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The anonymous post recorded in detail that president Tang used his power to force girls to have a relationship with him, that president Tang asked people to install pinhole cameras to secretly photograph girls in girls'

dormitories, that president Tang even stole girls' underwear and so on.

The more you look down, the more shocking it is. After reading this post, Ji Rou feels that she has gone to the devil's gate.

What a holy and beautiful place the University used to be, but such a heinous thing happened in this land.

"It turned out that he was the one who stole the picture! Last time, he was involved in the loss of the school's loud underwear! " Ji Rou sighed softly.

She never thought that the pervert who secretly photographed the girls would be the Tang principal that all the students respected all the time. No wonder the prince would make such an exclamation. It's true that people can't look good.

The prince added: "today, principal Tang was taken away by the police as soon as he came to the office. Boss, it seems that there is going to be a bloodbath in our university

"Our school's every move is always concerned. Now the principal has such a big thing, can it not cause a bloodbath?"

The university is the most famous university in minluo city. Once the president of the university has an accident, it is a big news that has caused a stir in the whole society.

The incident that the president forced several girls to have a relationship with him was first suspended in the campus, and the last one was out of control. After the president was taken away by the police in the morning, the incident exploded.

Now anyone who can read the words knows it. The University, which has experienced a hundred years of wind and rain, stood on the top of the wave for a time.

The headmaster is controlled by the police, so nature wants to change the headmaster. In a short time, the candidates for the new headmaster are hotly discussed in the forum.

President Tang was reported anonymously. After being arrested, president Tang would benefit the most from the candidate of the new president. Therefore, some people suspect that what president Tang did would be reported to have something to do with the candidate of the new president.

However, even if the candidate of the new headmaster reported against president Tang, it can only show that the candidate of the new headmaster is to eliminate harm for the people. As a teacher, president Tang should be arrested for doing things worse than animals to the students.

Just as everyone was talking about the new principal candidates, Ji Rou received a message from Xie Xiaohua again. Thank you for helping me so much!

Ji Rou doesn't know what Xie Xuehua means. Her fingertips flick, and she sends back a message to Xie Meimei. What do you want to say to me?

Thank you for doing harm to the people. Ji Rou, if it wasn't for you, president Tang's beast would stay in school and continue to plague other girls. "

Ji Rou replied: "ha ha, you really look up to me. Yesterday, I just learned from the gift bag you gave me that the school girls were secretly photographed. How can I know that this was done by president Tang? And even if I knew it was him, I couldn't prove it. Finally, I would like to emphasize that the post was not sent by me. You need to thank me. You should go to the person who sent the post to thank you. "

Xie Xiaohua: "of course I know you don't have that ability, but it's just a message to play with you, and you don't have to be serious with me."

Of course, Xie Xuehua knows that Ji Rou has no ability to bring president Tang to justice, but the man around Ji Rou is very intelligent. As long as he does, president Tang has no room to fight back.

Look, she just gave the evidence to Ji Rou at noon yesterday. This morning, principal Tang was taken away by the police.

In addition to the Qin man next to Jirou, who else can come up with evidence in such a short time for the police to come to arrest people?

Of course not!

Even if there is, no one will fight for such a small thing. That surname Qin is different, because there is Ji Rou among the girls who were secretly photographed.


Often think of these two words, often think of this person, Xie Xiaohua would like to tear her alive. Because the existence of Jirou seems to set off how sad her life is.

Jirou is loved by her parents, her first love and her friends. Now there is another powerful Qin family to protect her.

And she thanked Meimei? She didn't really treat her first love, she didn't have a friend who lived and died, and she didn't rely on the mountain like Qin.

Some of her bodies were stained with scars, some of her nightmares were haunted when she was ruined by president Tang. Maybe without president Tang, her life could be fought. But since she was pressed by him and asked for several times, she knew her life was over.

Thinking of the past, Xie Xiaohua looked at the direction of Tang's detention with gloomy eyes: "Old Tang, I said you wouldn't let me be better, and I won't let you be better."

She has nothing, no one who loves her, no graduation from school and bad reputation. What else does she care about? What else does she have to be afraid of?

No, nothing!

The headmaster was arrested. This matter has a great influence. The teacher didn't give a lecture and the students didn't listen to the lecture. Everyone's attention was focused on the incident of headmaster Tang, and everyone was paying close attention to the news about headmaster Tang.

It's the same with Ji rou. She doesn't even have the heart to listen to the class. She thinks about the two messages Xie Xiaohua just sent. What does Xie Xiaohua want to say to her?

"Boss, who do you think this anonymous person is?" Everyone was guessing about this anonymous person, but they couldn't guess that the prince had no result in discussing with a group of people, and ran to Jirou for advice.

Ji Rou lies on the desk and replies feebly, "how do I know who sent it. Prince, I tell you, I'm upset now. Don't bother me. "

Wang Zi asked, "boss, what's up?"

Ji Rou said, "I tell you, Xie Xiaohua came to me yesterday and gave me a plate. All the pictures and videos in the plate were stolen."

The prince was surprised and said, "boss, you already know about president Tang's stealing photos."

Jirou corrected: "I only know that someone took pictures in our girls' dormitory, but I didn't know that the person who took the pictures was president Tang. I still want to give the evidence to him today."

"Eldest brother" prince thought of some great events. "Xie Meimei is one of the victims. She gives you the evidence, and then you know that someone secretly took the picture. Then president Tang was arrested. Don't you think it's a strange coincidence?"

"Is it" Ji Rou thought of Qin Yinze, thought of the light appearance when he heard the news last night, was it just a fake of him, in fact, he was very concerned about her being photographed, so let people find the evidence? /p

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