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I looked at my phone and sighed. “It’s him.”

“Speaking of the devil, answer it!” she insisted. I

pressed the phone to my ear.

“What?” I hissed, earning a glare from Mere. ‘Be nice,’

she mouthed to me. I rolled my eyes at her.

“What are you doing?” he sounded casual, chirpy


“Why are you calling me?” This is how our normal

conversations go. I’m snappy and angry and he

doesn’t even mind.

“Can’t I just talk to you? I don’t know many people

here,” he sighed.

“I constantly tell you to make friends but you follow

me around like a lost puppy,” I countered. Suddenly

the phone was ripped from my hand and Mere was

leaping off of the counter.

“Hello?” she waited a minute. “You’re library boy,

right?” she sighed before replying. “You’re the boy

that flirted with her at the library, right?”

“Meredith Alexandra Turner!” I snapped and she

glared at me before running behind a game cart. I

advanced toward her.

“Yes, she did tell me about that,” she replied. “Yeah,

that’s me. I was surprised that you accepted my

request!” she said cheerfully.

“Mere!” I hissed, trying to grab onto her but she

slowly backed away from me. She had a height and

speed advantage but I had anger and an annoyance


“I’m her best friend and her co-worker, future sister

in law, too,” she smirked. “No, I’m not dating her

brother yet but I will, soon enough,” she explained.

“Meredith, give me back my cell phone!” I tried to

jump but tripped. She laughed loudly as if he said a


“You know him? You’re so lucky! She won’t let me

talk to him. She even blocked me on his Facebook

and Twitter,” she waited a moment. “Yes, because

she thinks I’m using her to get to him,” she told him.

I told Mere why I didn’t want her to meet my brother

a while back but I don’t believe that anymore. It’s like

she’s my sister now and it’d be weird to walk into

my house to see her and my brother playing tonsil

tennis on the couch.

“Yeah, you get used to her threats and jabs and after

a while, she stops,” Mere convinced.

“Meredith Alexandra Turner, I will grab you by your

hair and I will slice your stomach open and use your

intestines as a noose,” I threatened her, approaching

her slowly.

“And eventually, she’ll start them back up again,” she

informed him, letting out a nervous laugh. “Yeah,

she tells me how you follow her around like a lost

puppy, too. I think it’s adorable,” she informed him.

“Meredith!” How can she spill my secrets to him like

that; even though they’re not secrets, they’re close to


“You have a cousin? He’s the one that told you to go

flirt with Van?” she waited a minute. “Yeah, I call her

Van. Anyway, your cousin told you to flirt with her?”

she changed the subject again.

I stood there with my hand on my hip, glaring at

Meredith. “I hate you so much Meredith,” I told her

as I tried to grab my phone again. She quickly

dodged me and I continued to glare at her.

“He’s a guy?” Mere frowned after a minute. “He’s

gay? That stinks, I mean, it’s good for him but it

stinks for me.”

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