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Everyone sat down, watching Collette as she began preaching.

She was speaking on love. Sharon was right, she does have the voice of an Angel and her voice was mesmerizing but I’m not ready to have that conversation.

I was staring fixedly at her, wondering to myself how possible it was for her to be the preacher.

I know I’m not perfect and I’ve done worse stuffs too but Collette?

Like seriously?

Wasn’t this the same Collette who kissed me on my first day at school?

The same Collette that’s been forcing herself on me?

The same Collette fighting over me with Efua?

The same Collette who nearly got herself killed because her lover was getting engaged to a man?

I still can’t believe it.

A sinner preaching to sinners. How fascinating.

Sharon nudged me again, whispering at a low voice. ” So what do you think?”

” I’m still in shock!” I answered.

Sharon grinned. ” She’s been preaching for us since she got appointment by the church during her SS.1.”

I was more than shocked. ” That’s like three years now.”

” You got that right,” Sharon agreed. ” She’s soo good at it. I heard her father was once a priest.”

This was news to me. ” No kidding?!”

” That’s right,” she shooked her head, sadly. ” Her father had to quit priesthood and marry. Collette is probably their only child but from what I heard, her father filed for a divorce.”

” That’s bad,” I said, remembering Vee.

” Her mom remarried and ever since then, Collette’s been gloomy,” Sharon explained. ” It’s tough for her. She doesn’t like her new father as far as I’m concerned.”

” Why?”

Sharon shrugged. ” Beats me.”

” Where on Earth did you dig out all that information from?” I Marvelled at her knowledge. ” You seemed to be current with the latest gossip in school.”

Sharon looked behind to see if anyone was listening. ” Want to know my nickname?”

” You even had a nickname and you never told me,” I scoffed. ” You’re one hell of a friend, you know that.”

” Calm down,” she laughed. ” Alright, I’m sorry. Anyways, I’m popularly known as BBC!”

I pulled a face. ” You mean the British Broadcasting Corporation?”

” Yup!” She smirked playfully. ” That’s because I’m always Current with the latest news or trend.”

” You’re one devil you know that,” I poked her.

” Shhhh!” An usher glared at our direction. ” Keep quiet.”

Sharon and I rolled our eyes and refocused back on Collette.

I specifically was studying her. A lot of stuffs were running through my mind. I still can’t believe it was the same Collette.

She reminded me of a abbess of a convent. But this was a bonafide member of the LILIES. What was she doing with a Bible?

” She’s sweating,” Sharon noted.

” Who?”

” Collette. Just take a look at her face,” she nodded towards her. ” She looks weak and pale.”

She was right. Collette was always pale but this time, she was more paler and weaker with a sick look on her face.

She looks sick. Very sick but she carried on with her preaching until it ended.

Stepping out of church, I was light headed. Like what the f--k just happened back there?

” You’ve got to admit it,” Sharon spoke, following me. ” That was some spiritual moment back there.”

Yeah, spiritual indeed.

” I’m still in shock,” I replied, my hands at the back of my head as we returned back to the hostel. ” Who’d have thought my roommate was a preacher.”

And a Lily. I frowned.

Sharon didn’t say anything but I bet she was happy I went to church today.

On our way up the stairs, a young girl called my name. ” Lucy, Lucy!”

Sharon and I turned and frowned when we saw her. She was a junior student and she was calling me by my name.

How dare she? Although I remember I do call Efua and Collette by their first name so it’s no biggie.

” What do you want?” I asked when she stopped before us. ” And hey, note how you call my name in public. Address me properly.”

She rolled her eyes. ” Efua wants you.”

Efua?! The name came like a bomb to me.

” Wait,” I screwed my eyes at her. ” You look somewhat familiar.”

” I’m her roommate, remember,” she scoffed.

Now I remembered. The girl I met on Efua’s first night with me while I was fetching two of her six empty gallons.

” Why does she want her?” Sharon asked, not liking the idea of Efua and me together.

” What do you care? She wants her and she’s got to come,” the girl said, chewing a gum.

Sharon went red. ” Now look here you little—”

But I interrupted her before she could cause a scene. ” Hey it’s alright, Sharon. I’ll go.”

Sharon held me by the ear and drew it to her mouth. ” Don’t be stupid, Lucy. Today is Sunday and you know what that means.”

” Yup,” I grinned uneasily. ” We keep the Sabbath day holy?”

She yanked at my ear and I yelped in pains. ” Owww, easy with the yanking.”

Sharon released my ears and stood at akimbo. ” It means, we should dedicate our time to review our books for tomorrow. We have C.A test, remember?”

Nursing my ear, I tried to look calm. ” Relax, Sharon. It’s just a brief meeting. I don’t intend to stay long.”

” I don’t like the way you’re getting close to that girl called Efua. She’s bad news,” Sharon whispered away from the little girl’s ears.

” I’ll be fine,” I maintained. ” You worry too much.”

” I’m waiting,” the girl burst a gum bubble loudly in her mouth.

” Cool it, Sharon,” I tapped her shoulder. ” I’ll join you in your room sooner.”

And I followed the girl to Efua’s room.

Efua was lying on her bed with books scattered all over. But she wasn’t reading any of them. She was studying herself in her compact mirror.

” She’s here,” the girl announced, opening the door as I stepped in.

Efua immediately rose to her feet and smiled at me. ” Hello, my pet.”

I was surprised. Did she call me pet?

” That’s a funny name, Efua,” I laughed. ” I’m not a pet.”

” But you are to me,” Efua approached me. ” It’s the way we address each other as lovers.”

I immediately glanced behind me to check if her roommate had heard that but to my surprise, she wasn’t there. Efua and I were all alone in the room.

” Don’t worry,” I felt Efua’s breath over my neck and I felt a light kiss on my cheeks. ” We have the room to ourselves. We won’t be disturbed.”

I took a step back away from her. ” Umm…. Efua, can we cool it off a bit? This is a holy day. You know what I mean?”

She smiled and her hands went behind her back. ” Are you scared of me now, my pet?”

I still don’t understand why she calls me her pet. I seriously don’t like it.

” Let’s just say, I’m not your pet for start,” I said, cautious of my tone of voice. ” Also why I’m I even here in the first place?”

She regarded me for a while then her face fell. ” So you’ve really begun to hate me, haven’t you?”

” Ofcourse not,” I closed my eyes then opened it. ” I can never hate you, Efua.”

She sighed and returned back to her bed. ” It’s alright, Lucy. Come take a seat beside me. I want to talk to you.”

” How about I just grab a seat,” I said, dragging a seat towards her bed. ” Hope you don’t mind?”

She didn’t say anything until I sat down on the chair.

” Well, it’s about your studies,” she said, crossing her legs. ” As your school god mother, it is my responsibility and duty to ensure you do well academically. Now tell me, how have you been keeping up with your studies?”

I was glad she brought that up. ” Terrible. Very terrible. I s--k at all the subjects in class. I can’t even remember a thing we’ve learnt this week. It’s that bad, Efua. I’m scared I might not pass my C.A test tomorrow.”

She became really thoughtful. ” Did you tell Collette about your troubles?”

” I did but…” I paused as I realized I was saying too much. ” She’s doing her best.”

” Any improvement Soo far?”

My lips were getting dried. ” She said it’d take time.”

Efua leaned forward at me. She touched my nose. ” That’s what you said, not her. Stop lying to me, Lucy. I know that girl. She’s too selfish to help anyone. She’s never helped anyone as far as I’ve known her and you’re no exception.”

I passed my tongue round my dried lips. ” Well, that’s not what I think but still, I’m not certain of my test tomorrow.”

” I’ll help you,” she said sharply. ” Tonight, the hostel would be busy. There’d be steady electricity for everyone to study at night in preparation for tomorrow’s test. You are free to sleep over in any room for just this night. It’s always like that every exam week.”

” That’s great,” I was happy about the steady electricity. ” I’d stay up at Sharon’s room to study.”

” You won’t meet up,” she said, sharply. ” Stay in my room instead.”

” Why?” I asked, uncomfortable with her strange room.

” Because if you do, I’ll help you study,” Efua said. ” Now nerds like us don’t read a thing at nights like this cause we’ve read enough. Times like this, we just go to bed early or help out with the Juniors in preparation for test tomorrow. I decided you’re the one I’m going to help.”

” Wow,” I was baffled. ” I’m grateful, Efua.”

Then I remembered Collette’s warning but I forgot about it almost immediately. ” You have no idea how I’ve been trying over time to study.”

” It’s a piece of cake,” she grinned. ” Just give me your time tonight and I’ll see how far we can both go. I can’t guarantee you 100% success but at least, you’d be able to cover up a little above average.”

” What’s the average score for C.A tests?”

” Well, it’s total score is out of Five. If you can get 3.4 point out of 5.0, you’re good to go. Exams are different as it’s a out of ten stuff–”

” I’m aware of that,” I spoke immediately. ” So when do we start?”

” Right now, if you’re not busy,” Efua said. ” There’s no better time than now. We could cover a great amount of subjects before dinner.”

” This is great,” I was as happy as f--k. ” Alright, I’ll go get my books. Give me a minute.”

And I dashed out of her room. I was expecting to see Collette in the room but she wasn’t yet back.

That wasn’t my problem. I have a test to prepare for tomorrow. Grabbing my books, I locked the room and raced back to Efua’s room.


•••••••••AUTHOR’S POV•••••••

” Check mate,” Vee said, dropping her queen before Collette’s king.

Collette fell her king before Vee’s queen. ” You won, congratulations.”

Vee smiled, taking her cup of coffee to her lips, sipping slowly. ” You’re going smoothly, just a little more practice and you’d become perfect.”

Collette stirred her tea, staring at the chess board before the two of them. ” I’m trying my best. Just not sure I’d be able to go against Zaki next year in the finals.”

” You’d do great,” Vee said, arranging the chess pieces again. ” That was last year. Next year would be better. Zaki is a fine player but he’s not the best.”

Collette sighed. ” He beat me in five seconds flat.”

” That’s because you were scared of him,” Vee set the timer. ” I was there, Collette. Your fears made you lose not Zaki.”

” I’ve played,” Collette made a move on the board and tapped on the pedal on the timer. ” Your turn.”

Vee brought out her knight. ” It’s been long we’ve both had to spend some quality time together, Collette,” she smiled. ” How’s your health?”

” Better,” Collette replied, frowning.

Vee regarded her then sipped from her cup of tea. ” About my engagement, Collette. I—”

” Save it,” Collette spoke sharply. ” I don’t want to talk about it.”

Vee made a move on the board and leaned back on her chair, watching her closely. ” Well, I just want you to know I’d be getting married after New year.”

Collette was silent.

Vee reached for her hand but she drew it away.

Vee sighed. ” Collette, if you’d just listen to me.”

” I’m listening,” Collette replied her, frowning at the chess board as if it was the major cause of her anger. ” Just don’t touch me.”

Vee added a little milk to her coffee and turned off the chess timer. ” My mother is hasty about the marriage rites and everything. She wants me married before February so it was agreed we tie the knot on January after New year’s day.”

Collette was still silent.

Vee drank from her cup. ” I’m going to marry him, Collette.”

Collette frown went deeper and her hands clutched to her skirt.

” But,” Vee continued. ” I’m not going to last with him for long. The moment I take over the school from my mother, I’d sign a divorce and establish myself as an independent lady. I just want you to know my intentions. I want you to understand my plans for my future because I knew how much hurt you get from this marriage arrangement with my fiance.”

” It’s none of my business anymore,” Collette said, stirring her tea. ” You can marry whoever you chose.”

Vee stood up from her seat and moved over towards a canvas she had set up for her painting.

She was painting a large rose flower which was nearly completed. Sitting on the stool, she took up her brush and continued from where she stopped.

Collette remained where she sat, glaring at the chess board, her thoughts running far and wide.

For a long while, nothing was said between them. Then Vee broke the silence.

” I’m sorry.”

Collette moved her lips. ” About what?”

” Well, you’ve been working really hard for your exams and all in the name of trying to please me and make you my favorite because of your love for me. So I didn’t reciprocate that same love back,” Vee paused, adding colours to the painting. ” I admit it really is my fault you sulked and got all defensive about my engagement to another man after turning you into the person you are presently. So I decided to move forward.”

Collette raised her head and stared at her.

Vee smiled as she mixed two different colours on the painting. ” You know, I think no matter how you chose to live your life, there’d be regrets. But there are things you choose to learn from it. I still love you, Collette. You’re my number one. Now and forever. No matter what happens, you’ll always be my favorite.”

Collette slowly stood to her feet. She could feel her heart growing warmer.

Vee stood up as well. ” Ah, there. All finished. How do you like my new painting?”

Collette didn’t answer and when Vee looked at her, she was surprised to see tears in her eyes.

She smiled. ” Now don’t you cry, my pet,” she spread her arms wide. ” Come to me.”

Without thinking, she ran up to her and went in her arms, burying her face in her shoulder as she sobbed.

Vee held her tight and kissed her hair. ” It’s alright, dear. Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

” I love you Soo much, MOM,” Collette whispered, sulking.

” I love you more,” Vee rubbed her hair then she gently pulled away from her. ” You should head back to the hostel. It’s nearly dinner time.”

Vee went on inside her bedroom. Collette hesitated then followed her in.

Vee was staring at herself in the wall mirror when she saw Collette come in.

Collette came up behind her and they stared at their reflection in the mirror.

Their eyes met in the mirror. Vee looked fixedly at Collette, her eyes glittering. ” Better head back to the hostel, Collette.”

” No.”

Collette hand’s were shaking and she was short of breath.

” It’ll happen sooner or later,” Vee said, ” but I don’t want it to happen now. Please go, Collette. Not now.”

Collette’s hand closed over her waist and her breath brushed against Vee’s neck. She felt a shiver run through Vee as one of her hand fondled on her br**sts.

” I really missed doing this to you, MOM,” Collette whispered in her ear. ” Please don’t push me away.”

Vee closed her eyes, feeling Collette’s hand unzipping her jeans.

Collette flickered out her tongue and licked up Vee’s earlobe slowly and gently.

She could feel Vee quavering.

Her wet warm tongue wrapped around her ears and she s----d lightly while her free hand pulled down Vee’s jeans.

Suddenly Vee felt her jeans falling down her legs. Collette smiled. ” MOM, your panties are already wet.”

Vee felt Collette’s finger wandering around her hole and she looked away, blushing red.

Collette turned her around so she could face her and she pushed her against the bed.

” Collette,” Vee began but stopped when she saddled her and plunged her lips around her mouth.

The two women remainded on the bed, feeling each other’s wet tongue against each other and exchanging their saliva through their kiss.

Collette’s hand returned back to Vee’s wet panties and she slipped her hand in and rubbed on the throbbing wet v*gina.

Vee contrasted and grabbed the sheet. ” Gosh, I miss this.”

Collette then started by putting in one finger then another until her fingers were fixed like the devil’s horn.

She began thrusting it inside the hot squishy walls of Vee’s c--t, watching the beautiful moaning face Vee was Makin.

” Haah, haah, ooohh,” Vee bite her lips, s------g her eyes at each t----t. ” Ch.. Chi-Chi, t-take it easy.”

Collette face returned back to hers and she s----d on Vee’s wet tongue. ” MOM, I want to s--k br**sts.”

Vee rolled her eyes back as Collette increased speed on the fingers in her c--t. ” Go ahead.”

Collette free hand pulled up the shirt Vee was wearing and drew down the bra.

Two bouncy round bôobs stared at her with rigid hard nipples begging to be s----d.

Without wasting a second, Collette covered her mouth around a n----e and s----d like a hungry baby.

Vee gasped for air, holding Collette’s head as she went faster, fingering her c--t.

” Gosh!” Vee swallowed, panting like a dog. ” Collette, please take it easy… I’m…. I’m about to c-m.”

” Not yet,” Collette left the nipples and pulled down Vee’s pant.

Before Vee knew it, Collette was in-between her legs, licking up her juices on her shaved c--t.

” Sh*t!” Vee threw her head back and covered her face with her hand. ” You’ve killed me, CHI-CHI. You’ve killed me. Stop doing that, please.”

Collette fingers returned back inside her hole as she continued s-----g on Vee’s clits.

Vee was now moaning loudly, one hand squeezing her br**sts. ” Stop, Chi-Chi, please….if you continue like this I’ll…. I’ll….”

But Collette didn’t stop until she made Vee reach o----m. Vee sighed softly, turning away from Collette, her body weak and heavy.

She panted. ” What have you done?”

Collette sat beside her, took up her face and kissed her lips. ” I call it, payback for putting me through turmoil all these while.”

Vee regarded her then smiled and kissed her back. ” I hope I’m now forgiven.”

” For now,” Collette pecked her forehead. ” Let’s spend the night together. I want to sleep in your arms tonight, MOM.”

Vee closed her eyes then smiled. ” So do I, my pet.”




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