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The next day after dressing up for school, I was locking my door when Mama Moji who was passing by with a bowl of urine passed by her children and her during the night, stopped beside me and she was clad in just a wrapper as usual.

“Teacher-teacher…” She hailed. “Na school you dey go?” (Are you going to school?)

I gave her a disgruntled look then replied with sarcasm. “No, na Post office I dey go.” (No, it’s the Post office.)

“Wetin sef? You go just dey vex anyhow, person no fit follow you play again?” (What? Can’t someone even joke with you again?) She asked with a hand on her hip and the other holding the bowl of urine by its handle by her side.

“Mama moji, I’m not in the mood for your problems now.” I said sternly.

“Patrick, na who vex you this morning abi you no sleep well?” (Patrick, who offended you this morning or is it that you didn’t have a good night sleep?”

I angrily turned to fully face her now. “Mama Moji, na wetin? Dem send you to me this morning? You no fit pass make you just mind your business for once?!” (Mama Moji, were you sent to frustrate me this morning? Can’t you ever pass by and go about your business without meddling?”

She pulled closer now after glancing both ways of the corridor to be sure that we were alone. “Patrick, you know say e don pass one month?” (Patrick, you know that it has been more than a month now?) She said in a whisper.

“And so? I dey owe you salary?” I retorted. (And so? Do I owe you salary?)

She began to flinch her brows in a way as she grinned from ear to ear then she turned her buttocks towards me. “You no miss am?” (Don’t you miss it?)

I pulled my shoulders back in disgust. “Miss wetin? Better carry this nonsense commot from my front.” (Miss what? You had better take this presence away from my presence.”

She frowned now and turned to look at me. “Why you dey do as if you no enjoy am. You don forget how you take dey knack am that day?” (Why are you pretending that you didn’t enjoy it? Have you forgotten the way you were smashing it the other day?)

“Mama Moji, I no go gree make you let me go work late. E no go work for you. Carry your smell smell piss commot from here before you kill person.” With that, I brushed past her and started for the entrance/exit of the corridor. (Mama Moji, I won’t let you cause me to go late to work. It won’t work for you. Take your smelly urine from here before the stench kills someone.)

She turned to watch me go then said aloud so that I heard her. “If you like run, I go dey wait for you when you come back. You must give me wetin I want. You no fit pity soldier wife? Why you stingy sef?” (Run all you want, I’ll be waiting here when you return. You must give me what I want? Can’t you show empathy to a soldier’s wife? Why are you this selfish?!)

I paused and partially turned to look at her. “If you want transport fare to go meet your husband for Maidiguri, I go give you but for me to enter there again, over my dead body. And abeg, when you never brush in the money, no just open your mouth dey follow person talk anyhow.” (If you want transport fare to go meet your husband in Maidiguri, I’ll gladly give you, but to sleep with you again, I’d rather die. And please, whenever you are yet to brush your teeth in the morning, do not go about talking to other people carelessly.) I retorted then stomped out of the building. I had barely taken fifteen steps down the street when I stopped a public motorcycle and went to school.

I was easily irritated and I did not smile while I was in class teaching. In fact, the girls who usually flirted with me, read my sour mood or didn’t attempt any rubbish. Anyone who created any sort of distraction was sent to kneel down outside the class. I had no time for rubbish. When I was done, I refused to let any student help carry my books. I simply tucked them under my arm and left to the lab. I sat down in the privacy of the lab and began to hatch up a plan. I had no peace of mind and it was all because of that girl, Leah. Why was she so adamant? How could she even look me in the eye and talk back at me?! No iota of respect.

That day when school closed, I secretly followed her but as Halimat had told me, once she turned into the old Cemetary street, she simply vanished. I did this again on Friday and when the same thing happened still, I decided that I had to try another means. The next Monday, as I walked past her class that day, I paused at the window and asked, “Where’s is Leah?”;She lifted her head from her desk to look at me and I told her in a stern voice. “See me today during break time!” Without waiting one second, I turned and hurried off to my lab.

During break, she came as ordered and by then I was eating the fufu and egusi soup I had bought from the school canteen. I swallowed the last piece of meat, walked to the window to wash my hand with the water left from the bottled water that I had bought then I returned to my seat and gave her a hard face.

“Good afternoon sir.” She finally greeted.

“Afternoon.” I tersely replied. “Today being Monday, I want you to do something for me.” I pulled a creased 1000 note out of my pocket and handed it to her and she reluctantly took it from me with a confused look.

“Uncle, what’s this for?” She glanced up from the money to me.

“I’m having a mosquito problem in my house and I’m tired of using mosquito coil. That thing is not effective.”

“But how does that concern me?” She asked.

I frowned. “What do you mean by how does that concern you? Are you stupid? You dare ask me such a question? Anyway, I don’t blame you. From the way you speak to those older than you, it’s obvious you lack home training. No wonder that you have no friends!”

She just stared at me but said nothing. She betrayed no emotion of anger or sadness like I had expected.

“The whole me trying to be your friend and you are forming? You little brat! Who are you forming for?! What do you even have that I have not seen before?! Do you know how many people wants me to notice them and yet I chose you out of a thousand girls in this school and you turned me down! I’ll frustrate your life in this school! I’ll make you so miserable that you’ll rue the day you rejected my advances!” I said bitterly.

Ignoring everything I had said, she simply asked again, “Uncle, please what’s this money for?”

After giving her a scornful look, I said harshly. “It’s for Raid. But it and bring it to my house and you must not come even a minute later than six in the evening!”

“But sir, why should I be the one to buy it? I can’t buy anything and bring it to your house o.”

I jolted to my feet now and barked. “Are you mad?! Is something wrong with you?! I am a teacher and I’m sending you an errand and you dare say it to my face that you won’t do it?!”

“Sir, you can make me run errands within the school premises but once it’s outside school, your power over me becomes invalid.”

“You must be very stupid!” I said. “If your name is Leah and you were truly birthed by your parents, dare me and do not show up at my house with that insecticide by be 6.” I threatened. “Now, get out of here! Get out!” I flung my arms in a wild gesture and she simply turned and left.

As I slowly settled down in my seat again, I had a feeling that this girl was really going to give me a tough time. Concluding that I would need some help, I pulled out my phone and dialled a friend’s number.

“Fawas, how far?” I asked as soon as the person picked my call. “Abeg, I go need that stuff… No worry, I go collect am for road as I dey go house… Just help me keep am, abeg. Na urgent matter be this. No problem, your head dey there. We go dey see naw.” (Fawas, how are you doing? I am going to need that stuff… Do not worry, I’ll collect it on my way home… Just help me keep it, please. This is a very urgent matter. No problem. I know you are understanding. We’ll see soon.)

Later that evening, I was pacing my room and checking the wall clock when a soft knock came on my door. I rushed to it and flung it open and I almost smiled when I saw Leah. I had almost feared that she wouldn’t show up and was already plotting the severe punishment I’d serve her the next day. She was dressed in a white top and black trousers and she was holding a plastic bag containing my tin of insecticide.

“How did you find my room?” I asked.

“A woman in wrapper sitting outside plaiting her daughter’s hair told me.” She said.

“Okay.” I stepped aside, opening my door wide but when she made no attempt to come in, I asked, “Won’t you come in?”

“No.” She held up the plastic bag towards me. “I have bought and brought what you want. I want to go home now.”

“Haba, why the hurry? Just come in and sit down, even though it’s just for five minutes.” I insisted.

After a short silence, she reluctantly stepped in and I shut the door and bolted it. Turning to her with a smile, I said, “You must be hungry. I prepared white rice and chicken stew just for you.” I said, grinning.

“I’m not hungry.” She simply replied.

My smile vanished. “At least eat a little.”

“I don’t like eating.” She stated.

I swallowed hard now then presented her with a carton of five alive which I had drugged. “Okay, at least drink this.”

She stared at the carton of fruit juice and shook her head. “I don’t like fruit juices.”

Frustrated now, I suddenly grabbed her head and tried to kiss her. I had taken tramadol and my d--k was already painfully hard. The longer I took without sex, the more painful my erection felt but she suddenly shoved me away and I fell on my ass. Furious now, I yanked a hidden handkerchief from the back pocket of my trousers, grabbed her and covered her nose and mouth. She struggled for a while then became limp as she fell unconscious. Letting her lie back on the bed. I jumped up and stripped myself naked as fast as I could then I got on my knees to do the same to her. But as I tried to unbutton her trousers, it wouldn’t open. I tried to zip it down, the zip refused to move. Sweating now, I tried harder but nothing worked.

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