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“I’m not quite sure if you’re human,” I countered.

“Why? Am I too hot to be human?” he turned his

head slightly and ran his hand through his hair while

biting his lip. Somebody say model?

“No, you’re a bit creepy, though,” I informed him,

eating a Pringle.

He frowned, pouting out his lower lip. The guy was

admittedly cute but I had a thing for bad boys like

almost every other teenage girl known to man; the

kind of guy that drives a motorcycle and wears

leather jackets on a daily basis. “You’re really nice,

you know that?” he sighed.

I smiled at his sarcasm. “Thanks, I get that a lot,” I


“I bet you do,” he smirked. The smirk disappeared

once he looked over my shoulder. I turned my head

to see Shaw making his way towards us. I turned to

look at Jonah. “Run,” his voice was a whisper, but I

heard it loud and clear.

Leaving our food at the table, (rude and disrespectful,

I know) we quickly dashed inside the cafeteria,

quickly walking towards the exit of the large room. I

felt people’s eyes trained on us and I adjusted my

bag on my shoulder. We heard the same doors we

entered a moment ago open and close loudly. I let

out a whimper and before I knew it, the bell rang and

everyone got up, walking to the cafeteria’s exit.

“Thank God,” Jonah sighed once we entered the

classroom. I can’t help but be a bit grateful that we

actually have this class together today. We made our

way towards the back of Mr. G’s classroom. Francis

was leaning back in his seat, although his chest was

on the back of the chair and his hands were resting

on my desk.

As I slumped into my seat, my eyes fixed on Francis.

“What do you want, Franny?”

He just smirked at me. I raised an eyebrow and

leaned back in my seat. “Arthur wants to know how

you’re doing,” he told me.

I felt my teeth clench and my eyes narrowed.

“What’s your problem, Francis?” I bit.

He let out a loud laugh and as he sobered up; he

threaded his fingers together and rested his chin on

them. “My problem is-.” I didn’t let him finish.

Instead, I kicked the chair’s legs and he fell forward,

his face connecting with my desk on the way down.

Jonah was bent over in laughter, his hand holding

onto the desk to keep him from falling over. I heard a

groan from Francis. “Ms. Harp!” I looked up at Mr. G.

“Yes?” I innocently asked.

“What happened to Francis?” he walked over to the

desk and surveyed the area. His eyes darted back to

me, then to Jonah, and back to me.

“I’m not sure, sir; it seems as if he fell when he was

laughing,” I frowned, looking down at Francis. I

couldn’t help but smirk down at him before

contorting my face into one of sympathy when my

eyes met Mr. G’s.

“Well then, he needs help to the nurse. Savannah,

please take this boy to the nurse,” he instructed. My

eyes widened slightly.

“But I can’t carry him,” I explained, watching as he

struggled to get up. He looked disoriented. Maybe he

was just a good actor.

“Then Jonah, can you accompany Savannah to the

nurse’s office?” Mr. G smiled down at Jonah who just

sobered up from his laughter.

“Of course,” Jonah smiled up at the teacher.

“Why can’t he bring Francis himself?” I fought.

“I’m sure that Jonah can’t find his way to the nurse’s

office on his own; it’s only his fourth day here, Ms.

Harp,” Mr. G looked down at Francis before glancing

back up at the two of us. “Get going now.”

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