "it's close to home. I'll go back by myself. Hurry up and get busy with your business. Don't let an old woman like me delay your business."

"Mom, you are not old at all. You and xiaorou go out together. People who don't know must think you are sisters. " This is not the lie of Qin Yinze to please his mother-in-law.

Ji rougang is 20 years old. Ji's mother married Ji's father when she was young. When she gave birth to Ji Rou, she was only in her early twenties. Now she is just over forty. Women over 40 are well maintained and look young.

No matter what kind of woman she is, she likes to be praised as beautiful and young. Ji's mother is also a woman. Some people praise her as happy, let alone her son-in-law.

Ji's mother smiled like a flower: "son in law, it doesn't work for you to talk to my old woman about these words. You usually boast about xiaorou. As soon as you boast about her, she will be too happy to find southeast, northwest, and do whatever you want her to do."

"Yes." Qin Yinze's words about Ji's mother are firmly in his mind. On the way back to the company, he has been trying to boast about the stupid girl. He wants to see what the stupid girl looks like when she can't find the southeast and northwest.

Just arrived at the company, Qin Yinze received a message from Ji Rou - Hello, I asked you something. If you have helped others a lot, how would you like others to thank you?


In the past, when she sent him a message, she would at least call him a son of a bitch. Today, it's just a feed word. How can he know who she's talking to? Qin Yinze frowns and doesn't plan to talk to her.

Based on his understanding of Jirou, as long as he doesn't send back her information, soon Jirou's information will explode like a bomb until he returns it.

However, Qin Yinze made a mistake this time, and Ji Rou regretted it after sending the message. She wanted to thank him. That was to surprise him. If he said what he wanted, what was the surprise?

Ji Rou thought about it, thought about Dai Li, and called her directly. The phone rang several times, and Dai Li got through there. She was very angry and said, "little Ji, what's the matter?"

"What's the matter with you?" Listen to Dai Li's voice, Ji Rou cares.

"Don't ask me. What's the matter with you looking for me?" Dai Li has no energy to talk. If it wasn't for Ji Rou, she would be too lazy to answer.

"I'm not a big deal, but you. What's the matter? Shall I come and see you? " Listening to Dai Li's voice, I feel like I will be cut off at any time. Ji Rou has no idea how to thank Qin Yinze.

"Here comes the damned aunt. She's dying of pain." Dai Li wailed, "but I've already taken the medicine. I think the pain will be over in a while. But it's bad luck for us to be born a woman. We have to go through this kind of thing every month. If there is a future life, I must be born a man, and I will never suffer this crime again. "

Dai Li said a lot in one breath. There was no response from Ji rou. She fed several times: "Ji xiaorou, are you listening to my mother? Just hang up if you don't want to hear it. "

"Do you really have nothing to do, Daley?" Ji Rou asked dully, because Dai Li mentioned her great aunt, she thought of herself. Her physiological period has always been very punctual, and she will not be so painful as Dai Li. However, because she is busy with the company's affairs, she forgot everything, which reminds her that the great aunt seems to be more than half a month late.

It's more than half a month late. There shouldn't be anything to worry about under normal circumstances. But because of Qin Yinze's energetic son of a bitch, people have to worry about having to think more.

Is it because Because of the last Wulong incident, Ji Rou did not dare to think about it or make a statement. In case she made another mistake, she would lose her face if she made another joke.

"I'm much better. What about you? What are you looking for? " Dailey asked.

Jirou said: "in fact, it's not an important thing. Qin Yinze's son of a bitch helped me a lot. I want to thank him, but I don't know how to thank him, so I'll call you and ask you."

Dai Li said ambiguously, "I said Jiya, do you really don't understand or show off in front of me on purpose?"? You have to thank him for his hard work. Wash and lie in his bed, let him eat enough, and make him satisfied. "

Ji Rou had this idea before. She even wanted to buy a set of underwear from the adult products store outside. But now she can't. She is very likely to have

No, no, No Ji Rou quickly flicks away the idea in her mind. First, don't think about it. Go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test stick to have a good test. You must get the accurate answer. You can't make a joke any more.

After hanging up the phone, Ji Rou simply tidied up. She went out quietly by herself and walked out of the villa area. She took a taxi to several places and came to a drugstore.

Before entering the drugstore, Ji Rou looked around and confirmed that she had not been followed. She went into the drugstore and didn't find what she wanted to buy. She had to ask the staff for help: "do you have any pregnancy test sticks here?"

The staff is a middle-aged woman. Seeing that Ji Rou is young and thin, she can't help shaking her head: "what's wrong with her young age now? At such a young age, there is promiscuity between men and women. "

Jirou wants to explain, but she thinks that no one knows anyone outside the door for no reason. Why do you explain so much?

The clerk found the pregnancy test stick and gave it to Ji Rou: "little girl, your body is your own. It's OK to be young now. When we get older, we will know how bad it is to have such a young pregnancy and give birth. "

Who said she was going to have an abortion?

If she has a baby, she will give birth to it. No matter whether Qin Yinze's son of a bitch wants it or not, she wants it anyway. No matter any life, no one has the right to stop her from coming to the world.

"Thank you for your concern!" She smiled, hid the pregnancy test stick, turned out of the drugstore, and sent a message to Qin Yinze at the first time, "I'm going home to live with my mother tonight, you don't have to pick me up."

As soon as the message was sent out, Qin Yinze's phone rang: "Ji xiaorou, do you need to be so stingy? Just in the busy just did not return your information, need to be angry to go home to live? "

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