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I was surprised Efua didn’t come to look for me. The least I expected of her was to summon the student’s council and make a search for me.

But she didn’t do that.

When I returned back to my room at exactly, I met her awake, studying her book as if nothing had happened between us six hours ago.

She saw me come in but she didn’t say anything. As usual, she was naked with nothing but her bar of chocolate and her battery Torchlight.

I folded the futon bed and returned it to my wardrobe.

Taking the broom, I swept the room, arranged the bed and washed the bathroom.

Efua remained where she sat, reading as if she were the only one in the room. She didn’t acknowledge my presence which was weird cause I made a lot of sound while I cleaned up.

She was still seated when the bell banged for general devotion. The entire hostel suddenly lit up with electricity.

I ran her bath and left the room, hoping she’d prepare and leave the room alone for me.

During morning devotion, she was absent. The council were all present, already dressed and ready for the day but Efua was nowhere to be seen.

When I returned back to the room, I met her. She was still seated in her seat, studying without her clothes on.

I felt heartbroken. Did I hurt her that much? I remembered last night….I remembered what I did.

” YOU JERK!” I remembered gritting my teeth, raising my hand in the air.


I remembered my slap landing hard and loud on her cheeks, echoing round the room. I remembered it sounded like a dried stick got snap.

I remembered Efua falling off my body from the impact of that slap.

She held her cheeks, glancing up at me with hurtful eyes.

I remembered glaring at her. ” You donkey. How dare you? Don’t you care about Someone’s feelings?”

Was I drunk when I did that? I couldn’t tell. While I took my bath, I tried asking myself some questions. Why did I hit her? Where did that audacity and nerve come from? Why didn’t she react? Why was she Soo silent about what happened?

When I came out of the bathroom, she was still seated on the chair, reading without clothes.

I immediately prepared for school and left the room. I don’t know why, but staying in the same room with this girl was scary. I began having a second thought of spending the night with Sharon again.

During breakfast, Efua was still absent. Everyone noticed this but no one questioned the council.

” So much for skipping meals,” Sharon humphed.

But I knew why she didn’t show up. It’s because of last night.

At class, I couldn’t concentrate. I kept thinking about Efua. I hoped she was okay. I knew she was going through a lot. The loss of her folks and also the way I turned her down.

Trust me, no one can ever recover from that position she was placed in. Definitely not me neither.

It got worse when she was absent for lunch as well. This time, I got really worried. I remembered Collette and how she nearly commited suicide.

I hoped Efua wasn’t having the same stupid idea. I ran to Temi after lunch and quietly asked.

” Umm… senior,” I was stuttering. ” Is senior Efua coming for lunch?”

Temi stared at me with questioning eyes. ” She’s in the hostel. She refused to leave the hostel. I guess she must’ve told you about her parents, did she?”

I looked away. ” Well, she did.”

” And what did you do?”

I looked sharply at her. ” Me? I did nothing. Why would you ask a thing like that?”

I noticed her eyes were hard and cold. For the first time, Temi looked unfriendly. This new transformation shocked me.

” Just wondering,” she said, instead. ” Efua looked terribly upset. We did our best to get her to bath and leave the hostel but she yelled at us to let her be. It’s bad not having the vice president here with us.”

I stiffened. ” Wait, did you just say vice president?”

Temi raised an eyebrow. ” Don’t tell me you’re not aware all these while.”

” How the hell was I suppose to know?” I asked, shaking a little.

So I slapped the vice president of the student’s council last night. Was I really that crazy?

” I’m certain you might’ve upset her,” Temi said, sounding curtly. ” Whatever you might’ve done to her, I’d advise you go apologise to her.”

I lowered my eye lids. ” Senior Temi, what makes you think I’d do anything to hurt senior Efua? She hates me and I’m scared of her.”

Temi looked away. ” Because she was crying when we left the hostel and the last thing I heard from her mouth was your name—Lucy.”


Standing before my door, I struggled to walk in my room but the will power just wasn’t there in me.

I stared at the door handle, knowing Efua would still be in there.

Girls walked passed me, wondering why I still haven’t entered my room.

They wouldn’t get it. If only they knew what I was going through.

Summoning enough courage, I placed my hand on the handle and slowly turned it.

Efua was still seated before the table—naked.

On the floor were littered wraps of chocolate candy bars. I was quick to also notice the tissues around as well. She must’ve been crying while I was away.

Shutting the door behind me, I walked away from the door towards my bed. She saw me but refused to acknowledge my presence as always.

I didn’t know what pushed me to do it but I removed the blanket from my bed and walked over to her.

Before she knew it, I wrapped her with the blanket, covering her nakedness.

She glanced up and stared at me. ” What do you want?”

I was shocked to see the new Efua. Her eyes were swollen and red from crying and she had muscus drooling from her nose.

She looked like a harmless, helpless little child.

I saw the photo in her hand. It was a picture of her and her parents. I nearly cried when I saw how much she must’ve cried just by looking at the photo of the two people who really cares about her.

She felt alone in this world. I understand that feeling. I’ve been there.

” I’m going to run your bath,” I said, trying to cheer her up with my smile. ” It’s no good sitting down here dejected all day. Come on, take a bath and I’ll make you something to eat.”

She sniffed and I could see she would’ve pushed me away but she was too weak to do anything. ” Go away.”

I saw her cheeks were swollen from the slap I gave her last night. D--n was I really myself last night? No wonder Temi looked Soo mad at me.

She must’ve guessed I was responsible for the hand printed on Efua’s cheeks.

I squatted before her, drawing a little closer to her. I took her hand and squeezed it. ” Just come with me.”

She stared at me without saying anything.

Then she dropped the picture on the table and rose to her feet.

Still holding her hand, I led her towards the bathroom. The moment we were all alone in the bathroom, I shut the door and ran her bath in the bathtub.

I’ve never done this before but for Efua’s sake, I’m going to do it.

As gently as I could, I removed the blanket off her body, revealing her naked body.

” Get in the tub,” I said.

She obeyed and sank into the warm waters. Rolling up my sleeve up to my elbows, I raised my skirt, removed my socks and entered the bathtub as well.

I sat at the head of the tub, guiding Efua’s head to rest on my laps. Then taking her sponge and a bar of her favorite perfumed soap, I began washing her body.

We remained like that in silence and the only sound that came to us was the drip, drip, drip sound of the shower up ahead to the floor.

” Why are you doing this?” She asked as I scrubbed under her armpits and around her small br**sts. ” After everything I’ve done to you.”

I smiled, scrubbing her neck region. ” I feel like I owe you an apology.”

” For what?”

” Last night.”

She became silent. After a while she began. ” Lucy, about last night—”

” Don’t mention it,” I said sharply. ” It’s not your fault. I can tell you were terribly upset about the loss of your parents.”

She closed her eyes and looked away. When she opened them again and stared at me, I realized they were shining.

” Thank you Lucy.”

I smiled, ” It’s nothing vice president.”

She opened her legs a little wider and I scrubbed firmly on the flesh between her legs.

She opened her mouth, letting out a low moan.

I knew she was enjoying it so I didn’t stop. I kept scrubbing the sponge around her v*gina. I knew a girl must always be clean especially down there.

She opened her legs wider and held my laps tighter. ” Lucy….a little…harder.”

I didn’t go a little harder. I stopped and washed her legs. I wasn’t going to get her all h---y all of a sudden.

She relaxed and opened her eyes to look at the floor. ” I’ll bet you’re thinking terrible things about me.”

I bowed my head and passed my tongue round my lips. ” I don’t suppose so. I can’t judge you for what you chose to become. I don’t claim to be perfect either.”

And that was the last thing we spoke during the bath.

Afterwards, I grabbed her towel and wrapped her body around with it. Then leading her to my bed, I sat her down and dried her body.

Never thought I’d ever get to say this but her nakedness seems normal to me now. It was as if I was taking care of my own child.

Efua could barely look me in the eyes as I dressed her up. I wore her pants, helped her fixed her brassier, wore her her uniforms; her skirt, her shirt, her cardigan, her socks and her shoes.

When I was done, I stood back and studied her. She was just the old Efua. I like her this way.

” You must be hungry,” I said, going through my provision bag. I brought out my cereal, added enough milk and sugar to it and sat down before her face.

To my surprise, I began feeding her. I had no idea what was pushing me to do these thing to her but there I was, treating her as if she were my child.

” Open up,” I smiled, bringing the spoon to her lips.

She opened her mouth and I gently shove the spoon in her mouth. Her eyes were fixed on mine and from time to time, I saw her cheeks burning.

Efua was blushing? How strange.

After feeding her, the bell ranged for lessons. Holding her arm in mine to support her, I led her all the way to her class.

She was Soo weak. If I haven’t held her arm, she’d have collapsed. You never know a girl’s feeling could cause Soo much damage to her body unless you’re a girl like Efua.

Everyone who saw us were surprised and shocked but I didn’t care.

Sharon saw me and her eyes went wide, Temi saw me and smiled, some members of the council saw us and stared.

As a matter of fact, everyone stared but I kept moving with Efua until she was safely in her class.

I was happy. At least Efua and I were now in good terms. I just hope she’d try recovering from her parents death.

After dinner and ofcourse night prep, I returned back to the hostel to take my bath and study a little bit more. I was really slacking behind in my studies.

Continuous Accesment Test was next week and I haven’t done a thing yet. I was still studying when Efua came in.

She still looked pale and sad but her face had a little colour unlike before.

” Evening, senior,” I beamed at her. ” How was lesson today.”

She saw me studying and she looked away. ” Went through with it just fine. It’s nearly lights out. Go prepare for bed.”

I obeyed immediately.

Minutes later, I was spreading the futon bed on the floor, about sleeping on it when Efua came out from the bathroom.

She stared at me for sometime then she spoke. ” Lucy?”

” Yes?”

” Why don’t you and I use the same bed?”

I was startled. ” I don’t think that’s necessary, senior. Don’t worry about me.You can use the bed. I’ll sleep on the couch.”

” Not happening,” she snapped. ” There’s no way you’re using the futon when there’s a bed.”

I was surprised. ” I thought you don’t mind me using the futon. Besides I’m used to it.”

She came over to me and her eyes were pleading. ” It’s not about the bed. It’s about me. I’m usually lonely without anyone to spend the night with. Moreover I….I…I get nightmares. So it’d mean so much to me if you’d stay with me for the night.”

I looked at her for sometime. There came an awkward silence that swallowed the both of us

Minutes later I was on the bed with Efua. She was sleeping peacefully in my arms, her head on my chest.

I felt her heart beating evening against my ribs. It was as if I was cuddling a child to sleep. Efua might be a mean, hard person but she was more of a kid than what she lets out to the world.

It was my first time sleeping with someone at my side and Efua of all the girls in the world.

I couldn’t sleep that night. My face was red. Luckily, we’ve both slept in our pyjamas else I wouldn’t have allowed her to sleep beside me.


When I woke up, it was just a few minutes after It was surprising how I wake up earlier these days.

Efua still laid on my chest, sleeping peacefully. I glanced down and noticed she was squeezing my br**sts in her sleep.

I swallowed and tried moving her hand away when I heard shuffling of feet behind me by the opened window.

I turned around sharply to see a girl.

My heart jumped to my throat at the stranger in the room.

She was looking outside the window at the bright moonlight. Around her legs was a baggage with some clothes.

She was in her pyjamas but that wasn’t what made me stare. It was her presence. She has no right to be in my room. I locked the room before heading to bed.

” Who are you?” I asked, trembling a little.

She heard me and turned around to look at me.

When she turned, my heart chilled.

It was Collette.

Her lips moved in her bored, unimpressed voice. ” Hello, little Lucy.”

My head swelled up




Collette is back 🕺

Are you happy, guys?😁

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