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My family isn’t rich but we aren’t poor. We’re high

class like most of my classmates, but we didn’t buy

a super huge house that doesn’t suit our family; it’s

big, but my family manages to fill it up quite well.

We inherited this house from my mother’s parents.

Originally, my parents were going to buy a small

house but my grandfather convinced my mom to

take the house, so she did. My mother, my father,

Jeremiah, and I all live here.

Our house is large, including five bedrooms and four

bathrooms; we originally had two but my father put

one into Jeremiah’s room because we used to share

the same bathroom and when he would go number

two, it would have to be cleared out for a day. We

have a larger living room and a larger kitchen but the

dining room is medium sized. My father has a den,

too, which originally was a bedroom. Our house has

three floors, but it’s an older house, which means it’s

narrow; on the bottom floor is the living room and

the kitchen, which connects to the dining room.

There’s also a bathroom and a balcony. Of course,

the two car garage is there, too.

The second floor has a guest bedroom, a bathroom,

and my parent’s bedroom. My father’s office is also

on the second floor, too. He also has a sitting area in

his office; the guest room on that floor is used for

adult family friends and family members who need a

place to speak, which is conveniently my father’s


The third floor is where Jeremiah’s room and my

room are located. There’s also a guest bedroom

which is usually occupied by one of Jeremiah’s

friends from college who pays no attention to me

and vice versa; unless, of course, they’re hot. It’s a

rare occurrence, but when it does happen- they

don’t pay me any attention so there isn’t any


There’s a separate bathroom that Jeremiah uses, and

if he has a friend over, that friend does, too. I have

my own bathroom. When I was 12, I was given that

room because Jeremiah’s friends would constantly

tease me about my feminine items in the separate

bathroom. Prior to my settling in, the bedroom with

the bathroom was a guest room.

On my way to my bedroom, I was stopped by my

idiot brother. “Van!” he shouted.

I turned and looked at him; it was obvious that he

was annoyed. “Yes?” I grinned innocently.

“Can you not give my number to random

strangers?” I smirked at his comment.

“I’ll try not to,” I turned to walk to my room but he

stopped me again by grabbing my arm. Instead of

shrugging it off, I turned and looked at him.

“The guy said that he met you at the library. What

were you doing there?” he asked, raising an

eyebrow. He dropped his hand from my arm and

stood there, his blue eyes curious. His brown hair

was disheveled, telling me that he’d gotten up from a

nap recently and was most likely studying.

“I was getting a book on Adolf Hitler,” I replied,

blinking a few times at him. He nodded. “He just

walked up to my table, sat down and hit me with a

bunch of pick-up lines.”

“Do you need me to beat the guy up?” Jeremiah

asked, crossing his arms. He was over protective of

me. He wasn’t a player in high school, the place he’d

been only two years before. He was actually a nice

jock, one who looked over the younger students to

make sure they weren’t being harassed. He was a

peer mediator, too. As you can tell, we’re complete


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