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💝Victor’s POV💝

I broke the kiss and pressed her to my body..

My heart was heavy and I felt like I would break down, her body was filled with dirt and she was breathing so heavy that I thought she would faint..

Her head was resting on my chest as I stood still stroking her hair..

There were blood dropping from many part of her body and that is really shredding my heart…

“Who was after you?” I asked slowly sniffing my tears

“Can’t you see them?.. They may have ran away after seeing me with you, they wants to take me away, they killed the woman who helped me..” She muffled..

“Let’s go..” I spoke out and carried her in a bridal way heading straight to my house..

It is over, her pain has to stop once and for all, but where is her mother?

“Where is your mother?” I asked and her sad face deepen..

“She is nowhere to be found..” She replied making my eyes widen in shock..

“What??..she left you..or was she kidnapped??..”

“I can’t tell, she left and couldn’t come back..” Her voice cracked with more tears..

I couldn’t tell how I am feeling now, my legs are weak and I feels my whole system going down..

The pain she must be passing through isn’t something to write about.. A poor blind girl left alone..I don’t know what to do except taking her to my house, yes..I’ll personally take care of her…


Finally I got home and put a call to my personal doctor who came immediately…

Presh was laid on my bed as the doctor treats her wounds..I sat glumly on a stool gazing at the poor soul wondering what her crime was..

She doesn’t look like someone wicked, why would a thing like this befall her..I am sadden, I want her to see me..

I want a stop to her blindness and I will equally spend my last dime to make her see..

Anna wasn’t at home and I can’t just wait for her to return so she would see how much pain this blind girl is passing through

She may hate poor or blind people but I’m sure the condition of presh would move her to love and care for her..

“Victor!!” I heard my name making me raise my head sharply..

It was from presh, she has been unconscious after the treatment and now finally she is awake..

“Presh..how do you feel..?” I asked with a wet eyes as I took her hand into mine softly..

“Where I’m I?” She asked and I swallowed hard seeing her tears, seeing her weakness..

She looks so stunning but anguish had made her look rough..

“You are at my house.. I brought you here, please keep calm, you must still be weak..” I cooed

“Is this the end of pain from my dad and the people around?.. ” She asked with a little smile and i smiled back nodding my head..

“Yes dear.. I can’t leave you away from me any longer..” I pressed her hand softly making her smile again..more wider..

It later vanished,

“Where is my mother?” She suddenly asked and I breathed..

“I’ll find her for you, as a pri…” I paused not wanting her to hear I was a prince..

“You are the Prince, I already know..please just find my mother..” She sulked

“I’ll do all I can, she must be found..don’t get too fretful, trust me..but..Wow, you know I am a Prince??..it is my little secret, I wonder how you know, let me get you something to eat..” I smiled and she nodded and fondled my cheek which was where her hand touched as she moved it to my direction..i giggled and rushed out..

💝Anna’s POV💝

I got into the house with a wide smile, I need to spend my time with Victor,

Since he came here, we haven’t had a great time together, it seem the blind girl is shattering everything..

I was very glad when he said he would be coming here for us to spend some time together before we both returned back to the city..but it looks like it isn’t happening..

Presh is stealing his attention making him lost in thought..I really regret the day they met..


“Victor!!” I called holding the present I just bought carefully..

Yeah, I bought it for him, we have to start enjoying our self, we are dating and would get married soon…

You can’t tell how happy I am, Victor would not be able to see presh again, she had been taken away by the men sent..

I just want her very far away from him, if they should be together, then everything I had kept as a secret for long would be exposed..

Presh is a threat and the fact that she is blind is the reason why what I dreaded hasn’t happen..


If she sees Victor one day, then I’m doomed, no one would understand this..

I need to tread carefully, presh shouldn’t die but should never come near Victor…

“You are back!” I heard victor’s voice as he walked out of the kitchen..

I arched my brow staring at his hand..

“Are you eating without me?” I asked and he smiled and shook his head..

“It is for someone..” He said happily..

I could see it clear in his eyes, he was so happy..

“You seem to be very happy, who caused that and who are you giving that food to??” I asked not understanding the whole thing..

“There is no need saying it out, let’s go and meet her” he squeaked and grabbed my hand as he led me upstairs..

I wonder who this person is??

He took me to the guest room and closed the door,

Someone was lying on the bed, it was a lady and she seem sick..

“Who is she?” I asked walking closer..

He dropped the tray and also walked to the bed..

The girl was facing the other side so I can’t see her face..

“Presh!!!” Victor called out and for some moment I couldn’t move..

What did I just hear??

I was still doubting if I heard him well when the lady turned to our side and there I saw her clearly..

Presh was lying there on the bed comfortably..

My heart stopped working for some second as I found my whole body trembled..

I’m I dreaming?

Someone should please wake me up, I can’t believe my eyes..it can’t be real..never!!!

“Pretty angel, your food is here, you got to eat before cleaning up, you must be very hungry..” Victor cooed as he helped her up..

I was standing there totally dumbfounded..

What is happening?

Is presh two?

Does she has a twin who is identical??

This can’t be her??


“Hey Anna, can you see how much she needs help, she had really passed through a lot..” Victor said to me

“What is she doing here?” I breathed finding it hard to even talk..

“She is living with us, I don’t want her to suffer again, people are after her life, I’ll help her to even get her sight..” He added and my eyes widened..

I felt totally confused..

What is he saying?

I wasn’t talking so he gave me a stare, I could see how he squint his eyes all over me trying to read expression..

“I need to rest..” I sighed and threw the present I bought to him with anger..

This is unbelievable…

Presh would be living here with me..

He wants to make her regain her sight..

What is all this?

Does it means my end is near?

Does it means my secret is slowly coming out?

I can’t let it happen..

My one wish is for presh to die a natural death, that had been while I subjected her to emotional pain but she was strong..

I can’t kill her with my hand..nobody can even kill her with their hand, she has the force of life around her, the only thing that can kill her is pain from the heart..

Suffering from people that she relent on to save her..

Maltreatment from her loved ones..

All this is what could take life away from her and I had been actually succeeding, it was close, but right now everything has be destroyed..

Victor is making her happy..

I don’t know what to do..

I just have to call her and tell her about this..

I rushed into an empty room and shut the door before putting a call across..

“Presh was saved by Victor and right now she is living here with us..” I said immediately she picked the call..

“What??..gosh!!.. Well, she would leave that house very soon” she said and I arched my brow confusedly..

“What would you do?..how would she leave, I guess she is liking Victor so much..” I said frantically..

“I have her mother here with me..she would leave that house at my order or would have her mother dead…” She stated and I felt relieved..

Immediately she leaves, I’ll send much of my men to take her far away from here, very far…

She can’t come and ruin everything..

To be continued.

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