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The next day was Saturday and after finishing the environmental by clearing rubbish out of the gutters so the stagnant water breeding mosquitoes can now flow, I walked to the bathroom and washed my arms and feet before returning to my room to make some pap which I ate with some bean cakes which I had bought earlier. I had just finished eating when I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said aloud so that whoever was at the door could hear me and soon, my curtain shifted and Halimat appeared.

“Good morning.” She said. Her demeanor was different from the cheerful one I was used to.

I paused. “How are you?”

“Fine.” She grudgingly answered. “Sadiq told me that you wanted to see me.”

“Yes.” I answered. “How are you feeling now?”


“Alright…” I said as I groped my mind for what to say to ease the tension between us. “Did you tell Mama what happened between us?”

She shook her head.

I nodded in satisfaction then patted my old mattress. “Come and sit down na.”

She shook her head.

“What? Are you now scared of me?” I asked but she didn’t respond so I sighed in resignation, rose to my feet and went to meet her at the door. “Please Halimat, do not let what happened yesterday ruin our good relationship. Why are you now cold towards me? I thought it was what you wanted.”

She shrugged my hand away when I tried to touch her shoulder but I reached behind her and squeezed her buttocks and she jumped and turned her back completely away from me. Her resistance was beginning to get my d--k hard in my pants again and I decided to try my luck. “Why are you behaving like a child?” I teased her. “Don’t you know that after what happened yesterday, you are now a woman?”

“You promised that it would not be painful but you lied.” She mused.

“I’m sorry…” I tried to tickle her. “See, let me tell you the truth. Your p---y was so sweet and tight that I couldn’t control myself. In fact, I can swear with my mother’s grave that it was the best I have ever had. You will make a good wife to any man with such a juicy honeypot.”

A shy smile formed on her face now as my flattering words got to her. “You are serious?” She asked, her eyes bright now.

“I’ve never been more serious. I have slept with countless girls that i can vouch that yours is the best. Imagine, a whole graduate like me losing control on such a young honeypot as yours.”

“So… Does that mean that you like me?” She asked with hope in her eyes.

“Like is an understatement…” I played along knowing that I could luckily get to screw her again if I continued praising her. “I love you, Halimat. In fact, ever since you served me your Honeypot, I couldn’t get you off my mind. I even dreamt that we got married.” I added more lies.

By now, she was so happy that her eyes shone and her full grin appeared on her face when she heard the married part. “So does that mean that you’ll marry me?”

“Why not?” I knew that she was very gullible and I was using it to my advantage. “I’d rather die than marry any other girl.” At the mention of this, she caught me by surprise by throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me and I recovered from my surprise on time to fondle her buttocks. When she finally pulled away from me, I said, “See, when a man deflowers you, for two of you to bond properly, courtesy demands that you let him sleep with you anytime he wants to or the love will die.”

“Really?” I saw the confusion and worry in her eyes. “But I’m still feeling little pain.”

“That’s is why I’ll only rub the head of my d--k on it, I promise you that I won’t go in at all.”

She gave me a skeptical look. “You promise you won’t enter?”

“Eh!” I placed the tip of my index finger on my tongue and touched the carpeted floor with it. “I promise! Even if I’m going to, it will just be the tip! I’m a man of my word.”

She hesitated for a moment before she reluctantly told me to lock the door. I hurriedly obeyed and by this time, my d--k had created a tent in my boxers. As I returned to her, she carefully lifted her gown to reveal her panties and this time I noticed that she had rows of beads around her waist. I guided her to the mattress and told her to lie down on it. The mattress was high so I told her to shift her buttocks to the edge so that her feet were on the floor then I knelt down between her open legs. I took off her panties while she waited, staring at the ceiling and anxious for me to ease her pain. While I fondled her small boobs under her gown, I pulled out my d--k and began to carefully run the cap around her v---a in order to entice her and I saw her close her eyes and her lips parted to release a moan.

I grabbed my d--k and began to beat her c------s with it and her moans increased while she squirmed on the bed. Soon, I saw her p---y glistening with her secretion and unable to hold it any longer, I positioned the cap of my throbbing d--k at the entrance of her v----a and then slowly went in an inch. Suddenly, her eyes flew open and she sat up but I acted first. I grabbed her in my arms and stood up so her legs were wrapped around my waist. Immediately, I went to the nearest wall I could find with myself buried deep within her and placing her against the wall, I pounded her mercilessly. She tried to scream but I covered her mouth with mine in a forceful kiss and continued to pound her that I felt her bleeding again which made my thrusts more slippery.

I pounded her so hard and deep that when I pulled out with force out of her to c-m on the floor, a spray of liquid shot out of her and splattered on the floor and i knew that she had squirted. By the time I released her, she collapsed to the floor completely weak and began to cry and I squatted beside her and began to beg her that it was the devil this time who made her p---y too hard to resist and my d--k had slipped into her by mistake.

Suddenly, we were both startled when we heard her mother calling out for her. She managed to get up, wore her panties and sneak out of my room to answer her mother. That afternoon, I saw her washing the dishes outside with a sack that had been cut and turned into a makeshift sponge and also a yellow solid soap. I pulled a chair closer and began to pet her with sweet names but when I called her my wife, she practically blushed. Then I asked her if she had told her friends yet about our escapades and she said she had already told one and that she was sure the one she told would tell the others.

Then I asked when would they come and see me, and she replied that one would come tomorrow after school then she made me promise to just sleep with them but not love any of them the way I loved her and I agreed. When her mother came down the stairs in an attempt to enter the lower corridor, she paused and gave us a look and I quickly changed the topic and asked,

“Define biology.”

At first, Halimat gave me a confused look then she understood and quickly defined biology as best as she could.

“What is cell?” I asked again.

She defined it still.

“What about photosynthesis?”

She gave a wonderful explanation and then her mother approached. “Brother Patrick, good afternoon o.” She greeted.

I pretended that I was surprised to see her and that I just noticed her presence too. “Ha! Mama Halimat! So you dey here? Landlady-landlady! Super landlady! In fact, any other landlady is a counterfeit!” I hailed her.

“Oh jare, I don hear…” She dismissively said, not falling for my antics. “So you know biology very well?” She asked.

“Yes, I actually studied micro-biology in school. Second class upper to be precise.” I boasted.

“I was surprised with the way you were asking Halimat questions. Em… I’m a very good friend of Halimat’s secondary school and she told me that their biology teacher had just put to bed and she’s on maternity leave. I can talk to her to employ you in her stead.”

My eyes widened and I slowly rose. “Really?”

“Yes… Since you have been searching for a job to no avail, you can actually go there and teach for the mean time.”

I was so overjoyed that I thanked her profusely. She soon left and without hesitating, in joy, I rushed out to the nearest beer parlour to enjoy myself with a bottle of Star and some fried-peppered meat but I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come. I was looking forward to meeting one of Halimat’s friend. Luck was just shining my way from every angle and I was glad.

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