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we drive along the road to meet the pastor ,I still can’t believe boss femi is my lost brother,I found my brother by birth mark

I remember when I was still young,my mother explained to us about the birth sign on our shoulder,she said as soon we clock a year,the sign will reflect itself which shows the true child of David Olabode

,I found my relatives,at last

📚 Ayomide📚

What a small world,so Eriola has been someone close,no wonder my spirit went along with her,I honestly don’t wanna make friends ever since chioma did what she did ,but I can’t just restrict the fact that I love Eriola

Here we are

We stepped down of the car

“Please let me have my son ” femi shouted

“An not dropping the one with me,maybe you should collect the one with Ayo” she objected

I dropped the baby for him as we moved inside

Good after pastor


Good afternoon ,ohh, Ayomide,how you,you welcome,Eri..

Pastor paused with his mouth opened as he moved closer to Eriola looking at the sign on her shoulder


Sorry where did you get the mark from Eriola

“She is my sister sir,it’s a family mark” femi quickly replied

Did you know Olabode David and mayowa Olabode

“That’s my parents name” femi said with his mouth opened

Ahh,my God ,I opened my shoulder also as the same mark was see


My God ,daddy ?

Yes,I am David Olabode, crying

This is surprising and emotional,we all broke down in tears as we embraced each other after a proper introduction

How did you escaped it


Someone rescued me and I met timi beside me on the bed , that was all I know daddy until I was discharged and started doing some hunting job for survival,years after,I met a guy who brought my hands into laptops

Did you say timi is still alive

“Yes daddy” femi replied

“Wow, brother timi is still alive,where is he right now”

“He stays in school”femi answered with a low voice .

We all left the church and arrived at femi’s house


We all bursted into laughter after pastor David had cracked jokes to us ,yes,we’ve seen timi and they’ve all know each other

📚 Femi📚

Have seen everyone aside my mum ,I wish I can just meet her one of these days,

“Femi” a familiar voice came from the entrance

Here comes timi from his outing with a woman

Oh my God ,mummy ,timi how come

In a blink of eyes, we’ve created a scene,I mean everyone had gathered in the living room to see why I make noise,I can’t loose from the hug I gave my mum as I wept bitterly

I knew she is my mother,the only soul I recognized Even if she was transformed into another thing,there is this scar by her cheeks

.she got the scar since she was going according to the what she told us

Mum ,where have you been

“The lady thing j remember was the accident ,till I found myself been adopted by that your friend ,pointed to timi”


Yes ,I visited my friend and I met my mum as the cook in the house ..

Pastor David

God ,I know I serve a living God but why did you seperated us at the first

I believe everything happens for a purpose

Joy at last as the family reunited

The story still continues……..

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