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Befriending a ghost - S01 E14

Story 2 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14

Sucide or Murder


Declan Davies



Everything seems clearer, as though I had come out of a fog. The necklace, the house and mostly Cory’s statement all point to the fact that Daphne was murdered but who could have done it and for what reason! I was so pained…….

Why didn’t I think of this earlier! Why didn’t i try to re investigate the cause of her death! But no, all I did was to curse and blame her ……

Oh Daphne! I am really sorry, please forgive your stupid brother!

But what do you mean by starting all over from the beginning? Sasha who was beside me asked

I shifted my gaze slowly back to her …….

Are you trying to re investigate the case? She continued and I nodded slowly…..

And how do you plan on doing that?

Simple! I will start by going to the state police station, Daphne case is barely up to three months so I believe i will get a lead from there. I explained and she nodded slowly

So when do you plan on going? She asked with a far away look …

Tomorrow morning. I answered and she frowned

how will that be possible! Tomorrow is a school day and ……. she tried to say but I cut in…

School can wait , I have to do this on time so that my mind can be at peace

Then I am coming with you . She offered but i shook his head

You don’t need to, I will take care of it myself ….

No Declan , Daphne is my friend and I also want to assist in finding out what really happened to her. She insisted……

I stared at her for a moment and then sighed

Fine! I agreed and she smiled lightly….

Glancing at my wristwatch, it was 19:00

Jeez! I never knew it was this late ….

I need to get going. I informed and she nodded

Let me see you off. She said as we walked out of her room to the sitting room…….


Getting to the sitting room, we met her mother still watching the television with a little girl beside her …..

Doesn’t she get tired! I thought within ….

I will be on my way ma. I informed and she turned sideways to face me

Oh dear! how was the research! Are you done with it? She asked with a smile but before I could answer, Sasha butted in

Yes ma. We are done with it!

I wasn’t talk to you. her mom retorted eyeing her coldly and then faced me ….

What can I offer you? She asked with a smile…

Nothing ma, I am okay . I declined the offer and she frowned

Or are you shy because It is your first time ….

Not at all ma. I assured and she smiled lightly

Okay dear! She said and then faced the little girl seated beside her

Kamara! Won’t you at least say hello to ….. she paused and shifted her gaze to me…

Declan. I completed and she nodded slowly

Hi Declan! the little girl greeted with a puzzled smile , Are you Sasha’s boyfriend? She asked and Sasha scoffed

Can’t you do without saying rubbish in a day! She retorted angrily and the girl rolled her eyes…..

Why are you getting all worked up , I just asked a question. She defended herself…..

Whatever! Sasha muttered and then faced me , let us go……

Good night! I bade at her family before following behind her ……..


I am sorry for the embarrassment. She apologised as she walked me down to my car……..

Embarrassment! how! What embarrassment! I asked in a rush and she furrowed her eyebrow

I thought the silly question my sister asked made you abashed . She said and I chuckled softly

C’mon! Why would I be! She just asked a normal question. I assured

She stared at me for a while and then bent her head shyly

Actually I am kind of curious about the question….

What question? I asked fixing my gaze intently on her …..

The same question my sister asked . She answered with her head still down ……

I chuckled lightly, do you want me to be your boyfriend? I asked and she raised her head up to look at me …..

She swallowed hard , what are you trying to say?

Fine! Let me put it this way , will you be my girlfriend? I asked picking my words and her eyes lit up

Are you for real Declan? She asked to be sure and I nodded

Yes ! Yes! I will be your girlfriend. She answered and I smiled widely …..

Thanks. I said in whispers and then kissed her deeply ….

breaking the kiss, she mumbled something I could not understand…..

What did you say? I asked with an arched eyebrow and she chuckled

I said i need to tell Daphne about this ,she would be so much excited. She said with a wide grin and I exclaimed softly….

hearing about Daphne always makes my heart churn up. I felt so bittered knowing I would never get to see my sister again , how I wish I could get to see her one last time but it was all just a futile thoughts…….

Are you alright? Sasha asked staring into my face and I nodded…

Good night! I bade and looked at the house one more time before getting into the car……

But what really happened to Daphne! Why was her necklace found in Sasha’s room !Was she murdered in her room , if yes who could have done it!…..

I hit my head trying to remember when last we threw a party here ….

Errm I think it was on a Friday, yes the 12-o3. I can vividly remember, we just rounded up with exams and when Daphne told me she would be coming over to the party, I was so surprised… I mean Daphne was a book freak and hated parties most especially night parties……….

But did I even see her at the party? erm yes i did, that was when she scolded at me for humiliating Racheal in front of my friends……and that was the last I saw of her, her body was found in the “big water” underneath the bridge……….

And according to Cory, she killed herself because of a college lover who I never knew……..

I blinked my eyes to stop the tears but it was of no use as the tears rolled down freely……

With a bleeding heart, I started the car and drove off heading to my home………….

Sasha Alfredo


I waited patiently for Declan to drive off before heading back inside ….

I knew he was hurting but was just acting fine because of me ……

I exhaled deeply

Don’t worry Declan , I will stand by you always……

Pushing the door opened , I walked in to meet my mum curious face ……

So who exactly is he to you? She asked

I have told you already mom, he is her boyfriend! Kamara retorted and I glared at her ….

Is he your boyfriend? My mom probed on and I nodded slowly

I said it .Kamara butted in ……

Shut up! My mum barked at her and then faced me

Then why didn’t you let me know on time? She asked calmly and I bent my head shyly

he just asked me out this night. i said with a tiny voice……

She was quiet for a moment and then asked

Do you love him? She asked

Yes mom . I answered with my head still down and she sighed….

Just be careful baby . She advised and I raised my head to look at her

Really! I asked and she nodded

Of course, you are 18 and I believe you are old enough to have a first relationship…..

Oh mother! Thanks so much!

I moved closer to give her a side hug and then ran up the stairs to my room…..


Entering my room, I saw Daphne standing beside my bed

And where are you coming from?i asked with a frown…::

Chill Princess! I went over to see my mom and you wouldn’t believe it , my mom is now back on her feet . She said excitedly and I smiled…..

So did you both find out anything about this room? She asked and I shrugged

Not really , but I got to know that this house use to be a party house . I said and she gave me a confused look

Party house! She repeated and I nodded

Declan told me that the entire grade 12 student donparty here because it was an old abandoned building. I explained and she exclaimed softly….::

So does that mean I got killed in one of those parties? She asked and I froze…..

dang it! Why didn’t I think of this! If it is ……….

The sound of my phone ringing disrupted my thoughts

I picked up my phone from the table and sat down on the bed …..

Checking the caller , it was an unsaved but familiar number

I received it

hello! Who is this? I asked and the person sighed

I can see you have deleted my number! a familiar voice queried

Jayden! I called in disbelief

Yes, it is me Jayden. he said softly and I scoffed ….

So what is it, what do you want? I asked coldly…

I want you back Sasha, I know I offended you and I truly sorry

That Is not possible! I retorted in a huff ……

But why? he asked and I smirked

I have gotten someone else Jayden and believe me when I say he is more handsome and cooler than you…….

But Sasha. he tried to say but I cut him off

Don’t ever call my number again . I warned and ended the call

good riddance to bad rubbish!

Who is that, is it the jerk? Daphne asked and I nodded

And what does he want? She asked with a frown

he said he wants me back but I bullshit him. I answered and she laughed

Good! he has no right to you, you now belong to my brother! She said and I smirked

Oh lest I forget! Declan asked me to be his girlfriend. I informed and she squealed excitedly…..:

Are you for real? She asked to be sure and I nodded…….

This is awesome! I give you both my blessings. She said teasingly and I laughed loudly……

Oh Daphne! I really can’t trade you for anything………



Declan Davies



On getting home , I drove into the compound and parked in front..::

I alighted from the car and walked towards the front door ….

And before I could knock, the door was opened up by my mother……

Where have you been? She asked with a frown and I smirked

Can’t you at least let me come in before you start your questioning. I drawled and she eyed me up before opening the door wider……

I walked in and collapsed on one of the sofa ..

So where are you coming from? She asked while bolting the door…..

From my girlfriend house. I answered and she turned to face me

girlfriend! Is it Racheal? She asked and I scoffed

hell no! I blurted out and she knitted her eyebrow….

I thought you both were dating or did you break up with her? She continued and I shrugged

Something like that!so you should know , I wasn’t the one dating her , she was the one dating me. I corrected and my mom chuckled

You are crazy Declan! What do you mean by that?

Well! She was the one who asked me out and when i told her I wasn’t interested, she pleaded so I got no choice but to give in . I explained and she exclaimed softly…….

So who is this new girl of yours? She asked with a large grin ……

her name is Sasha and she is very….the sound of my phone ringing disrupted our conversation…..

I checked the caller , it was Sasha

I smiled and then looked at my mum

A few minutes please.i pleaded and she nodded her head slowly ..

I received it

hi Declan. She greeted first

hey! how are you? I asked

I am fine, have you gotten home? She asked

Yeah, just got home now……

Alright baby. I will call you before I sleep. She said….

You don’t need to, I will call you myself….

Okay! I love you Declan

I glanced at my mom who was smiling sheepishly before responding….

I love you too. I said and ended the call…..

Awwwww! My son is in love .she beamed happily and I chuckled lightly

I need to go freshen up ….

I stood up from sofa and on taking few steps to the stairs case , she asked

Do you have an extra phone?

I turned back to face her ……..

Yes , do you need it? I asked and she nodded…

I need it to be checking on you , you know I destroyed mine when i erm ……..

I understand mom , I will get it for you . I promised and then climbed up the stairs to my room……….



Cory Abel



Standing in a dark room , I sighted a figure walking slowly towards me……

I tilted my head to get a clearer view of the person and I screamed loudly at what I saw , it was a black haired girl with a white gown bleeding from a cracked skull…..:

Daphne! I muttered………..

Save me! Please save me! Please save me! She pleaded and tried to hold me when I screamed loudly and jolted up from sleep ……..

A cold shiver ran down my spine as I sat up on the bed , i was panting heavily and my heart beat erratically……..

Thanks goodness!It was just a dream! I muttered and sighed in relief

But why am I always having the same dream! the way she pleaded was the same way she did that fateful night ……….

Switching on the light bulb, I turned sideways to meet Racheal curious gaze ……

What is wrong! Why did you scream like that? She asked with a frown ….

I had a night mare. I answered while looking around the room and she scoffed

Is that why you want to scream the whole house down! She retorted angrily….

I saw Daphne in my dream. I said in whispers and she froze…..

Daaaaaapneee. She stuttered and I nodded …..

This is not the first time Racheal and it is driving me crazy ……..

Take a hold of yourself and stop behaving like a baby! She said biting her lips in anger……

But it is …. I tried to say but she cut me off

Or do you want to drop out of high school? She threatened and I shook my head negatively

Good! then you better behave. She said and before I could answer, she placed her lips on mine and kissed me deeply……

And With the anger in me , I pushed her away from me…..

Don’t you have a conscience! I retorted angrily and as expected, she gave me a thunderous slap….

how dare you talk back at me! Do you know I can make your family go back to the gutters or better still , I think I should tell my dad about your recent behaviour………

No please don’t , I won’t question you again . I pleaded and she smirked

Good girl! She remarked and smacked her lips….

So I want you to get down on me . She said seductive and I did so without complaining……..

I shifted her pants and began eating out her tight p---y………..:

Oh Deeeeclan! She moaned loudly…..:

What a delusional fool! I thought within…….




Declan Davies


The sound of the alarm clock woke me up the next morning …..

Shit! I was still sleepy

I stretched and sat up on the bed , glancing at the wall clock, it was 7:50……

Time to get prepared!

I dragged myself up from the bed and went into the bathroom to freshen up , and on returning to the room , I went over to the bathroom and dressed hurriedly in a casual outfit…….

Slinging my backpack across my shoulders, I headed downstairs to the sitting room…….

I met my mom seated on the sofa having breakfast…….

Good morning mum! I greeted

Morning baby! how was your night! She asked

It was fine. I answered and walked out of the house before she would bugged me down with questions…….

Opening the car door, I got in and drove off heading to the Tobacco store ……..

I had an intense cravings for cigarette and knew I had to do something about it ……..


On getting to the store, I parked in front ….

I alighted from the car and walked straight in …..

hi Rudolph! I greeted the man behind the counter and he smiled widely exposing his tobacco stained teeth….

hi boy! What do you want? Cigarette or marijuana…….

A box of cigarette. I answered and he grinned

he brought it out from a big black bag and handed it to me…..

I need a light. I said and he gave it to me……

Pulling out a stick of cigarette out of its packet, I lit it up and inhaled the smoke …..

I felt an instant relief …..

I was soon done with the first one and was about lighting up the second one when my phone rang….

bringing it out of my pocket, I checked the caller and as expected it was Sasha

I received it

Where are you? She asked without greeting

I am on my way . I answered

No, tell me where exactly are you! I have been waiting at the taxi station for the past 20 mins . She queried

I am sorry , I will be with you in a jiffy .I said and ended the call…….

I kept the packet of cigarette inside my pocket, returned the lighter to Rudolph and then headed to my car …..

I got in and drove off heading to the taxi station………..


Getting to the taxi station, I sighted Sasha standing beside a big tree and smiled lightly knowing Daphne was beside her because she was talking to herself……..

Stopping the car , I honk the car horn to get her attention and it worked….

She looked in my direction and nodded to anything Daphne was telling her before running towards me ………

I stared at her in admiration, she is so f-----g hot!

She opened the car door and got in beside me….

You are late . She queried while closing the door……

Is that the way to greet your boyfriend! I said teasingly …..

Oh my bad! I forgot, Good morning Mr Declan. She greeted mockingly and I smiled…

how are you? I asked

Fine. She grunted her response and then looked out of the windows

I sighed not knowing how to handle an angry girlfriend…….

I started the car and drove off heading to the police station……



The drive to the police station was a silent one as Sasha chose not to talk to me

But what did I do! Did I offend her in anyway!

I took a quick glance at her and met her gaze ….

I smiled lightly

Aren’t you gonna talk to me? She asked with a frown and I chuckled

I thought you were angry with me …

And why won’t I! Do you know how worried Daphne and I was! She retorted and I sighed

I am sorry . I apologised ……


We soon got to the police station and I parked in front ……

We alighted from the car and headed straight to the counter …

We met an hefty man dressed in black seated behind the desk ……

Good morning sir! I greeted and he raised his head to look at me

how can I help you? he asked with a furrowed eyebrow.

I glanced at Sasha before answering

I need to see the chief police. I said in whispers and he gave me a curious look

Why! I mean you both are too young to be here, do you have any complaints? he asked but I shook my head

I don’t have any complaints, I am here to find out the truth about something . I corrected

Oh! And what truth are you talking about?

My sister who died three months ago, I want to know the whole truth about her death. I answered in whispers and I saw his eyes widened in surprise

Daphne Davies right? he asked and I nodded slowly

Do you know her? I asked

he stared at me for a while and then sighed

Come with me . he said as he led us to a next room……….


I looked around the big and spacious office and stared in awe at the three recognition awards in the huge shelf ….

Is this your office? I asked still looking around and he nodded

Wow! he must be a top officer. I thought within…..

he sat down behind the desk and offered Sasha and I a seat

We both sat down and he cleared his throat before talking….

I am Sinclair Williams the head of all police detective. he introduced and I widened my eyes in surprise

Wow! Wow! Wow! Sasha exclaimed in surprise and the man smiled…..

So back to our discussion, you said you are Daphne brother right? he asked and I nodded

Your name please? he asked

Declan Davies! I answered

Declan! he repeated and then faced Sasha

And you are?

Sasha Alfredo. She answered

And what is your relationship with Daphne? he asked fixing his gaze on her….

She is my …. she tried to say but I cut her off

Actually she is my girlfriend…….

The man looked at her and then at me ……

Can I talk in front of her? he asked and I nodded……

You see I have been waiting for this day for a long time , a day when a family of Daphne would demand to know the truth about her death. he paused and stared intently at me….

how old are you? he asked

18. I answered

Good!you are officially an adult and I believe you will also reason like one…. so as I was saying, I was the one who sent to collect the autopsy result of Daphne and seeing the result got me all confused……

Confused! how! I asked urging him to continue……

You see there was a very deep mark on her skull, it seems like she was continuously hit by something i can’t even say ….

The thought of what might have happened sent shivers down my spine …..

Are you trying to say my sister had a crack on her skull? I asked with a trembling voice

Not only that , her face was badly damaged…..

Oh my gawd! I exclaimed softly and bit my lips trying to stop the tears from pouring…………

But sir I am still confused about something. Sasha said joining in the conversation…..

And what is that? the man asked

If you were so sure that it was a murder , then why was her death recorded as a sucide ? She asked and the man sighed……..

I don’t know why I am telling you all this, I guess it is because I believe in Justice and to answer your question, we received an order from the chief police to seal up the case as a Sucide ……..


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