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“No, I think I got it covered,” I told him with a smirk.

He furrowed his eyebrows and wrinkled his nose.

“Do you like this guy?” he asked.

I scoffed at the question while shaking my head. “No,

not at all; he’s a new student and he follows me

around. He’s aggravating,” I explained.

“Just like you,” my brother snorted, a smile on his

lips. He started retreating back to his room. “If he

calls me again, I’m giving him your number.”

“No, you’re not!” I snapped, desperation in my voice.


“Tell him to try me,” my brother turned in his

doorway with a challenging look. I wrinkled my


“Not that I have anything against it, but that’s a bit

gay, don’t you think Jer?” I couldn’t help but smirk as

my brother rolled his eyes.

“You’re such a loser.” He sighed, shaking his head

while I just smiled and began walking towards my



My room is an array of different colors; containing a

bit of pink. I know, I know; I don’t strike you as the

girl who loves pink. That’s because I don’t. I just like

the color; it goes well with other colors, too. There’s

also green, black, white, and blue.

I settled onto my bed and turned on my television,

ready to play videogames when a knock came from

the door. “Hey, honey. It’s mom,” she called. I was

surprised she didn’t just barge in. She does that a lot.

I opened the door to be greeted with my mother

who had a box of half-eaten chocolate chip cookies. I

immediately accepted her peace offering, not that

there was a need to have one- my mother and I

rarely argue. She laughed and entered my bedroom,

closing the door behind her while I sat on my bed

eating the cookies like a pig.

“How was school?” my mother asked and before I

had the chance to close the door, there was another

knock. I groaned, putting the cookies down and

walking to the door to see my brother standing


“Phone call for you,” he told me, holding out his

iPhone. I took it in my hands. “You have 2 minutes

to talk and tell him to stop calling for you.”

“Hello?” I asked, leaning against my doorway.

“Hey, Savannah.” Jonah greeted.

“Stop calling my brother’s phone,” I snapped,

annoyed. I was hoping he’d say yes and hang up the

phone but instead he laughed.

“Him?” my mother piped in, sounding excited.

I glared at Jeremiah who just shrugged, mentally

telling me that he had no clue our mother was in my

room. I held up my hand, giving her a polite smile

and she rolled her eyes. She’d just wasted a good

fifteen seconds.

“Why should I?” he teased and I glared at the floor.

“I told you to, that’s why,” I retorted and he laughed


“I’m afraid that’s not a good enough answer,” he

replied. I clenched my teeth and rubbed the bridge of

my nose.

“I will punch you in the face if you call again,” I

threatened and he laughed, again.

“Van!” my mother hissed and I shook my head in

her direction.

“That’s a chance I’m willing to take,” he was

obviously smirking.

“Don’t you have someone else to annoy?” I


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