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Please note that the translation is for non-nigerians, so bear with us. If you understand pidgin, avoid the bracketed words.

“Ehn, sha lie down for bed. (Just lie down on the bed)” I grudgingly said as I sluggishly moved to the door to lock it then an idea struck me and I turned sharply and said, “Mama moji, no be Ibrahim dey cry so? (Mama moji, is that not your son Ibrahim crying?)”

She gave me a disgruntled look. “You no serious. Moji don back Ibrahim go mama Kafaya house, better no think say I be mumu, just come here kon knack me make I dey go my room. (You are not serious, moji has strapped Ibrahim to her back and gone to Mama Kafaya’s house, you had better don’t think that I’m gullible, just come and have sex with me so that I can go to my room.)”

“So you really prepare come abi? (So you really came prepared right?)” I pointedly accused. “You intentionally send moji and Ibrahim go play for Kafaya house so you go come my room come f--k. E mean say no be nepa money carry you come be that! (You intentionally sent moji and Ibrahim to play in Kafaya’s house so that you can come to my room for sex)”

“And so? Abeg leave mata, if I tell you how this thing don dey hungry me since, you go pity me. Them don deploy baba moji go Maidiguri since and he no go come back until after four months, and me I no fit wait again. (So what? Please leave the matter alone, if I should confess to you on how long I have been craving for sex, you’ll feel sorry for me. Baba Moji has been deployed to Maidiguri since and he won’t be back until after four months, I can’t wait any longer)”

“But na who send you go marry soldier sef when you know say you no go fit hold body? Why you kon dey use your reggae spoil my blues? (But you shouldn’t have married a soldier if you knew that you wouldn’t be able to cope? Why are you trying to ruin my life with your own problems?)”

She frowned now. “E be like say to talk dey hungry you. (It’s like you are really in the mood to talk.)” Then she hissed and took off her wrapper and my eyes widened at the web of stretch marks below her abdomen which indicated child birth and also on her buttocks and thighs.

“Come, you no even wear pant! (Wait a minute! You have no undies on!)” I stated in disgust.

“Igbayen nko? (And so)” She frowned.

“So na so you dey carry yansh dey waka for compound since? (So is this how you have been parading naked around the compound for a long time?)”

“How that one take concern you? (How is that a business of yours?)”

“How e no go concern me? (Why won’t it be my business?!)” I fired. “Wear cloth, you no go wear, na to dey tie wrapper upandan. Even pant sef na wahala for you. Do your hair, even though na kiko or didi, you no go plait, na to dey cover am with your smell smell hairnet. How e go hungry baba moji come house when you dey dress like this?! (Wearing clothes are difficult for you, all you are good at is to be parading yourself clad in a wrapper! Even to wear panties is a bigger problem. To make your hair, even if it’s the traditional thread style or African weaving, what you do instead is cover your unkempt hair with your smelly net. How do you expect baba Moji to be eager to come home to you when you don’t have a proper hygeine?)

“Patrick, no insult me o… (Patrick, do not insult me.)” She pointed a warning finger at me. “No just insult me at all at all. (Just don’t insult me at all)”

Fuming and still trying to get my way out of this mess, I said, “Your breasts sef dey touch your belle. See how dem dey think because you don use your wrapper sag the life out of am.” (Just see the way your breasts are touching your stomach. Just see how terrible they look because you have caused them to say sag much with your wrapper)

“Thank you, baba moji like am like that. (Thank you but baba Moji likes them that way)” She retorted, unfazed by my words.

I hissed and said in frustration. “Sha lie down make we do quick so that you go carry your wahala commot from here. (Just lie down so that we can get this over with so that you can leave with your problems)” As she attempted to sit on my bed with her bare buttocks, I yelled out, “Kai! No put that yansh for the besdsheet wey I just wash o, just spread your wrapper, sit down on top. (Stop! Do not put your buttocks on the bedsheet I have just washed, just spread your wrapper and lie on it.)”

She grudgingly complied then laid on her back as she watched me reluctantly began to take off my boxers. My d--k was limp because the sight of her nudity could barely arouse me. “See how you pack stretch mark for body, you wan sell am? (Just look at how your stretch marks are very many, do you want to sell them?)”

“Patrick, just shut up come enter. (Patrick, just shut up and come penetrate me).” She rasped. “That your p---k better stand o because I no go commot from here until you don f--k me well well.” (That your d--k has better erect properly because I won’t leave this place till you have fully satisfied me.)

“Your mate dey hustle fry fish sell outside, you dey here dey hustle bachelor p---k.” (Wives like you are hustling by frying and selling fish outside and here you are hustling for some d--k.)

“Before you start to dey make mouth, just know say my husband own big pass your own well well. In fact, e dey show vein.” (Before you start gloating, let me remind you that my husband’s d--k is way bigger than yours. It even has a lot of veins)

“Ehn, travel go Maidiguri go meet am na, go! (Really? Then travel to Maidiguri and go and meet him then, go!)” I flung my arm with an angry gesture.

“Just come na, you too dey vex. (Just come over here, you are quick-tempered)” She placated me now then flinched her eyebrows at me as she hailed. “Patrick-patrick! Patrick the f--k-anizer!”

“No call me that kind name. (Don’t call me such names!)” I warned her as I approached her.

Unwillingly, I got into bed with her and she eagerly grabbed my d--k. “This thing never strong well well na.” (Your erection is not hard enough)

I slapped her hand away and roughly pushed her laps open. “You no fit shave sef. (You can’t even shave your pubic hair.)” I grumbled, remembering Yemisi.

As I knelt between her legs, ready to lower myself into her, she stopped me. “Just like that?” She asked in surprise.

“Wetin? (What?)”

“You no go s--k me as dem dey am for blue film wey baba moji dey watch?”

I made a face of disgust. “S--k you ke? You want make I put my mouth for here? (S--k you? You want me to put my mouth on your v----a?)” I gestured down at her v----a.

“Ehn na. (Yes of course)”

“Lailai! I still like my life, me no fit bring my mouth anywhere close to your yansh.” (Never! I still like my life, I am not taking my mouth anywhere close to your v----a!)

“Wetin dey do you sef? But I clean na.” (What’s even wrong with you? But I’m clean.)

“Mama Moji, I say I no do! (Mama Moji, I said I am not doing such!)” I remained adamant

“Why?” She inquired.

“Abeg na.” (Please) She pleaded.

“If you like, beg from now till thy kingdom come, I no go change my mind! Shey baba moji dey put mouth for there?!” ( If you like beg till thy kingdom come, I won’t change my mind! Does Baba Moji give you head?)


“Na im you want make I die before my time! In fact…” I got off the bed now. “I no do again, come dey go.” (Oh! And you want me to risk it and die before my time! In fact, I’m no longer interested, you should leave!)

She sat up. “Why you like to dey form sef? Oya no vex, just come enter like that.” (Why are you so pompous? Alright, don’t be angry, just come and penetrate that way.)

Reluctantly, I got back on the bed again, spread her legs and sunk into her with my half erection. I had to remain buried in her for a few seconds before my d--k hardened and I began to t----t in and out of her with my gaze averted. She was a loud moaner and soon began to moan and play with her own breasts. Scared that someone might overhear us, I grabbed my pillow and threw it on her face. Her p---y was so wet that it made a wet squishy sound anytime I slammed into her. Somehow, much to my dismay, I discovered that i was actually enjoying it, even though it was not as much as sleeping with Halimat and her friend who were tighter.

I didn’t bother holding any part of her body to aid my t----t, I just leaned my weight on my hands which were on the bed and repeatedly slammed her till she was panting hard, telling me to go deeper and faster. I slammed her just the way she wanted it and soon she was shuddering underneath me. After a few minutes, I knew that I was at the verge of coming but as I tried to pull out, Mama Moji wrapped her legs around me, refusing to let go.

“Mama Moji, I wan c-m na.” (Mama Moji, I want to ejaculate)” I complained.

“I know, pour am inside!” (I know, ejaculate inside of me.) She said.

“Pour wetin? If you wan carry belle, no be my own you go carry, wait till baba Moji come back.” (Ejaculate what?! If your intention is to get pregnant, I won’t be responsible for that, simply wait till baba moji returns.)

“For our tradition, na abomination to waste sperm, so pour am inside me. (It’s an abomination to waste sperm in my tradition, release inside me)” She insisted.

“No wonder wey you no sabi family planning. No go carry belle for me o cuz I go deny you.” I warned her. (No wonder you are terrible at family planning. Do not get pregnant because I will deny ever having sex with you.)

“No worry, I no go carry belle, I get one agbo inside my room wey go flush am out. (Don’t worry, i won’t get pregnant, I will flush the sperm out with a herbal concoction.)” She assured me. Unable to hold back any longer or release myself from her grip, I felt my d--k spasm and soon I was shooting jet after jet of sperm inside of her. When I was done, I felt weak. This woman had made me f--k her for more than twenty minutes. I collapsed on my bed, while she grabbed her wrapper, tied it above her breasts, thanked me and snuck out of my room.

Immediately, I muttered “P---k kill you dere!” (May penis kill you) then I went to have a bath to wash her smell off me. The next day, I slept with Bidemi, a chubby friend of Halimat and it continued like that throughout the week. The fourth one, Rhonda was on her period but I entered that way. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from such pleasure. In fact, having sex with her while she was on her period gave a new sensation and made her penetration so easy that I didn’t regret it.

The fifth one, Gift was harder to deflower, I had to put in extreme effort to break her hymen and when I finally entered, I didn’t take too long and I ejaculated because I was already stressed but I made sure I locked my door, told that she was not going home until I was done and after taking a short nap to replenish my energy, I gave her the banging that she would never forget in a hurry. The sixth one, Fathia was very jittery. It took a lot of chasing around the room, begging, comforting and assuring her to get her to be still because she was scared that it would be very painful. and when I finally entered her, she urinated on my bed because of the pain but I didn’t mind, I continued nontheless till I was sated.

But on the Friday I had been interviewed in the Upright Girls Government Secondary School and I was asked to resume the following Monday. I bought some cold water starch, starched my shirts and ironed them and my trousers, then I polished my shoes, now very eager to resume work as the new biology teacher.

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