When Trouble Meets Trouble -S01 E12

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“You have sisters?” I asked him. My eyes scanned

the screen. It was pictures of him and a few guys

hanging out around a bonfire;

his hair soaking wet

and a towel was draped around his shoulders. He

stuck his tongue out at the camera. The weather

must have been a big change for him.

“Yes, two actually.” When he said those words, I

landed on a picture of two girls who looked exactly

the same. “They’re twins, Sabrina and Sierra. They’re

fourteen.” That explains it.

“Are they in high school?” I asked him.

“Yeah, they start tomorrow. They were too scared

this morning. They weren’t ready either,” he snorted

and I rolled my eyes. “They wanted to see how I

took it.” I smiled at that. He seems like a good older

brother. “So I told them that it was terrible and that

the food was disgusting and that all the freshman

guys were ugly and stupid,” he laughed maniacally.

I let out a loud laugh. That was unexpected. I

continued laughing the more I thought about it; the

look of horror on the girl’s faces must’ve been worth

it. “That was funny,” I told him.

“But then I told them that it was pretty okay. I left out

the part about people already hating me and chasing

us down a hallway,” he laughed.

“WHAT?” A girl screeched in the background and I let

out another stomach aching laugh.

“I was only joking, Sabrina!” he shouted when I

heard a door slam and he sighed. “Whatever, I’m

not getting up to comfort her. She has a twin for

that.” I was still laughing; I just laughed harder and it

interrupted my stalking.

“Anyway, the weather must have changed a lot

from California, right?” I asked once I caught my

breath. He was laughing just as hard as I was and he

finally calmed down.

“Yes, that’s for sure. That’s another reason why my

sister’s couldn’t make it to school. They’d yet to go

shopping for appropriate attire,” he informed me.

“Have you ever sees snow?” I asked him, clicking

through his pictures. A picture of him in a large pool

with one eye squinted closed and his hair over his

face as he smiled up at the camera greeted me and I

wrinkled my nose.

“Not before last week, no,” he informed me and I let

out a sigh. “It was hot where I lived; it wasn’t cold

enough for snow.”

“It must’ve been nice in California,” I rested my head

on my pillow. “Are you completing this year? Or are

you leaving before it’s over?” I asked him, staring up

at the ceiling for a moment before turning back to the


“I’m staying here; I’m not going back to California.

My parents didn’t like it there, anyway. They had to

travel too often. So you can get as attached to me as

you want,” he joked and I rolled my eyes.

“I didn’t mean it like that, you idiot,” I snorted,

clicking through his pictures. I exited them after a

moment when a shirtless picture of him came up.

Talk about awkward.

“Sure you didn’t. What are you doing?” he asked me

and I coughed awkwardly. “I can hear the clicking of

your computer.”

“I’m just on Facebook,” I admitted. I was lying by

omission. I didn’t include the part about me stalking


“Send me a friend request,” he told me and I waited

a moment before clicking the ‘Add Friend’ button. He

laughed loudly.

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