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“Can you please bring me to my next class?” Jonah

inquired. I realized that we were the only ones left in

classroom and Mr. Gonzales was watching us

intently. He’s probably expecting me to be a good

citizen. Well, you’re in for a surprise, Mr. G. Right as I

was about to stomp on Jonah’s request and bury it

six feet under the ground, Mr. G cut me off.

“You’d love to, right Ms. Harp?” he asked me,

sending me a threatening look that practically

screamed detention; I forced a smile before nodding

and grabbing Jonah’s forearm in a death grip.

When we got out of the classroom and out of Mr.

G’s hearing range, I let go of his forearm, wiping my

palm on my jeans. “Find your next class yourself,” I


“That’s not nice, Savannah,” Jonah mocked as I

turned and started walking towards my own class.

“I never said I was nice,” I snapped over my



I was thankful when it was lunch time; I could finally

be away from students and an aggravating teacher

for 30 whole minutes. When I got into the lunch line,

I quickly bought my food and made my way

through the cafeteria.

Word of the new boy had spread rather quickly.

Instead being elated by his presence, I was irritated.

Another thing spread rather quickly too; the fact that

he actually sat next to me by choice. We rarely get

new kids in our school, probably because no one

wants to move into our town because it’s a

scientifically proven fact that once you’re here- you’re

here to stay. People rarely get out of this town. But I

can assure you that I will be among the few that do

make it out.

I heard footsteps behind me and I prayed it wasn’t

him. The stares I was getting intensified and I knew it

was him. “Hi, Savannah,” Jonah greeted as if we

were long time friends.

“What?” I growled, not bothering to hide my

annoyance. I exited the cafeteria and walked out into

the courtyard, not bothering to hold the door if he

was following me.

“Somebody left their manners at home,” Jonah

smirked as he followed me to the picnic table that I

ate at every day.

I sat down and stared up at him; he involuntarily

shivered. Despite his obvious lack of heat, he sat

down across from me. “How do you eat out here?

It’s f-freezing.”

I motioned to the jacket I had on and he nodded.

“You can always go inside and eat. Nobody said that

you had to follow me out here like a lost puppy,” I

told him as I rolled the sleeves of my jacket up in

order to eat.

“I don’t know anybody else,” he managed to control

his chattering teeth.

“You could always try talking to people. I’m sure

they’d like you,” I retorted, biting into my sandwich.

“And you don’t?” he questioned me with a smile. I

narrowed my eyes at him.

“Am I that see through?” I told him with a flat look.

“Who is that?” his eyes were fixated on something

behind me. I turned around and saw Jeffrey Shaw

walking into the cafeteria. The guy was a walking

train; it’s a safety hazard just being in the vicinity of

the boy. I’m actually scared for my life at this very


“Why? Are you gay?” I asked, looking back at him.

He shook his head as he watched the guy.

“He’s a walking rock. Wonder what he’s having for

lunch, steroids maybe?” he snorted.

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