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Truth Finally Revealed

“Can you just tell me what I have to do already?” I ask Valerie.

“I already told you, I am not allowed to say anything about it while we are still outside the base,” she answers in a toneless voice.

Really? I am finding that you really useless, to be honest…

Right now, I am sitting on the passenger’s seat of a small silver-colored car and beside me, Valarie, whom I remember to be the subordinate of Abigale with huge t--s, is driving the car.

Four days have passed since I met the King of Yreles after which he told me to take his granddaughter, Chloe, with me and teach her about the underworld.

After we got out of the hotel then, Nora secretly told me that they would distract Chloe for a few days before I would be needed again.

And to be honest, I didn’t think that they would call me just four days after.

When I ask Valarie more about this, she again told me that she couldn’t answer…

In these four days, to tell the truth, I rarely even give any thought about Chloe or the meeting with the King because of a few things which happened after that.

Some of those things are still making me feel really worried while the other things are making me feel confused.

The thing which is worrying me the most right now is related to my girlfriend; Lily.

In these last four days, Lily didn’t come to school at all.

I myself didn’t want to go the day after meeting the King, but then I remembered the incident with Ava where Lily started thinking of me as a pervert and felt that I should clear things up with her as fast as possible.

But well, as I told you, she didn’t come that day…

I thought she might still be in shock because of what happened and decided to skip school for a day but the next day also, she didn’t come.

After the third day, when my doubt grew that this might be something else, I finally decided to ask our class teacher, Neustadt, if he knows anything.

He ignored me at first but after I nagged him for the whole day, he finally told me that she is sick and that I should get lost before he calls my mom.

This got me really worried. The reason why I didn’t call Lily before this, even after I bought my new phone, is because I couldn’t think of what to tell her.

I thought that maybe if I meet her in person, the pressure of the situation would surely give me some idea.

But if Lily’s health is seriously bad… I don’t think I care for anything else other than making sure she is fine.

That day after school, I tried calling her many times but her phone was switched off the whole time.

Even today, when she didn’t come, I finally decided to go to her house.

The reason I don’t fancy this idea much is that Lily’s father basically hates me to his boot and I hate him equally back. I don’t even want to think about the things he had said to me behind Lily’s back.

But well, if it concerns Lily, I don’t even mind seeing him even if I have to do it a hundred times…

But my shitty luck shined upon me again and the moment I snuck out of the house (I had to because I am grounded), I found Valerie standing there beside her car right in front of the house’s gate.

She immediately told me that I have to come with her no matter what and that she cannot take “no” as an answer whatever I say.

And well, here I am now…

Seriously… F.u.c.k you all!

I give a huge sigh and start looking outside the window aimlessly…

Why am I always in so much trouble, huh?

I don’t even know where my life will lead from here on with these many troubles…

The biggest of them being that I still haven’t told Lily anything about her ****.

And then there is Ava. To be honest, I thought that she will make my life a living hell after what happened but surprisingly, she still hasn’t done anything of notice other than looking at me angrily from time to time.

But for some reason, I have a strange feeling that this is just the calm before the storm she is going to create…

And also, the last but not the least, Chloe. What will I do with her? I can clearly tell that teaching her about the underworld is nothing but a farce and that she is just here spy on us… but it’s not like I can just ask her to f.u.c.k off.

And who knows? I might be going there now just to see her again.

How long can I keep up my act of a playboy gang leader in front of her before she finds out the truth?

It does not end here, other smaller problems along with these like my mother’s misunderstanding, Pig, Neustadt and being inside a criminal gang itself, are together making my brain and body take a huge toll…

Suddenly, my body jerks forward as the car stops moving.

“Let’s go,” Valarie says to me while unbuckling her seatbelt.

What? We are at their base?

I don’t actually know where the gang’s base actually is because the only time I have been brought here was in a fainted state.

I look out and see that we are on a lonely looking road which is surrounded by trees on both of its sides. It looks likes the border area of Yreles where there is a dense forest.

Wait, where are we?

I remember that their base was sort of building and I cannot see anything like that here…

And also…

“Why are you showing me your base this time? Shouldn’t you have blindfolded me?” I ask Valerie.

“Well, things have changed and there is no point in hiding it from you now,” Valerie answers.

It sounds strange for them to do this… But well, at least Valerie answering me now…

“Please follow me,” She says before starting to move towards the forest.

Woah, they have their base inside a forest?

Kind of cool, to be honest.

I just simply follow behind her and after a few minutes, a small clearing in the forest comes before us.

In this small clearing, there is a small, abandoned-looking shed standing alone in the middle.

Wait, there is no way in hell their base was this small!

Why the heck is Valerie bringing me here then?

Don’t tell me that she wants to have… in the shed with me…

No, no, no… this is what Emily would have done… and Valerie doesn’t look like a pervert to me at the very least…

Before I can ask her anything about it, she starts moving towards the shed and opens its door to get inside quickly.

Reluctantly, I too follow behind her…

The shed is filled with useless things like old and rusty parts of vehicles, a few broken tables and chairs, a torn sofa and other garbage.

At the corner of this shed, Valerie is bent down on the floor with a dusty little carpet lying beside her.


To my surprise, Valerie raises a small and round metallic sort of lid from the ground and starts claiming down inside.

“Follow me,” She says when half of her body gets lowered inside.

What the heck? Seriously? An underground base?

In amazement, I again follow behind Valerie inside this hole in the ground with the help of the ladder attached to its circular wall.

In less than two minutes, I land upon a hard surface and a familiar-looking surrounding comes in my view.

I remember these dark colored walls and this familiarly shaped corridor from the last time I was in this place.

“We should get going,” Valerie says before moving further on inside this corridor.

Wait, before that…

I quickly move towards Valerie.

“So, we are inside now, right? Can you tell me what I have to do now?” I ask her.

“I can tell you a little but you will know already when we get to Zoe in a few seconds…” she simply says while opening a door.

We both got inside and into a small square room with doors on each side.

I think it is better to know about this from someone else than Zoe because that b---h won’t tell me anything properly…

“I think I would like to know now,” I tell her firmly as she opens the left door and we both move inside to find ourselves into another similar corridor again.

“Okay… so, do you know that Abigale made you do this meeting with the King of Yreles without informing the higher-ups?” she asks.

“I do,” I answer her.

“Well, we told them all about it in the last few days and while they were really angry that we did all of this by ourselves without informing them and even more so that declared you, a male, as our leader, Zoe still somehow managed to calm them down.

“I think it’s mainly due to the fact that everything went fine and the King still hasn’t figured out about us,” she tells me.

“That’s good for you and everything, but what does it have to do with me being here?” I ask her while feeling confused.

“Well, after everything got settled down, the higher-ups told us to continue the task they had given us with more cautiously and that they will also be sending a supervisor to look after us from now.”

What the f.u.c.k?

“Supervisor? Why?” I ask in shock.

“For many reasons. First is that so we won’t be able to make decisions on our own the next time something like this happens without informing the higher-ups first. Second is that we will be under the King’s gaze all the time from now, so, we all need special advice on that matter and yeah, she will also be seeing that you do the task we give you properly,” She answers.

Do the task properly?

Wait… she is talking about that **** video I did with Lily…

“What do I have to do!? Don’t tell me that I will—”

“I won’t tell you anything else because it’s not my place to. I will just inform you this, that right now, you will be meeting a person who will help you with this task,” Valerie answers while cutting in-between.

Help me with the task?

“Has the supervisor came already?” I ask.

“No, it is someone else.” She answers while moving towards the room.

Someone else? How many people will help me with this task?

Suddenly, a strange feeling takes me over.

My heart starts to pound really hard as if trying to tell me something…

I don’t know why but I am having a really strong premonition that something really bad will happen if I go inside that room right now.

That I should just run away before it’s too late…

“Why are you stopping?” Valerie asks while turning back.

“I-It’s nothing,” I answer with shaking voice.

Why am I feeling like this? What the heck?

It makes no sense at all!

I start moving forwards but the premonition gets stronger with each step…

Valerie opens the door of the room and gestures me to get inside.

Suddenly, my breathing to get rough as well…

I really shouldn’t go inside…

“They are waiting for you,” Valerie says.

No, I think I am just feeling a bit sick… it’s nothing…

With shaking steps, I move inside the open door and in the next moment, the familiar dimly lit room I was in the last time, comes into my view.

There are many women here whom I have already met but my gaze fell directly upon the silvery blond-haired girl standing in the middle of the room right next to Zoe…

… and everything stops around me as if frozen in place.

“Lily,” A whisper leaks out from my mouth.

Lily is standing right next to Zoe with her eyes wide open in shock as she stares as my face.

It is clear that she couldn’t believe her eyes that I am here right now.

Her lips move slightly and I can trace them to tell that she has just whispered my name as well.

“Ah, you are late, bastard!”

Suddenly, Zoe’s snarling voice enters my ears.

Unconsciously, I remove my gaze from Lily to looks Zoe but she is already done addressing me.

“He is the one I told you about,” She says to Lily.

“The one on your mother’s case and also the one who…”

“…r.a.p.ed you.”

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